Golf View Patio Homes up to swing again

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By Amanda Manning

After a three-and-a-half hour discussion at the Oldham County Planning Commission meeting on Feb. 28, the initial plans for Golf View Patio Homes were approved. 

In a split decision, 6-5, the commissioners voted to recommend the Oldham County Fiscal Court to approve the zoning map amendment of 5800 Saddlers Mill Road. The vacant lot is currently zoned R2A and must be changed to R4 for patio homes to be built. 

Following that vote, the commission unanimously approved a recommendation of the preliminary development plan to Fiscal Court.

Mary Vandenbark has filled an application to develop patio homes on the 5800 block of Saddlers Mill Road, across the road from the golf course at the Oldham County Country Club. Saddlers Mill Road is used by drivers to enter Heather Hills, Kamer Place and the Oldham County Country Club. 

The proposed name of the patio homes is “Golf View Patio Homes.” Vandenbark plans to create two brick buildings that would have five units in each building. Inside each 1,588 square-foot proposed patio home will be two-bedrooms, a basement, hardwood floors and granite countertops. 

Each homeowner will have a 750 square-foot garage that will hold two cars and a driveway that will fit an additional two cars. A private road will also be built.

The estimated sale prices of the patio homes are from $275,000 to $285,000. That price could increase if owners opt to finish the basement or add other customizations.  No rentals will be allowed, only deed-restricted owners.     

Vanderbark’s attorney, Berry Baxter, was not present during the meeting, but attorney Joshua Clubb was there in his place. 

“Our intent is that many retirees would like to own a unit here, hopefully some of them will like to play golf. That’s certainly a play on the name, as well as the location of this project,” Clubb said.

During the meeting, Clubb also stated that five people have already committed to move into the patio homes, including some from nearby neighborhoods.

A homeowner in Morgan Place is one of those people. “I plan on moving to the patio homes, I think it’s beautiful patio homes,” she stated. “Besides, this is my son that’s building it, so that makes a little bit of a difference too.”

Other nearby residents who were present at the meeting opposed the development.

“Saddlers Mill Road is not equipped for the additional traffic that this development would bring,” Nathan Merrell, who lives on Saddlers Mill Road, said. No traffic study was required for this development. 

Merrell created an online petition for those opposed to the patio home development and while there was discussion over the legitimacy of the signatures, the commission allowed Merrell to read some of the comments on the petition.  At the time of print, the petition had 236 signatures.

“I would hope you would take into consideration the over 200 people that did sign that petition and I do know a number of those people and they do live in the area and they are going to be impacted by this development,” Susan Cohen, who lives in Heather Hills, said. 

“I would hope that you would take this into account and keep it as one dwelling unit and not multi-family because I can tell you most of the residents do not want this property and this zoning change.” 

Commissioners asked many questions, including why the current zoning is inappropriate, and what economic and social changes have occurred in the area.

“As Oldham County continues to grow and the population continues to age, there is a need for housing of this type that was not anticipated when the comprehensive plan was adopted,” Clubb responded. 

Many commissioners, including Dr. Robert Arvin, stated that this was a difficult decision. Despite the lengthy discussion, the Oldham County Planning Commission approved the zoning map amendment and development plan for the 5800 block of Saddlers Mill Road in a 6-5 vote.

Vandenbark’s purchase of the lands depends on the approval of the rezoning. If approved at Oldham County Fiscal Court, Menard Construction will break ground in June. The anticipated occupancy date for homeowners is spring of 2018. 

The Oldham County Planning Commission has to approve the minutes from the Feb. 28 meeting before the proposed development can be heard at Oldham County Fiscal Court. The first reading of the zoning map amendment and development plan for Golf View Patio Homes will likely be read at the Oldham County Fiscal Court meeting on April 4. A second reading would take place at the following meeting.