LETTER: Oldham County's horn of plenty is empty

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To the editor:
In November 1959, Kentucky voted in a 3 percent sales tax to cover veterans’ bonuses and schools.
Now, the sales tax is 6 percent. Then the lottery was going to end tax increases for schools. Jefferson County just voted in a hefty tax increase, and I expect  Oldham County will follow suit because we will need new schools in 50 years on the gold-plated property they just bought.
The majority of the school board is running for reelection on a record of fewer graduates, a staff of rookies (new teachers), and high rankings in the state school system, which is near the basement or cellar of schools across the United States.
I regret that I cannot cast my vote as “none of the above” in the school board elections. Or maybe I will write it in.
The county is going to build a new jail and we have a 1,000-acre desert half owned by the City of La Grange and half owned by Oldham County government.
Now, in my book, this is three white elephants for local elected officials – like three strikes, you’re out.
We hired you, we can and will fire you — just like Donald Trump.
Some will say services will have to be cut, but based upon your track record we can’t afford your services.
What part of ‘NO’ taxes, no waste and no useless spending do you not understand?
The Horn of Plenty is empty, and in my home we are not worried about 50 years from now – we’re just trying to get through 2012.
 John Nichols