Grand Stamm—LIVE! 3.16

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LIVE, interactive chat with you, our readers

By Jason Stamm

Guys and gals, welcome to our 13th Grand Stamm — LIVE! chat, set for Friday, March 9 at 3 p.m.

I hope you enjoyed last week's chat, with Oldham County High School boys' basketball senior forward Tyler Wesley, whose Colonels take on Bowling Green at noon today in the Sweet 16 at Rupp Arena. He leads the state in blocked shots.

We've got somewhat of a return guest. Well, actually, it's another attempt at a past guest.

Former University of Kentucky star and current Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Trevard Lindley will join us on this week's chat. Lindley is training with Corey Taylor at the Oldham County YMCA and will be available for any questions you have on the chat. We attempted to have Lindley join us two weeks ago but the chat was cancelled due to the severe storms that swept through the area.

As always, I'm here to answer any questions you have as well on sports in Oldham County or just sports in general. I'm pretty affluent to what's going on in both spectrums.

You can also email me any burning questions you have at sports@oldhamera.com and I'll make sure they get answered first. Holland will be available for any comments/questions you have.

This is my present to you (and every week) of giving you first-hand access to myself and a prominent sports figure. Take advantage and ask any questions you might have!

Click below for the link to this week's blog: http://bit.ly/wNYIkU