Dear Santa: Letters from Kristie Perkins' class

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Centerfield Elementary teacher Kristie Perkins said her wish for her fourth-graders in 2012 is to take charge of their own learning and complete a successful year in fourth

Perkins said her favorite holiday traditions include decorating the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music and visiting Santa.

Dear Santa,
       I have been a very good girl this year. Do you know what I want this year? I
want a Samsung intestaty II cellphone the most. I want to text, and call my
friends on it. I would also love it if I opened one of my presents and found
a pink fijit friend. I would play with it and have the time of my life with
it. I would also love to see snow on Christmas Santa!
                                                                               Mackenzie B.
Dear Santa,
       The things I want for Chimas are Nerf Jesry because I play Nerf Dart Tag and
I need a Dart Tag shirt to were when I play. I alsow want need more formy
nerf  gun for fort because I only have two guns and my faviorit broke. Im
really hoping you can atleast get me it. The last 3 things I want are hot
wheels wall tracks, video racer, and nitro speder.
                                                                               Merry Chirsmas,
                                                                               Dylan M.
Dere Santa,
       For Crismis I want a 3DS and Super Morio #D Lande and I want a hat like
yours and in iPad toch for crismise.
p.s. I boleve your rele.
                                                                               Isaiah H.

Dear Santa,
       I want all of the Hallo Legows and an Xbox Conect and all of the Hallo gams
except Hallow 3 and an iPad. I have ben a grate boy.
                                                                               Louis A.

Dear Santa,
       I would like a iPad or something like it or a Tablet. I want that at my
dads. Because my mom and dad are divort. I want amercian girl doll stuff and
makeup from my mom. I want a nail and toe gift card from my dads mom. I want
a Poruler beads from my dad’s dad. I want a pottery wheek, ituns gift card
from moms mom and dad. I want money from my step dads sister and mom and dad.
And that’s all! I think I diserve it because that is not that much because
it is from different people and I have been making good grades. I wont want
much for my birthday and an iPad or something like a tablet is good because
it is egacatinal and I could learn from that and the rest you know a nine
year old girl needs some toys. So with that said I don’t know what I want
just buy me anything. See you at walmart!
                                                                               Reagan T.

Dear Santa,
       I would like a pro guiter. Because me and my dad play and need it to do
progules and any games. I have ben a gret boy.
                                                                               Jarren M.

Dear Santa,
       What I want for Christmas is a iPad and I want a puppy and more D.S. games
maybe you can get me all my presants that I want for Christmas if Im on the
naughty list Im so sorry If im on the nice list thank you for putting me on
the list. I hope you get my presants.
                                                                               Sarah L.
Dear Santa,
       I want money, candy, and a fat bunny. I think I am on the notty list but I
am good.
                                                                               Your friend,
                                                                               Mary D.

Dear Santa,
       My name is Trevor, I am going to tell you what I want for Christmas. I want
an underwater camera so I can play videos of my friend’s. Its underwater
and it mike look like it is in 3D because of the waves. So I hope I can get
that will make me have the best Christmas ever.
                                                                       Merry Christmas,
                                                                       Trevor B.
Dear Santa,
       Merry Cristmas! Hello! My name is Chloe. How are your raindeer? This letter
is to explain what I would like for Cristmas.
1.      Just dance 3 (wii)
2.      Mario/Sonic Olympic games 2012 (wii)
3.      Figit friend
4.      Garbage monsters
5.      Victorious video game (D.S.)
6.      Wappy dog (D.S.)
7.      Pop the Pig
Well, those are some of the things I’d like for Cristmas hope you bring
                                                                       Chloe O.

Dear Santa,
       Hi my name is Autumn and I would like to tell you what I want for Cristmas
heres my list.
 iPod or iPad or labtop or empie three player
 the movie smurfs blue ray/combo paket
Justin beiber cd/movie never say never
1 dork diary,2 dork diary, 3 diary of a wimpy kid
Diary of a wimpy kid movie
Dsi color neon purple
Now I hope you see what I want for Christmas.
                                                                       Autumn O.

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Lizzy and some I have been a good girl. What I want for
Christmas is a I pod touch 4 and I want for my family to not work so much and
for my family to speed more time with us and I want my family to get a bunch
of money every month when they work.
So as you can see I am thinking about my family and what I want.
Your buddy,

Dear Santa,
I hope I have been a great girl and I am on the nice list. If I am, I will
like candy, money, and a bunny. I love candy and that is pretty much why I
want it. I want money so I can buy me more gifts or buy them for other
people. I want a bunny because they are playful, entertaining, and soft. J
                                 Heather B.

