DEAR SANTA: Letters From Kenwood Station

-A A +A

x box 360

I phone 5

a ton of monster fighters sets

I pad 2

I pod 7

all the Ninjago sets

all the mini figures that ever existed

my number 1 pressent is a Girman Sheppard and a spikey collar that says,Spike dude.

Jack Barrickman

2nd Grade


Dear Santa,

  How are you doing?I’m fine. But I want to tell you my top two toys that I really want is...

-Just dance 4

-i pad 2

From Elaina

5th Grade

P.S. Am I nice or naughty list?


Dear Santa,Thank you for all the presents you got me in the past.This year I want a stufft penguin, Breyer horses, Playmobil country, dreamlight, horse and carriage, dressing carousel, radio control shark, one telliscop, one ipod or apple or camera and a cace for it. One movie if you dont get me a ipod. A Wii or nintendo DS,Just Dance 4,biny babys.  How is Miss Class doing?How are the raindear doing?We are leaving food out for the reindear.We have a cat named Princess- she is a crazy cat.Did you send us the Elf on the shelf?We named him Jingles.Next year can you send us a girl elf?Please rite me back. Your best buddy,

Lauren Potts

2nd Grade


Dear Santa,

I hope I have been good.  I hope I am not on the naughty list.  I would like a guitar, candy, hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works with a jeweled holder  and either a Doodle Bear or Inkoos and a surprise.   Right now our shelf elf is hanging upside down.  He is so funny.   I love you Santa.


Claire Pinar