Do you want cheese with that?

The Era's staff loves to eat. We affectionately call ourselves the "Girls Who Like To Eat Club," with apologies to our two male staff members.

So it should come as no surprise that a group of nosy, hungry journalists — who are also cheap — decided to do some investigating at a fast food restaurant.

Let's call the restaurant McLa Grange. And believe us, we love some McLa Grange, which is why most of the staff put in a lunch order that day. 

At issue were the cheeseburgers. Several years ago, the double cheeseburger got booted off the dollar menu and replaced by the ambiguously-named McDouble. (Yeah, we tried to cover up the restaurant name, but hey, they named the sandwich.)

We ordered several of each, unwrapped them, took cell phone photos and concluded there really is only one tiny difference: the second piece of cheese on the double cheeseburger.

So there you have it. For an extra 25 cents or so, you get an extra slice of cheese. Well, an extra piece of "Pasteurized Process American Cheese."

Of course, we could have just Googled the difference — but that's not The Era way. We are out hitting the streets, doing research and making sure our readers know the truth.