The Era Insider Blog: Running adventures

Weird things often happen when you're running. I don't know if runners are magnets for randomness, or if we inadvertently cause it. Probably some of both.

Wednesday afternoon is a good example.

I'm at Tom Sawyer Park, just down the road in Louisville. I'm doing a warm up with a friend, we're talking and jogging along. There's a younger guy essentially power walking and wearing blue jeans.

Now, to me that seems like a fire hazard. Walk too fast and the friction from your pants rubbing together might just cause a spark.

When we finish our second loop, we stop to stretch. The aforementioned guy comes up and says, "I have to ask. I heard you all talking about tempo. Are you dancers?"

We're both 5-foot-3; I'm built like a miniature tank, not a willowy ballerina.

We're confused.

"No, tempo ... like in running fast," I say.

My friend and I split up; she has a speed workout to do. I'm running through Anchorage and I hear a dog running at me through a field.

Run long enough and you'll learn this lesson: when a dog runs at you, you stop. Otherwise they will continue to chase you until they decide otherwise. Or bite you. Possibly both.

So, I stop before I even look over. When I do, there are three deer who have stopped running and are now standing, staring at me, maybe 10 feet away. One darts behind my back, maybe two feet away. 

Another car stops as I point to the fleeing deer so the driver won't hit it. 

It's surreal how close they are and how close I came to being trampled. It'd make for a great story, but I'd really rather not go out that way.

And that was just in the first four miles.

 There are 12 weeks until I run the Derby Marathon, my seventh full marathon. Stay tuned for more training adventures!