Letter to the Editor - June 13, 2019

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By The Staff

Prepare for emergencies

With tornadoes all around us and nearby flooding, please stay prepared. Thousands of people in the Midwest are grasping for life right now. It is a sad situation. The American Red Cross is on the front lines by deploying thousands of volunteers, sending supplies and offering emergency housing.

Keep a box of emergency food, toiletries, flashlights, bottled water and medications in your homes at all times. Don’t wait - preparing could save your life and your family. Check on your neighbors, particularly the elderly or impaired. There is very little time once the storm is on its way to Oldham County. This is when our community comes together.

Have you discussed an evacuation plan with your family? Is your smoke alarm working?

Please send your donations to your local American Red Cross. Think of it a ‘paying ahead’.

Thank you.

Pamela Conniff, Oldham County American Red Cross