Judge declines alleged shooter's release from jail

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By Amanda Manning

 Oldham County Circuit Court Judge Karen Conrad has denied a bond reduction for a Goshen man who hoped to be released from jail on attempted murder charges.

Norman Dick IV is suspected of multiple shootings that occurred in Oldham County on November 8, 2016.

“An unidentified assailant traversed Oldham County shooting at, presumably with the intent to kill, several unarmed civilians,” the court order states.

At 5:15 a.m., the assailant attempted to shoot a jogger, according to the court document. Later that day, three cars that held several passengers each were also shot at in Oldham County.

Dick is charged with nine counts of attempted murder.

In a three-and-a-half hour bond hearing on July 14, Dick motioned to be released on his own with a GPS monitoring device. Kevin Dick, his uncle, agreed to provide him with work on his 500-acre farm.

Dick’s attorney, Rob Riley, argued that Dick is a moderate risk and that a Kentucky Revised Statue (KRS) requires that he be released on his own recognizance.

Judge Conrad ruled that he is not a flight risk and that he would likely appear for trial, citing that he has immediate family in Oldham County and testimonies from the bond hearing.

However, Conrad determined that Dick is likely to be a danger to the public if released, citing the nature of the accusations, the testimony of several witnesses and Dick’s written and recorded statements.

“The defendant admitted multiple times to the shootings going as far to say that he killed several people,” the judge wrote, referring to a Facebook post, a police interview and a phone call between Dick and a friend.

The court order also said that besides making threats to the general public, Dick has made threats to specific individuals, including an Oldham County Police Department detective and his family.

In a letter written to his mother, Dick claims to be “guilty as sin.” In a separate letter to a friend, “the defendant claims to have ‘shooters’ and that he will cut people’s heads off ‘decapitation style,’” the document states.

The court also ruled that he remains a continued threat to the general public as well as several identified individuals.

In addition to the attempted murder charges, Dick is also charged with two counts of terroristic threatening, two counts of violation of a Kentucky EPO and possession of marijuana.

His bail remains at $500,000 cash. Dick is housed at the Oldham County Detention Center.

He is scheduled to appear for a pre-trial conference in Oldham County Circuit Court on Aug 3. 

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