Dear Santa: Letters from Mary Ann Kent's class

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Buckner Elementary teacher Mary Ann Kent said her Christmas wish for her kindergarten and first-graders is for the students to love learning throughout their lifetimes.

She's pretty sure all of her students are listed on Santa's nice list.

"My students are very cooperative and considerate," she said.


Dear Santa,

I bin good.  I did fed the dogs and mad the bed.  I unlodid the dishwater

(dishwasher).  Thank you for the gift last yer.   Thank you for the gitr

(guitar) last yer , and for the telescope last yer, too.  I wunt  a angry bid

(bird) set, plees .  I am leven you milk and cookees!


Ben Goggans


Dear Santa,

T f(Thank)  u fr the polc (police hs (house) u gav me.  I pla wt(with) it a

lt (lot).  Cod (Could) I ples hav a big bat cav fr Crsms?  It wd (would) be

fn (fun) to play wt.  I alws wntd (always wanted) 1.  I hav bn (been) a good

booy.  I hlp mi mom fs (fix) supr and mi dad lts me pt (put) the angl on r

tre.  I wl pt ot (put out) cokes and a kp (cup) of milk fr u.


Caden Bowman


Dear Santa Clause,

Thank you for the Hello Kitty art stuff you gave me last year but I would

like to get a white Furreal Friend walking, meowing kitty.  I would want one

because I like the name Bella.  I like the color white.  I would like to play

with it a lot, and I should get it because I obay my mom.  I also want it

because I like kitty.

Merry Chrismas!


Lucy Diamond


Dear Santa

    Thank you for all the presents you gave me. I want a toy kitten that

walks please. This is a good toy because I love kittens. I should get it

because I have been good by help cleaning the house. I want it because I can

put it in my toy stroller and  pretend  me and the kitten are traveling.  I

should get it because  I haven’t been getting in trouble.  I’ve been

good.   I put my  stuff  animals  on  my  shelf.  I want a toy kitten that

walks please. I will leave out  chocolate  chip cookies for you.


Amaya   Lopez


Dear Santa,

Thank   you for the presents that you gave last year.  Thank you for the DSI.

 Can   you please get me a  My Little Pony?  A pinky pie one.   I am gana try

to give your reindeer something.  I should get it because I do chors (chores)

like cleaning my  room.  Hao are your randeer?  Merry Christmas!


Ashley Button


Dear Santa,

  How   have the reindeer been?

 Please can I have a hot wheel car?   I want it to be red.

When it’s in water it

changes colors.  I

have been good this year.   I’ve been nice to my sister and my

stepbrothers.  I didn’t fight with them.   Please can I have a surprise

present  too?

Merry Cristmas!


Brady Guest


Dear Santa,

Than u for the tos (toys) u gav me .  I wnt (want) a blu DSI.  I wl (will)

pla  Maro (Mario) and gamz on it.  It wil be fn(fun).  I hlp (help) mi mom

mak cookes.  I wil  lev u cookes and mlk.


Caleb Kershner


Dear Santa

             Thank you for the zhu-zhu pets that you gave me last year. I am

playing with them. Can I please have an ipad? I can play fun games on it. I

can listen to my favorite music. It will be fun. I should get it because I

cleaned the toy room and I got some money. How are you and your reindeer?  I

will put some chocolate chip cookies because I know they are your favorite. I

will also put some milk in the Santa cup. I wish I could be your elf. I miss

you.  My favorite reindeer is Rudolph. I like Rudolph because of is red nose

and because he leads the slay.


 Chloe Park


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the scotr (scooter) u gav me lst (last) yer.  Please may I have

a pnk (pink) and wit (white) Hello Kitty freg (fridge)?  I wll play wth it

and pt (put) food in it and it machs (matches) my room.   Iv (I’ve) ben a

good grl.  I do mi  homwrk  and help mi mom.  I wl  lev  sm (some) kooks

(cookies) and milk.


Claire Ziegler


Dear Santa,

How are your Reindeer and you?  I hope there good.  Thanks for the presents

last year but I want to bild new stuff so can I please have a Lego set that

is spac?  I will share .  I will be fair.  I will be nice.  I should get it

because I do chors for my mom and I’m good all the days.   What cookes do

you like so I can make them?  So can I please have the Lego spase set?

