LETTER: Hank Williams Jr. used his first amendment rights

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To the editor:
I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the Oct. 13 edition of The Oldham Era.

The political cartoon made me think I was reading The Courier Journal ... Hank Williams Jr. was comparing playing golf with two famous terrorists of our time – or at least, this 69-year-old man’s time.  ... We saw the results, nothing, came out of the golf game, but a golf game. 

No political decisions made other than bogies, jokes, and do-overs.

Now Hank has his right to an opinion, but not against the thin-skinned Democrats. They don’t allow you to speak against God, but George W. and his family were open game any time, right or wrong.

Years ago when politicians didn’t do what they were supposed to they were tarred, feathered and rode out of town on a pine pole and a new one was elected, but today it might hurt their feelings especially, if they are young, Democratic, and always correct.

Just ask them and they will tell you when you’re wrong, even if you’re correct.  This reminds me of ball games where no one keeps score and everyone gets a trophy.

I feel sorry for this generation when the real world strikes them down and they have to go to New York City to protest because reality has struck.

Someone like me needs to start giving them a dose of reality like the world owes you nothing but a hard way to go and ration of bad manure get use to it.  The people who make it in this world learned to pick themselves up when nature or life knocked them down and went on to be something to write home about.

Now this is my opinion and I’m allowed under the constitution of the United States of America to have one and speak against any politician I wish to and you better believe I’m speaking against a lot of them.

I also speak against other parts of our government who keep trying to tell me and my family how to live our lives and stick their noses into our business.

I hope that everyone who believes like me remembers come November this year and also next year.
John Nichols