Evans wins Prospect mayor

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By Andrew Henderson

Incumbent mayor John Evans will continue to lead the city of Prospect.

Evans has served as mayor for five years and in various other city government roles in the past.

“Very happy about it, and I’m glad the campaign’s over,” Evans said.

Scott Whitehouse, who had previously served eight years on the Oldham County Chamber and Economic Development Board of Directors, challenged Evans.

Evans’s re-election comes on the heels of scandal in Prospect city government.

Earlier this year, a majority of Prospect City Council asked for his resignation and passed a $25,000 investigation into various allegations of his conduct, which Evans later vetoed.

“One of the things that distresses me is that this sort of thing is bad for Prospect,” Evans said in a June interview with the Era.

These allegations included concerns about his memory, that he built fencing on private property using city funds and city employees claiming he has a vindictive nature amongst other allegations.

Four new people have been elected to the Prospect City Council, alongside two incumbents. Evans said the city has “an excellent council.”

When Evans and Whitehouse were asked how they plan to restore credibility and trust in Prospect city government during the Oldham County Political Forum Oct. 16, Evans said he believed there was already a great deal of credibility and trust in the city government.

Evans differed from his challenger in a number of ways, but perhaps none as much when it came to how the two viewed the role of mayor in attracting businesses to the city.

During an Oct. 9 forum hosted by the Prospect Chamber of Commerce, Evans said he had no plans to fill the 14 vacant storefronts, which are spread out between three shopping centers, in Prospect.

“I do not have a plan to fill the vacant storefronts in Prospect. I don’t see that as my job,” Evans said.

Evans said his first priority is to keep Prospect a wonderful and peaceful city.