Have a good Christmas!


David Calixtro


Dear  Santa,

How are you and the Reindeer? I hope there good. I have been good this year

because I want a black spy watch! If I get it I will leave you a coin and a

apple and chocolate milk! I will invite my friend`s over to help me spy on

people because I want to see what there doing! I am doing my chores to be

good. I bring the garbage out. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!


Ian Patrick Hobbs


Dear Santa

I love my gum ball machine .Thank you for the candy last year.  Please can I

have a Barbie car?  I should get it because I do chores like feeding the

dogs, and letting the dogs out and clean my room and set the table. On

Christmas eve I will give you  cookies and milk and carrots for your

reindeer. I  want it because Barbies can ride in it. I wish you a Merry

Christmas and a happy new year!


Isabelle Woodruff


Dear Santa

Thank you for the note you gave me. I want a computer that is pink and

little. I fed my dog and I’ve been doing my home work.  I like computers

because it makes me smarter.  I will leave carrots for your reindeers and

leave milk and cookies. I will use it for resrech (research).   I want it

because  I will use it for learning.  Please.


Isidora Perez


  Dear Santa,

    Thank you for all the toys last year.  This year  I want  a Real Fraind.

 This Christmas Eve I will have an awesome time whith that toy.  My Real

Fraind and me will be good frainds.   Can you drop it off  at  Colirado.  It

will be a merry  Christmas.  How are your reindeer?  Are they doing well?

Well, I am.  I promis  to  lay out  cookies  and milk.  What are your

favorite cand of cookies?  I bet they are chocolate chip!  I will bake them

on the 21 day before the 24 day before Christmas Eve.  My favorite are


Merry Christmas!


Jon Clements


Dear Santa

      Thank you for the presents   last year!

I want for Christmas is a big umbrella so I have my own umbrella and I can

play with my friends  and at school.  I will share with my brothers and my

sister.   I’ve been good this year.   Please Santa I will make your farite

cookes!  I lisin to my mom and I lisin to my teer (teacher)!

I wish you a mare Christmas!


Kora Birchmeier


D ear   Santa,

How are your rander? I hope they are doing good thank for the presents last

yer. I wut gitar (guitar) becuz my old one broke and it does not sound good.

Thank you for the doll last yer and all the presns you gave me. I rile like

it.  I play with it alot. I have bin good.  I fed the dogs and I lod the

diswashr.   I will give you cookes and  carrots.  Please may I have a gift?

We wish you a merry Christmas!


Meredith McFarland


Dear  Santa,

I fed my dog. I hap(help) my fes (friends).   Ho ar you and reindeer?  Thank

you for the presis (presents) last yer.  And I hop you like the cue fatser.

Wut  do the reindeer et(eat)?  We mad socings (stockings).  I hop you ar not

sic.   Ples can I hav a pink psa (Princess) scsee?  I wil gif you cooeks


Thank you, Santa and Merry Christmas!


Nadia Martinez


Dear  Santa

Can I please have a  easy bake oven?   Please, Santa, please?   I help my mom

do the dishes.  How  are   your reindeer doing and how are you doing?   I’m

leaving milk and cookies  for  you and I will lef ceriks (carrots) for your

reindeer.  I hop you have a merry  Christmas, Santa.


Taylor Beaty


Dear Santa,

Thank you fr the hot wel rac crs (Hot Wheels race cars) yu got me las crsms

(Christmas).  Please ma I hav a spi aut (spy outfit) and a spi rng and a spi

wch (watch)?  I can wr (wear) it wn (when) I am bg (big).  The wch wl tl

(tell) me the tim (time), and the rng hs a picr (picture) of a lazr on it to

see.  I hav ben a good boe (boy) for six mns (months).  I hlp  mi mom and


I wl lev u otmel koocs (cookies)and chlt mlc (chocolate milk).


 Theo Flowers


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the presis theis yer.  I playd with the tos (toys) you gav me.

Aw (How) is your rander?  How are you?  I am goeing to lev  com (some) ots

(oats) for the rander.  I hav been good this year.  I shrd (shared) my Legos

with my sistr and help my mom and dad.  I wantd a spy woch (watch).  I can

tel (tell) time with it.

Luv ,

Walker Gilbert