Judge-Executive proposes $15,000 warning signs

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By Samantha Parker

 Judge-Executive David Voegele has proposed placing warning signs on Interstate 71 entrance ramps to warn drivers of traffic.

Voegele sent out a survey to residents to determine if the community wants notification of an accident before entering onto Interstate 71.

The survey asks questions like how often Oldham County residents travel on Interstate 71, if they have been delayed before because of an accident or maintenance, and if residents feel safe traveling on the interstate.

It also asks if residents are familiar with Smart 911, the county’s emergency notification system and if they are signed up.

“This is meant so that people can take another route or pull off and call Smart 911 for assistance,” Voegele said.

The proposed eight signs will have two lights that flash when there is an accident to get drivers’ attention. They will read “Incident on 71 when flashing” and either the word North or South will light up depending on the location of the incident.

They would cost approximately $15,000 dollars per sign and be solar powered.

Voegele addresses that price tag in the survey.  “The cost for each location, including sign construction, placement, communications interoperability and maintenance is typical for interstate signage, but possibly higher than many residents realize,” the question reads. "Is this expense justified base on safety of travel and timely information?”

He hopes to present the proposal to the fiscal court in August, after the federal and state governments have approved it.

To take the survey, click here.