Defense: Accused double-murderer was 'standing his ground'

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But prosecutor says forthcoming evidence will show Evridge was not simply defending himself in case against slain pregnant woman and her sister

By Brent Schanding

An attorney for the Oldham County man accused of double murder says the defendant was simply “standing his ground” when he shot and killed a pregnant woman and her sister at his Covington Ridge Farm last winter. 

Robert Riley, a La Grange attorney representing accused murderer, Ronald T. Evridge, 58, last Thursday asked Oldham Circuit Judge Karen Conrad for an evidentiary hearing that could ultimately grant Evridge immunity from facing civil or criminal proceedings. 

Evridge claims he shot and killed two sisters — Heather Faulkerson, 21, and Sandy Allen, 24, both of Louisville — only after they attacked him with a knife at his north Oldham farm on 18-Mile Creek Road in December 2011, according to records filed in Oldham Circuit Court. 

Evridge suffered knife wounds, allegedly from the incident, and required surgery, court records show. Evridge claims the women tried to rob him and maintains he acted out of self defense.

State law protects victims of robbery who use justifiable force to protect themselves, said Riley, who seeks to have the charges against Evridge dismissed.   

But prosecutors say the case should proceed and forthcoming details will better reveal what actually happened that night. 

“I don’t believe the law supports the defendant’s right for [a self-defense plea],” said Courtney Baxter, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 12th Judicial District. Baxter told the judge she plans to file a brief in the coming months to move the case against Evridge forward.  

Court records filed by the defense claim the two victims had befriended Evridge in order to exploit him for money. Allen allegedly attacked Evridge with a knife, court records claim, while her pregnant sister, Faulkerson, attempted to shoot him. They were allegedly feuding over credit cards and cash, court records show.

Faulkerson was reportedly found with a weapon in her hand when officers responded, court records show. Gun shot residue was found on both women’s hands, according to claims filed by the defense. 

Those claims represent only one side of the case. 

Prosecutors are expected to show evidence that Evridge has a long criminal history, including multiple drug charges, menacing and domestic violence charges. 

Law officials have reportedly nicknamed Evridge “Teflon Ron” because many past charges didn’t stick and were later dismissed. 

In March 2011, SWAT team members and law enforcement reportedly seized a number of weapons from Evridge’s home, including a .50 caliber handgun and assault rifles. According to an initial arrest citation from that incident, Evridge told detaining officers, “I’ll make blood run down the streets of La Grange,” and “Next time, we’ll have a stand-off.” 

Evridge currently faces two counts of murder and one count of tampering with evidence stemming from the incident.