LETTER: Social issues shouldn’t decide elections

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To the editor:
There are serious issues with our two-party system and the manner in which we place our votes.
The recent statement by a Republican Senate Candidate from Missouri referencing “legitimate rape” was both ignorant and offensive, but what is more ridiculous is the fact that we chose this man to represent us.
Today’s political and business motives are driven around social issues which should not be the primary topic for either.
We, as voters and consumers, have the ability to create change with the decisions we make on a daily basis.
If we spent more of our energy on compassion for one another versus trying to defend a point of view, these social topics may not be a leading factor in elections or business success or failure.
I plan to place my vote in November based on the issues that I want to see my president address.
Topics like education, foreign policy and job creation are more important to me than choices that people chose to make in the free country we’re so proud of.
Nicole Bartlett