Dear Santa: Letters from Terri Griffin's class

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La Grange Elementary teacher Terri Griffin said her Christmas wish is that her students know the true reason for the season.

Her favorite holiday tradition is celebrating Christmas Eve dinner with family.

Griffin said her students been nice.

"They know Santa is watching on the Santa Cam!" she said.

This season, her students have learned to help others.

"We have made cards for others and discussed how it feels better to give than get," she said.

Griffin said she looks forward to spending time with her family in Indiana during winter break.

Dear Santa,
How are you and Rudolph doing with the sleigh? I feel sorry for Rudolph
because he got his feelings hurt because he didn’t get to get to play any
reindeer games.
I want a lego star wars battle machine.  It costs 100 bucks.  I want it
because it is humongous and I want to build it with dad.
I also want the lego death star.  It is 4000 bucks.  It is humongous too.
How do you feel about that letter I just told you?  Do you feel happy? I
will give you cookies and milk on Christmas Eve.  I hope you like them.

Dear Santa,
I hope you and Mrs. Clause and all the reindeer are doing good.
All I want for Christmas is my family and my friends, nothing else.  I
don’t want anything else for Christmas except my friends to be safe and my
parents because I am good that way.

Dear Santa,
Have a good Christmas.  I been good you been good too.  You have toys.  My
elf is upslidedown.  You are in all my dreams.  What are the reindeer names?
I want a toy Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer.

Dear Santa,
I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing good.  I want a cat 3DS and two kittens
and 2 puppys.  I want a cat 3 DS so my cat can see the game.

Dear Santa,
You have did a lot of stuff so can you get me toys?  Like a zombie toy and
football.  I want a big bear I want a green snowman.  I want a nerf gun.  I
will see you soon.

Dear Santa,
I hope you and Rudolph been well.  I would like singing story telling bell.
I will like it very much like I would the others.  And I would play with it
because it is fun.

Dear Santa,
How is Rudolph? Will you bring me a new bike? Will you bring me a DS? Will
you bring me some DS games? Will you bring me a computer?  Will you bring me
a green eggs and ham book?  Will you bring me some Dr. Seuss books?  I have
been good this year.

Dear Santa,
Did one of your helpers come for the movie called the Polar express?  Do you
have any Christmas music at the North Pole?  Are your Elves doing well?  I
want a 3d-ds and a pare of 3d glasses to come with it and some games too and
especially a hello-kitty game and a raz-kids ds.  Thank you for the presents.

Dear Santa,
I hope that you and Rudolph are doing well and Msis Claus and comet.  Can
you get me a 3DS and a MP3 player and a remote control car?


Dear Santa,
Thank you for bringing presents because we want are favorite things in
Christmas.  I want a mcqueen. It sere have a remote.  I love mcqueen.

Dear Santa,
Thank you for giving us presents and I hope you and Rudolph are doing well
and I would like a Blizerd maker and dippin dots.  I want this stuff so I can
make treats.  I hope you and all of your reindeers are doing well.

Dear Santa,
It’s almost Christmas.  I hope you are filling good.  I hope you and
Rudolph is doing good.  Is Rudolph going to drive your slay? Can I have a car
with some keys and a globe so I can get some food for my family?  I can teach
my sister the states.  I will leve some cookies and some milk.

Dear Santa,
How are you doing today?  I hope you are doing well.  How’s Mrs. Claus?  I
would like a 3ds so I could show my brother how to do it. I love Christmas.

Dear Santa,
I have been so good.  I hope you bring me a present on Christmas.  It has
been a long time since I wrote a letter to you.  I hope you and Rudolph have
a grate time giving presents.  I will have a grate time too because its fun
on Christmas.  Last year I got presents.  I hope you do it again.  I would
like to ask you to bring me a Barbie and a giant doll house.  I think it
would be fun to play dolls with Savannah.  I could be Barbie and Savannah
could be Ken.  And you know what else I want?  A dress (a long dress), a real
puppy .
Maddie  - and you are really nice!

Dear Santa,
Thank you for getting toys on Christmas and rapping bows on the presents and
surprising us and leaving us presents.  I hope you are doing well with
Rudolph.  I would like you to do me a favor.  Can you get me a camera so I
can take pictures of Alison and Jamison and just dance 3 for Wii?

Dear Santa,
I love that video you sent me on my moms email.  I loved it very much.  For
Christmas I would like a baby doll and its name is baby all gone.


Dear Santa,
Are you and your reindeer being good?  Do you have a present waiting?   I
want a fake puppy and a book, and a Scooby Doo movie.  I have been a good
girl all year.  I want a stuffed animal.  I want a present with a toy in it.
 I wrote you a letter to leave with your milk and cookies.  Thank you for
those presents.

Dear Santa,

I hope you and Rudolph are having a good day because I hope you will be good
because Rudolph is good because you have a grat day on Christmas and have a
grat day because you need to give us presents and I want a rock star Barbie.

Dear Santa,
Every day on Christmas you give me presents.  I hope you are happy.  I want
a orbe spa for Christmas.

Dear Santa,
Its been a long time since I last wrote to you.  I hope you are doing well.
I have been a good boy.  I want a game for my PS3.  I also want a mik so I
can talk to my guy.  And a dip-in-dots maker, also a crayon maker.

Dear Santa,
My famile likes you because you are nice to us and I have been a good boy
and my sister has been as good as me.