Dear Santa,

Sorry to bother you at such a busy time of year, but this letter won't be too
long , so I hope that you have time to read this letter. Ok, so I know that
you get immense amounts of letters each year asking for a million toys per
child, but  again  my letter is different. Now,  I've  been a very good girl
this year, and I completely  understand if you can't read this letter in time
,but all I really am asking for Christmas is a square rainbow fuzzy chair. I
hope that you have a very merry Christmas.

 Sincerely yours

    Peyton W.
Dear Santa,
     Hi my name is Morgan Kokomoor and I’ve been a good girl and this is
the thing I really want!
 I really want a Iphone because I can call my friends and if I am at a
birthday party or if I am at a friend’s  house I can call my mom, dad, and
sister if they want to know where I am.
 My second reason is I could text my friends and I would have a lot more fun
than just a iPod touch. I could play words with friends I could play with my
mom, my sister, and Mrs. Schooler and it would be a lot more fun. I could
send pictures on the text messages and do things like that.
My third reason is I could get alot more apps and I could listen to more
music and I could have more fun with my iphone 4. It would be much better. I
could have fun calling my friends and things like that!
Now I come to my conclusion now you see I really want a Iphone 4 from you
Santa, Thanks!

                                    Your Friend,

                                                 Morgan Kokomoor
Dear Santa,
Santa may I please have a kitten for Christmas. The reason I want a kitten is
because a few days ago my cat had to be put down. And Santa please oh please
bring me a kitten for Christmas.
Love Anna C.

Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas is some liquid nitrogen because I have kind of
getting in to science because we have been learning about like the solar
system and stuff ,I know this has nothing to do with this.So I saw a show and
it looks pretty cool.So that is all I have to say and I do not think you will
get what I want and I just hope for a good Christmas.
Nathan C.
Dear  santa,
Hello this is a letter from me to you! so now I  guess you are wondering what
I want for cristmas right. well your wonder came true! and so here is what I
•       A snow globe
•       A ipad
•       A gient gumball mesien.
So this is what I want so think about it…

                                  Love your good kido

                                        Taylor Williams

Dear santa,
What I want for Chistmas is a holadaydoll.and some babyalive to feed it and
change it.i would also like a mp3player.i would like a udraw pad for wii.i
would also like a marykate  amicangirl doll.and a new makeup kit.i know this
is a lot to ask for but I hope you can get me a few of them.Merry
Chirstmas!!!!!!!!!!                           Love Rebecca,

Dear Santa
Hi my name is joey you probably already know that.But this is a letterto you
about something I want for Christmas.One thing I want for Christmas is a
Bultimor ravens Ray Rice football jersy.one of the reasons why I want one is
because I really like him in the NFL.And because he is a really good runner
for the bultimor ravens.A nother reason why I want it is because. I was
watching them play a game and I saw him get a bunch of touchdowns and I kept
watching them play and he was getting a bunch of touchdows everytime they
played.So I thought he was really good so then I really wanted a Ray Rice
jersy.And my last reason is that I have wanted a Ray Rice jersy since I
started watching them play.I like the team but I just like Ray Rice better
because he is a really good runner.Thats why I want a Ray Rice jersy.

               Sincerely,Joey L.

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Samantha Hodges I am in 4th grade now! And I am writing to you
today because I need to let you know what I want for Christmas! I want an
iPod or a nook tablet also a phone.
 Why I need an I pod is because my brother Bryson Hodges plays soccer and we
go everywhere. So when we are in the car I can play angry birds.[ Or any
other apps.]
Why I need a nook tablet is that I love to   read   .  Also that I may need
to do my homework on it.
Why I need a phone for Christmas is because I am out with my friends all the
time and I don’t want to ask an adult if I can use their phone.
Santa that is my reasons why you should get me a nook tablet, phone and I
                                                                       Samantha H.

Dear Santa,
    My name is Emma I am writing to you to tell you what I want for
If it isen’t to much to ask I want 3 things. First I want to tell you how
much I really
Want a new pair of boots. I know I just got a pair of ugg’s  but these are
These are black and have a strap on them they have a heel. They are so cute
Consider this an idea. Another thing is I want a new camera.I don’t know
how but my
Other camera screen broke. Here are some color ideas purple, light blue and
pink. Here
Is my last idea candy. I like sucker’s. I hope I am on your nice list.


                                                     Emma T.