Letter to the Editor Dec. 12

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In the 12/5 letters to the editor, Mr. Kimberl made two points that deserve to be commented on. First, is that voting counts. When someone wins an election, we as adults should support that person whether we agree or not. To call a person a “vermin” as Mr. Kimberl did is really like putting a sign up that says “sore loser lives here.” We need to start showing adult behavior or no amount of education we provide our kids will result in good citizens. The second point refers to “thieving amounts” he has to pay for schools he no longer uses. OCS spend less per student than any other county in Ky. yet we have one of the best in the state. You may not like the fees, no one does, but the school system is part of the fabric that makes Oldham a desirable place. How can we guarantee a great school system for your grandchildren if people stop paying when they no longer need it? What ever happened to the greater good or future generations? As a former OCMS teacher, I know that our teachers are paid less than surrounding counties, I know they work harder than any other profession I have worked in and I know they deserve more money and more respect. Saying that they are charging “thieving amounts” demeans the teachers, administrators and the rest of the staff who work very hard to provide the citizens of Oldham and their children, the best value for their money.

John Maggio