Fraudulent enrollment charges continue

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School district files latest charge

By Tracy Harris

The latest charge in a string of Oldham County cases against falsified school enrollment was filed Friday.

James Elliot, who lives near Ky. 146 and Factory Lane, is charged with falsely enrolling his child in South Oldham High School.

Dan Orman, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, said his office tried repeatedly to reach Elliot and even sent home a letter with the child.

In fact, it was the student who provided the correct address to school administrators.

"Kids are usually the most honest players in these residency cases," Orman said. He described the student as a "great kid" that the district hates to lose.

"I hope dad makes the decision to actually move back into Oldham County," he added.

Elliot is charged with theft by deception for $1,229 — the cost to send his child to school for 66 days.

When parents are charged with theft by deception for false enrollment, the school district calcultates the cost at $18.63 per day. 

Local tax costs for each student amount to $3,260.89 per year, Orman said, and is divided by the 175 days in a school year to come up with the daily cost.

Two additional parents, Dawne Grigsby and Cheryl McGuire, are scheduled for arraignment on Wednesday.

According to the school district, Grigsby owes the district $1,751 and McGuire $4,135.