LETTER: Fix La Grange traffic one project at a time

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To the editor:
Regarding The Era’s article about the traffic problems on Ky. 53 in La Grange, “Fender-benders on First,” Aug. 23, 2012.
The article talks about a new overpass connecting Allen Lane to New Moody Lane to be completed in 2015, and that should reduce traffic on Ky. 53.
The article also talks about plans to make major changes on Ky. 53 to help improve traffic flow.
It seems to me that it would make much more sense, and possibly save a great deal of money, by waiting on the Ky. 53 changes until the overpass is complete, then see how that impacts traffic flow.
It may turn out that no changes will be necessary on Ky. 53.
Making these changes the way the article describes would have a major impact on the businesses in that area.
I live a few miles north of La Grange and frequent several businesses in the area being discussed — and I am not looking forward to the changes as they are being proposed today.
David Williams
La Grange