JD's CCDW Instructor Class (2nd day for instructors only!)

01/06/2013 - 9:30am - 4:30pm

2nd day of class for instructor students only!


KY Concealed Carry Training Certification Class    

(and instructor class)

This class will give you the training required to apply for a CCDW (Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon) INSTRUCTOR permit in the state of Kentucky.

This is a second day of two and all the training you will need in order to gain your license to TEACH CCDW in KY.

Instructor is Marine Veteran, former NRA EVC for Ky’s 3rd District.   The class is open to everyone from beginner to advanced and all aspects will be covered in the state regulated course.


- Class info -

Date:  January 6, 2013 (instructor class on 5th and 6th)

Time:  8:30AM to approx  4:30PM

Location:  9900 Corporate Campus Drive, Suite 3000, Louisville, KY 40223

Phone:  502-693-8022 (please call for reservations)  or  jd@jdsparks.com

Cost:  + range fee (less than $10)     (Instructor class is $150 for the two days.)

Class Materials to bring:

Modern firearm (if you don’t have one I can loan you one for class), one box of factory ammo, cleaning gear, hearing & eye protection… plus - positive attitude.

Must be 21 to take class.

More info at:  http://kentuckystatepolice.org/conceal.htm


Please bring weapons in unloaded format.  Only bring one weapon (a pistol of modern vintage).  The class will be easy to complete for anyone with little to no skills. 

You don’t need to plan to carry all the time to need this class.  Even if your spouse never plans to carry this would be a good class for them to understand the laws and handling of a firearm.

Permanent, legal residents of the US can take the class and get their permit.   Must be resident of Ky for at least 6 months. 

Any questions or concerns please call me (JD Sparks) and I will happily talk to you about any issues.

NOTE:  Any Oldham County Teacher or employee can receive a discount!

NOTE:  All students should call or email for reservations.  If you wish to take the instructor class you MUST inform me in advance.


(please share with your friends!   Bring a friend get 5 dollars of for each - up to 4)