Homearama offers real-life look at dream homes

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By Taylor Weiter


“Fixer Upper.” “Property Brothers.” “House Hunters.” These shows and similarly formatted programs create a home that can only exist within a homebuyer’s imagination.

Unless you live in Waco, Texas, you will never have the opportunity to own a house created by Chip and Jo. Don’t have $1 million to spend on a house? “House Hunters” probably isn’t for you.

Homearama, however, gives people in Oldham County the opportunity to see the homes of their dreams in person.

Started in 1967, Homearama is an annual event that turns a neighborhood or section of neighborhood into a homebuyer’s favorite destination. Developers apply for their land to be chosen, and a committee chooses each site based on public interest, accessibility and community.

From there, builders and designers are given the opportunity to do whatever they would like with the land. For some, that means creating a home for a buyer who has already purchased the land. For others, that means creating a dream home for potential buyers. 

Located in the Poplar Woods neighborhood, this year’s 50th annual Homearama will feature nine homes ranging from $725,000 to $1.5 million with rooms, appliances and building trends homebuyers can often only dream of.

The homes, built by several of Louisville’s top builders, range in style and theme — one an Italian-inspired Wine Country while another a beachy New England styled Bridgehampton.

“The homes are all so different from floors to exterior, there’s something for everyone,” Coordinator of Communications for Homearama Vickie Miller said. “This is an opportunity to tour those dream homes you see on television.”

Each home is fully furnished, decorated and landscaped, and often features rooms or designs unimaginable to many. Bridgehampton features a yoga studio with a separate entrance, while another home, The Eleanor, has a theater room and full service bar.

While six of the nine homes have already been sold, Miller said she understands these homes can often be overly expensive for the average homebuyer. The event’s goal and theme, however, is to “Be Inspired” by each of the home’s unique offerings.

“The builders understand these are dream homes and they’re not in everybody’s price range,” Miller said.

While touring the homes, the builder or a representative will be at the house, as well as interior designers and other vendors to answer any questions or talk about the home.

“Houses are filled with not only beautiful designs,” Miller said, “but also experts that can help you complete your own project.”

For those who fall in love with the designs, the day after Homearama is dedicated to selling the furniture, often custom made or one-of-a-kind, used in the house.

The event itself will take place July 15 through 30 on Poplar Woods Drive, with weekday showings from 5 to 9:30 p.m, Saturday showings from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Sunday showings from 1 to 6 p.m.

Regular admission is $10 for anyone over 12, and two-day passes can be picked up for $15 per person. Tickets are sold onsite, where there will also be a playground for kids and concessions tent for food and beverages.

Entrance also includes an 84-page book with information about Homearama and details of each house showcased. For more information about the event or the homes, go to www.homearama.com.