La Grange police crack down on street parking

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By Tracy Harris

Park your car on La Grange streets and you may find surprise waiting when you return — a ticket, courtesy of city police.

La Grange Police Chief Kevin Collett said officers hope to reduce the number of illegally-parked vehicles lining city streets by issuing more parking tickets. 

According to city regulations passed in 2011, vehicles must be parked in driveways or pull-off areas unless no space is available.

If space is not available, vehicles may be parked along the street, but the vehicle’s passenger-side wheels must be off the pavement or within six inches of and parallel to the curb. 

Vehicles must be parked facing the flow of traffic and may not remain parked on the street for more than 24 hours. 

Collett said street parking presents a danger to drivers and residents by reducing reaction time and visibility. Children playing outside may be hidden from view by street-parked vehicles.

“They can pop out from behind cars and into oncoming traffic,” Collett said.

Collett said officers already started issuing citations for illegally-parked vehicles and will continue to do so to protect the public’s safety. 

Full text of the parking ordinance is available online at lagrangeky.net