Dear Santa: Letters from Kelly Eaton's class

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Crestwood Elementary teacher Kelly Eaton said her wish for her first-graders is that they are safe and know love.

Her favorite holiday tradition is attending Christmas Eve service with family.

Eaton's students have been nice by helping others.

"We have had several students out sick, and when these students return, they all help the returning students finish their crafts," she said.

During winter break, Eaton said she plans to spend time with family and clean her desk!

Dear Santa,
I hope you have a great Christmas.  I hope you don’t get tired and have to
stop giving presents out to kids.

Dear Santa,
Are you having a nice day?  Are you feeling good?

Dear Santa,
I want a DS 3-D and some more Legos.  Have a Happy New Year.

Dear Santa,
I want a life-size Barbie and all the Monster High Dolls and I also want a
DSI and a game Mario Kart.  I am going to give you my special chocolate chip
cookies and warm milk.

Dear Santa,
I want an American Girl Doll, a Selena Gomez c.d. and a puppy girl, a
colorful pen and that’s all.  Do you have a daughter and son?

Dear Santa,
I want you to come my house.  I get excited when you come.  Every Christmas
morning I open my presents that you gave me because it is much better than
just sitting in bed because if you don’t open your presents you won’t see
what you got.  I don’t do that.  I open my presents way in the morning.

Dear Santa,
Would you please bring me Way Big 3 DS?  Green Lantern for my 3 DS.  Lego
Spider Monkey, Thank you, Santa.

Dear Santa,
I want a new Monster High Doll and a new American Girl Doll and probably
something to buy Anne Catherine.  I’m leaving out milk and cookies for you.

Dear Santa,
Are you giving everyone gifts this week?  I hope you are happy.  Are you
going to give yourself presents?  Have a happy Christmas!

Dear Santa,
I want a new game that’s called Mario Car Wii.  Also I want a Mario Car
game of a DS.

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year.  I want a bike and I would like presents.  I
will do you a favor.  I will put cookies out when you come down our chimney.
You are nice to us and I hope you have a jolly Christmas.

Dear Santa,
I want a robot and it talks to you a lot and if you say “I want to go to
bed,” then it goes to bed.

Dear Santa,
It’s not just all about fun.  It’s all about Jesus’ birthday.  I wish I
could see you.  I miss you, Santa Claus.

Dear Santa,
This year I’ve been really good.  I know my brother hasn’t.  And
everybody else has.  I hope you get all the presents I wanted.

Dear Santa,
I hope you have a Merry Christmas and your elves.  And I want LaLaLoopsy and
more Squinkies.  And some more Barbie movies.  And I like how you’re
working so hard with all the kids.  You’re so nice.

Dear Santa,
I hope you have a Merry Christmas.  We get presents from Santa.  Santa is
helpful on Christmas.  I hope you get cookies and I have made cookies for
you, Santa.

Dear Santa,
I want a Air Hawk Spy Plane and Air Hawk Spy Crane and a remote controlled
car, and a spy car.  And second and third of the 39 Clues and that’s all.

Dear Santa,
I want Legos and a DS that comes with a Star Wars game and an I-Pod.  I want
a puppy like my other puppy dog.  I want some number cards that have numbers
on top of them.  And I want some Hot Wheels like Daylan got at his birthday.
 Also I want the toy cars that you pull back at the Santa shop.  And I want
some Nerf guns and those guns Daylan has.  I really like them.

Dear Santa,
I want a new truck with a trailer.  I like Santa.  Ritchie thinks Santa is
not real, so he will be on the naughty list.

Dear Santa,
Have I been naughty or nice?  What are you going to get me for Christmas?
Can you please give me the Nerf Long Strike and the Mag Strike?  Can you get
me a Learn to Draw book?   Can you get me lots of books?  And the Nerf
Stampede and Rapid Fire Rifle.

Dear Santa,
I like my brother and I want you to get a lot of presents for Jose.