Judge declares mistrial in 2009 murder case; rescheduled in 2012

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Man has been incarcerated more than 900 days awaiting trial

By Jacquelyn Stoess Hack

An Oldham circuit judge declared a mistrial this morning amid jury selection for a man charged with burglary and complicity to murder in the 2009 shooting death of a La Grange man.

Circuit Judge Karen Conrad told more than 50 jurors gathered for the third day of jury selection that the trial for Raymond Carrion II will be rescheduled in 2012.

Raymond Carrion II and Jason Parr are charged in connection with the Feb. 1, 2009 shooting death of 33-year-old James E. Bailey in his La Grange apartment.

Carrion's trial began Monday, and Conrad told jurors Friday morning the number of excuses she has received from jurors requesting dismissal from service was a deciding factor.

A pool of 90 jurors dwindled to 57 by the second day of jury selection as the court excused 15 jurors for various reasons – pre-paid vacations, medical conditions and hardships from those who said they couldn't afford to miss three weeks of work.

The next day, defense attorneys for Raymond Carrion II filed a motion for a mistrial, claiming that dismissal of the 15 jurors the day prior – 20.8% of the remaining pool – denies Carrion to his right to a fair and impartial jury of his peers.

Judge Conrad planned to call jurors assigned to district cases if the court couldn't retain 14 of the 90 people originally called for service. The court seats 14 people fur jury duty, including two alternates.

Carrion has been incarcerated more than 900 days since since his arrest in February 2009. He is charged with complicity to commit burglary, complicity to commit murder and two counts wanton endangerment.

He is housed in the Shelby County jail.

Parr, is charged with burglary, murder and two counts wanton endangerment. His trial is scheduled to begin Oct. 18.