DEAR SANTA: Letters from Little Colonels Childcare at Oldham Co. High

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3- and 4-year-olds

Dear Santa, I don’t have any questions. I don’t know what I want for Christmas still. I don’t have any words to say.
Love Ava J.

Dear Santa, I want a toy Ariel, a toy  bath Belle and a toy Cinderella and Tiannna and new ballet shoes cause my Angelina shoes are about capoot!
Love, Sophia R.

Dear Santa, I want a bunny, a doggie, and a cat, a dinosaur and a hedgehog. Just toys.
Love, Isabella T.

Dear Santa, I want a blue monster truck.  I want a new baby for Zori. I want a new chalk board. I want a rocking chair, a little one for Zori and me. I want a sleigh for Zori and me.
Love, Olevir J.

Dear Santa, I want a LalaLoopsey doll for Christmas. Why did they make cocoa? I like your reindeers. I have your sleigh.
Love, Mia L.-B.

Dear Santa, My want for Christmas a princess dress for my friend and for me. And a ring. My wnat a princess bike for my friend and a princess bike for me, a play toy. My want a choo choo train track and a choo choo train. My friend is Hannah. My name is Taylor.
Love Taylor A.

Dear Santa, I want a tools, and a barn and animals and I wanta phone with cards and numbers anda choo-choo and blocks and a house and I really want Elmos doughnuts,and pretend diapers for my sissy and a big Christmas tree for Christmas. And when I get my train set, I want a circle one.
Love Caden R.

Dear Santa, I want an elephant that has a trunk down. I want a blue Power Ranger. His name is Kevin with a C. I want a big dinosaur to go with my other big dinosaur. I want a monkey and an alligator. I want a train.
Love Aeson S.

Dear Santa, I want a baby Jasmine. There’s no baby Jasmine in my room. I want to ask him to give it to me. I need a crayons. I need a baby Dora and a baby Boots. I need some letters so I can write them.
Love Aubrey J.

Dear Santa, I want for Christmas a dream light. I want a bunk bed for my babies. I want a changing thing for my babies. I want a pink and purple guitar and a milkshake maker. That’s it!
Love, Adeline H.

Dear Santa, I want for Christmas a Octo Zord. I want the Beetls Zord, and the swordfish Zord. That’s all!
Love, Jaxon Mc.

Dear Santa, I want lipstick and a doggy named Lucky and a rabbit. I want a Teddy bear.
Love, Katelyn K.