Dear Santa: Letters from Sharon Pittenger's class

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Goshen Elementary

Sharon Pittenger's kindergarten


Dear Santa,

I wud like a wii. Plez bring me a game.

Love, Trevor W.


Dear Santa,

Are you cuning to my house? I want a TV

Love, Anna Marie R.


Dear Sana,

I wish I can have a Sole Surfr Movie pleas eat my cookies. have a good trip.


Sarah Kate H.


Dear Santa,

I love you

Santa wil you 

bring a barbe

for me.


wood be 

good I wood

like a ez

bake oven to

bake a browne.

Love, Abby C.


Dear Santa,

I want him to give me a dees.

I love Santa

Love, Courtney C.


Dear Santa

I love you pleas

give me the game

wwE12 and the DSi XL WWE 12.

Thank you.

Love, Maddox D.


Dear Santa

I love you

I hop hope you will bring me drums.

Love, Christian W.


Dear Santa,

Take care of your ran dear and I will give you milk and cookies. Bring presents.

Love, Tyler C.


Dear Santa,

I hope you do not get sick and I want to have a hot wheels track and a Pokemon white DS Game. Have a good trip.

Love, Paul S.


Dear Santa,

I wish I could have a leastr pad and a spy car and a sci jump and heady wocy. Love Jack F.


Dear Santa,

I hope you are not sick becius then you wud not come to my house and I will giv you milk and cookies. I wood like a nekles.

Love, Emery S.


Dear Sant,

I love you I want more zoozoo pets. I hoep you are well. 

Love, Reese B.


Dear Santa,

I want you to com to Florda. I want a lot of prisents. I will get you cookes.

Love, Janey J.


Dear Santu,

I wunt a new Bike and the Queen and Reveni and the flying duchman and the mr. mades layer.

Love, Lachlan B.


Dear Santa,

I wunt a drt bike and an ipod and a remote car that can go in drt.

Love, Jackson G.


I love you. I want santa to give me a dsi.

Love, Griffin B.


Dear Santa,

Pleas bring presents to meI wud like a new Barbe dol and a Justen Bevr car.

Love, Emerson G.


Dear Santa,

I love you sant can you bring me a lego agent PS to santa can you bring me a drt bike.

Love, Noah G.


Dear Santa,

I love you. Santa can you bring me a Barbe that cums with a bike.

Love Ella F.

PS. Feed the randeer

Love Ella


Dear Santa

I love you. this Letter is for my sister Mia. Please breing her Amer Can grl doll. Mia is sic so I am Macing this for her.

Love, Abby C. Mia's sistr.