Dear Santa: Letters from Tricia Chalfant's class

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Locust Grove Elementary teacher Tricia Chalfant said she hopes all of her first-graders' Christmas wishes come true.

Chalfant said her favorite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree and making cookies for Santa.

This year, her students have learned to help others.

"They know how to be fill someone's bucket with kindness by inviting a friend to play or helping others when they are sad," she said.

During Christmas break, Chalfant said she plans to sleep in and hopes that her own children do the same!

Dear Santa,
Can you please give me a motorcycle this Christmas Santa?  I have always
wanted one.  I also need a helmet to protect my face.  I have been really
good.  I help my mom clean the dishes.  I be grateful to my mom.  I will give
you milk and cookies.  I have a plat that me, EJ, and Kendall writed
something nice on it for you.  You can read it while you eat your cookies.
Keaton Gaddie

Dear Santa,
Can you get my brother a DS like mine so that we can verse each other on
Halloween storts.  Can you get me the Smurf game too?
Paul Lawson

Dear Santa,
Please give me a jump rope and a computer, and some candy.  I like candy!
Chocolate is my favorite.  I have been a good girl.  I have not been bad.
How many sleighs do you have?  How many reindeer do you have?  I like you
Santa!  You give me stuff and that is nice.  Did you know it snowed here
Kristen Gardner

Dear Santa,
Will you please come to our house?  Please make me a riffle.  It will protect
me so I won’t die.  And don’t forget the yummy cookies!
Ben Withrow

Dear Santa,
I am a good boy!  I want a DS.  I can take pictures on my DS.  Merry
Christmas Santa!  I hope you like the chocolate milk.  I want a Sonic DS
Caleb Wolfenbarger

Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl.  I help my mom bake cookies for you last year but
can you please give me an iPod touch?  I really want one of those!  It snowed
here today Santa!
Tyler Bryant

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas!  I been wanting an iPod touch.  I have been very kind.  I
helped my mommy when she was sick.  I really love you so so so much!!!!
Kendall Gaddie

Dear Santa,
Santa, you been good in the North Pole.  I was a good girl.  I was trying to
be good!  I work so hard to be good.  I help my mom with cooking.  Have the
reindeers been good?  And the elves are being good?  I like the Christmas
songs.  I love Christmas Santa!  I know it snows in the North Pole!  It
started snowing here today too!  I really want an iPod for Christmas.
Brianna Ontiveros

Dear Santa,
I would like a DSIXL3DS for Christmas.  Because I always want to help my dad
wash his tractor.  Whenever I see my dad I want to help him.  And this is why
I want a DSIXL3DS for Christmas… it makes all your games turn into 3D it is
so cool, so cool!  So could I have a DSIXL3DS for Christmas.  Don’t forget
your milk and cookies.
Aidan Sherman

Dear Santa,
How are you doing?  Have you been feeding your reindeers?  Is Rudolf ready to
go?  I really want Lego Star Wars really bad!  It would be fun!  I hope you
make it around the world.  Thank you Santa!  I love you!
Nathan Hoffman

Dear Saint Nick,
Merry Christmas!  I hope you don’t get lost on your sled.  I have been
really good!  When I get home from school I help my mom do something around
the house.  Please get me a PSP.  And maybe some PSP games.  And if you get
me a PSP I can watch movies and if it’s a learning game you can learn and
have fun too.  The games are fun too.  I hope you eat the cookies and milk we
leave you!
Cameron Shaw

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas!  Is it well in the North Pole?  I been a good girl!  I
helped my teacher clean the classroom.  I would really like a baby doll.  It
would help me.  It will keep me company when I go somewhere.  I won’t be
asking my mom for it.  I would bring it like wherever I go.  Every time it is
Christmas I celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  I will leave the cookies and milk!
Allye Metcalf

Dear Santa,
I love you Santa!  Can I get a 3DS for Christmas Santa?  Please show me your
elves.  I love elves!
Brady Norman

Dear Santa,
I want you to bring me a finmik missile that shoots out missiles.  I really
want it.  I have been good!  I REALLY want it Santa.
Wyatt Martin

Dear Santa,
I want a pellet gun so when I go fishing and I catch a fish I can shoot it.
And I have been good because I do good writing.
Nathan Wenger

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas!  Please give me a watch.  Please!  I got you some cookies at
home.  I have been good.  I washed dishes for my mom and helped my dad.
Reagan Cheatham

Dear Santa,
I hope it is going well in the North Pole.  Can I please have a triple battle
set?  You can play with them when it is boring.  Also you can play with them
for fun!  I love you!  Don’t forget the cookies I am going to leave you.
Mason Baker

Dear Santa,
I have been wanting a DSIXL.  I have been a good boy.  I helped wash
Greta’s car.   I helped people win.  I made stuff for people.  I did not
tell a secret that I’m not supposed to say, listening, paying attention,
not saying they’re bad.  Enjoy the cookies and maybe a little fudge.
Sincerely Your Friend,
Ben Dunkle

Dear Santa,
Are you having a good day Santa Claus because I’m have a good day!  I just
have to tell you I have been a good girl.  I will tell you I have been
washing the dishes for daddy every week.  When mommy tells me to do something
I do it… like letting the dogs out and like cleaning my room for my mommy.
Brenna Norman

Dear Santa,
I want a walkie talkie for Christmas so for long distance please and I can
talk to you.  I can talk to my friends.  Thank you!
Jonathan Osorio

Dear Santa,
How are you doing?  How’s the North Pole?  Is it cold?  Santa, I really,
really want you to bring me an old Lego Batman with Scarecrow and his plane.
I have been so grateful for my family.  I always try to be good.  Could you
bring my brother, Ryan, a Lego Batman that comes with Hush?  I’ll have fun
with my Legos.  Will you please bring them for me and Ryan?  I’ll leave you
milk and cookies!  I love you, Santa!
Luke Alford