Experiencing the awesome miracles of God

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By Al Earley


Last week I shared a wonderful miracle about an ant that carried a contact lens on a mountain so that it was found and returned to its owner. The experience moved the owner closer to God. 

My congregation at LaGrange Presbyterian Church put together a book of miracles to help us learn to trust God more in every aspect of our lives (if you would like an electronic version you can email me at pastorearley@lagrangepres.com). As the study reminded me of the many small miracles that God had done in my life to move me closer to Him I was overwhelmed by God’s love for me.

Through the years I have met people of little or no faith who hear some of my stories, and declare God has never done anything like that in their life. When I insist that God has, they usually appeal to never seeing a burning bush that isn’t consumed, like Moses saw (Exodus 3:3).

That is not the way God works. Burning bushes are the gold standard of God’s miracles. If God were to send a burning bush to everyone that wanted a miracle then He would crush the free will of people to choose God or not. 

Of course, there will always be people who will not believe, no matter how astounding the miracle. Many of the scribes, priests, and rabbis personally saw Jesus heal the sick, lame, blind, and deaf, and they complained he shouldn’t have done it on the Sabbath. For most people, God is using subtle miracles to draw them in.

So why did Moses get a burning bush? I know the answer to this because God gave me an awesome miracle just over 16 years ago. Through the years, as the work God wanted me to do for Him kept getting harder and harder, I have held on to that experience with a white knuckle grip, as I would question whether God had actually done the miracle He had done or not.  Convinced that I had not imagined any of it, I would boldly trust God, and continue to faithfully obey the work God had put upon me.

When I read Moses’ story in Exodus I can relate.  There are many times that Moses and his family’s life is on the line. The Egyptians and the Jews want to kill him during the course of his work for God. I am sure there are many times he wanted to just quit on his people, and go back to herding sheep. Exodus indicates that to be true over and over. 

I have come to a conclusion about the miracles God sends us. The more awesome and unbelievable the miracle, the more difficult and challenging the work God has planned for us will be.

Perhaps some of you are thinking something like, “I have been a believer most or all of my life. Why haven’t I experienced some amazing miracle like a burning bush?” If it is your desire to have such an experience then I would recommend the following prayer. “Dear God, I will go wherever you call me to go, do whatever you call me to do, and leave whenever you call me to go.  I would like to see a great miracle of your awesome presence. Amen.”

If you pray that prayer with all your heart, and expect God to honor your request, get ready!  You are probably going to start the most amazing roller coaster ride of your life.  If you need some time to think about getting on the roller coaster, I recommend asking for the Trust Journal I mentioned above. It will help you remember that God has been showering more subtle miracles upon you throughout your life.

What was the last miracle God sent into your life? Do you keep a record of them so you will never forget them? How often do you remember miracles to help you stay strong in the faith? Have you ever thought about going wherever, doing whatever, wherever God calls you to serve Him? (To find out more about Al Earley or read previous articles see, www.lagrangepres.com).

Al Earley is pastor of La Grange Presbyterian Church. To read previous articles, visit www.LaGrangePres.org. The views in this column are those of the writer.