Dear Santa: Letters from Lisa Rigdon's class

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Centerfield Elementary teacher Lisa Rigdon said she hopes her second-graders have wonderful family time during the holidays and good health in 2012.

She is headed to Georgia for the holidays to celebrate with family and friends.

Rigdon said she hopes Santa includes her students on his nice list.

"My students have been very nice this year. They have really focused on treating others as they

want to be treated," she said.

The students take part in class meetings and share compliments, she said.


Dear Santa,

     I have ben working hard in school.  I have ben doing indoor soccer.  I

have ben wondering if your randeare, Mrs. Clause, the elfs and you are doing

good.  For Chistmas this year I would like a camra and a American girl doll.




Dear Santa,

     I think I have ben a very good girl.  I have ben very helpfll to other

peple.  I woud like a xbox 360, and Santa erings, and a ellf on the shelf.




Dear Santa,

    Have I been good?  I want peple in need to have what they need.  I want a

3 DS and a mareo cart ds game, a red PS3 for Christmas, Little Big Planet and

a dsi for my sister.  I hope evry bote has a good Christmas.




Dear Santa,

     This is my Christmas list and this is one thing about me.  I alwas try

my best to be polite.  This is what I want for Christmas.  A American girl

doll rv.

P.S.  I will allwas give you cookes and milk.




Dear Santa,

     I am doing grat in school.  I am in second grade.  I play basketball.

Christmas is my favorite holday.  I have not got’n held back.  Here are 2

wishes:  1.  Fittal frend  2.  Baribie




Dear Santa,

     I am in kroty.  I brok my bord with a big HIYA!  Now I am a yellow belt.

 I’m going to Mizory a few days befor Christmas it will be lots of fun.

Kroty is rilly fun.  I’m taking it next sumister.  For Christmas I hope I

get an ipad and a 3DS and super Mario 3d land, a pak of football cards with

thos cards I wanted.




Dear Santa,

I am working hard in school.  I am working relle hard at home.  I am reding

Dire of a Wimpy Kid books.  I want to play football.  I try to use my

manners.  I am in 2nd grade.  I no mises clas made the cookes at school and I

lovede them.  Think you for the things that you gave me last Christmas.  I am

a good boy.  I want a rip steke.  I want a ipode tuch.




Dear Santa,

     My name is Jasmine.  My favorite color is pink.  My faverit holaday is

Christmas.  Can you say hi to my elf on the shelf?  I work really hard in

school.  Did you know that I got adopded?  Thank you for the presnts.  I want

a Ipad 3.  I want a Barbie doll house.  I want a movie cald Judy Moody bumer

summer.  I want a penguin biuld a bear.  Thank you Santa!




Dear Santa,

     How do you go to all of the kids in one night?  Please do not leave

bones for Kelly.  I want a 3DS an iphone 4, and a xbox 360.  I saw a

Christmas movie.  My elf on the shelf is going to bad and weird places.  Some

people say that your magic isn’t real but I believe.




Dear Santa,

I like you.  How do you get so many preasints.  I’m a beautiful and a

bright child.  I want one toy.  I want a DS.  Tell Mrs. Claus thanks for the

cookes.  I prycheat it.  Thay aer yume.




Dear Santa,

     I want to tell you about my self.  I have been very kind.  I even won

the empathy reword for being kind.  What I want for Chistmas is tow things a

robot dog and a DS.




Dear Santa,

     I try to be really good.  I just turned eight today.  I really like your

elfs.  They are really funny.  Could you get me a picture of some of them?

What I would really want for Chrismas is a new rc rivo.  But please don’t

go your normal speed because they brake really easy.

Your friend,



Dear Santa,

     I do karate after school on Thursdays.  I just got my yellow belt.

I’m working for my orange belt.  I just broke a board.  Let me tell you

what I want for Christmas.  I really don’t know so jus surprise me.




Dear Santa,

     How do you go all around the world in one night?  I go to cheerleading

now.  I youst to go to jimnisteks.  What are your favorite kide of cookies?

Mine are choklet chip and shoger cookies.  I want a 3ds, American girl doll

and Just Dance 3.  Do you have eny knew pets in the north pole?




Dear Santa,

     I am 7 year old.  I am in second grade.  I am trying to be good.  Santa

what I won’t the most is a picture of jimmy my elf and some of his frinds.

I won’t a NCIS move pack and a gerbol.




Dear Santa,

     I am being nice.  I’m nice to everyone in my class.  I am nice to my

sister Sadie.  I’m nice to my teacher.  1.  Trampoline  2.  Amarican girl

doll  3. Friendship necklace  4. Wii




Dear Santa,

     I play sports.  I want an Ipad, new electric guitar.  I want a new ds

game.  I want a phone and a fishing pole.  I love you Santa.

Call me dude,




Dear Santa,

     Will you give me a dog?  I play with my brothers 2 cats.  I want a rel

dog and a fone.