Dear Santa: Letters from Kasey Anderson's class

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Harmony Elementary teacher Kasey Anderson said her wish for her first-graders is simple.

"Today and everyday, I wish my students happiness.  I wish them health," she said. " And I wish that all their dreams come true!"

Anderson said her favorite holiday tradition is going to her grandfather's house on Christmas Eve to celebrate with family.

This year, Anderson is expecting a special Christmas gift.

"If things go as planned, I hope my baby girl will be born over winter break," she said. "That would be the best present ever!"

Dear Santa,
I riley like Christmas and I like to see the Christmas dekraashins.  And I
cant waat.  And I like to hang the stockings and hare the beels reeg and
decraat the Christmas treey.  Do you decraat your heos?
I have been good at home and at school.  I do chores like taking out the
garbage and I do the dishes.  I have been good in the car.  I sit nicely.  My
brother and sister fight but I sit quietly.
Santa I have been good and I want to have a trumpet under the tree and play
it.  I would like a saxophone too.  I really like horns.
I hope you have a safe trip and what are all of your reindeer names?  I
really like reindeer.  I will leave you cookies and milk under the tree.
Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,
I love the lits in my nabrhod and when the snow falls.  I love Krismis!
I hop I am on the god list.  I wont a ipad and a fon.
I will leve cocees and melc.  I love Krismis.  I hop you don’t get sic
Santa.  I love Krismis!

Dear Santa,
We wish you a merry Christmas...I sure love listening to Christmas songs.
This is my favorite holiday ever!  This is my favorite time of year.  I like
that the houses are decorated with lights and stockings.
Santa, I’m pretty sure I’ll be on your good list this year.  I’ve been
helping my mother make dinner.  Also I’ve been helping my mother wash the
dishis too.  I also helped my brothers fix my tv in my room.  I hope you
agree with me that I deserve presents.
Santa what I want for Christmas ia a Talor Swift shirt and I want a Slenea
Gomez toy.  Santa I would also want a hand-sandatizer that smells like
pepperments that can hang on your backpack!  All three of those would be the
best gifts I ever had.
Well Santa I really hope that you have a safe trip going to all the houses.
I love Christmas time.  I also hope that every body has presents under their
Christmas tree.

Dear Santa,
Marey Cirsmis!  I sur like helpin my mom haing the ornumins.  And how are
your elvs doing?  Good?
Santa I’m soree that I liyd to my dad but I have bin good.  so do I git
Santa I hop that I am on the good list.  I rile want a x-boks and a DSI-XL
and rel walke talkes.
I will lev cookies and milk out for you and Rudoph.  Is Rudoff ok and how are
you doing?

Dear Santa,
Happy Chrismits for every badey.  Snw is falleing down.
I hope I’m not on the bad list.  I’m sre that I have been bad to my sistr
Amber.  Would you fregive me for what I did to her?  I hope I’m not on the
bad list.  I rile hope I’m not on the bad list!
I would love a new DS for me.  I would love a blue DS.  Would you?  I have
been nice.  Ow plese ow plese I beg you.  And I want playdo that has a
microwave and a wner dof.  That’s all I want.
I like you very much!  I hope you are good!  I hope you have a good chrp.  I
love Radoff.  He’s cute very cute so are you.  I like mrs Clos.Love,
Emma R.

Dear Santa,
Jingle bels jingle bels jingle bels rock…it’s the time of yere ornumits
are haging.  Snow is foling.  It’s my favrit time of the yere and presits
are under the chrey.  The smel of fresh Chismis chrey.  Mawtins of snow out
siyd your window.
I think that I’m on the good list because I have bin niys to my bruther
most of the time.  I’m sorey for tesing my bruther I’m riley sorey.  I
have bin helping my mom carey in the groshreys.
Speking of presents I wood like a password grnol I tie it wood be a good thig
for me cus I like to groole and riyt and I have a in pey three player.  I
also wat a figit frand if you woch me I like to dans a lot and will like the
pink one.  I would also wot a ps for my ipod tuch I would like a grey brds
and makup grlie and the texing ape.
How is rodof doing.  What is your favrit cind of cookes?  I hop you have a
good Crismis.  How do you trn the fiyr plas out  when it is on?  I hop you
have a saf trip.

Dear Santa,
Jingle bells jingle bells rock…it’s that time of yeer when kids are
writing leters to Santa.  At Crismiss the snow id foling.  Haos are liting
up.  Crismiss chreys are shining with brit ligts wating for presins to be
plast under the chrey.
I’v been good this year.  But I have been fiting with my bruther a lot but
being good is hard.  Can you fergev me for awas fiting with hem?  I chri not
to.  Last nit my bruther was chriying to open his sizl roks and I asckd him
do you need help?  And he said yes.  So I did.  I thik I deserv presens.
Speaking of presents I would like a sarferu fejit friend.  would you like to
no why?  Becsaue it taks to you and if it says what do you want to do next if
you say lets danss you can danss with it.  That’s why I wont it!  I allso
want a babby blue DSi becsaue you can take pecshers with it.  you can rucord
your vois then you can lessen to it.  DSis are relly cool!  It would be the
perfect geft for me.  Marry Cerismes!
Well Santa how are you douing today?  I am fine.  What about Mrs. Close?  I
can’t wait til Crissmes.  Can you?  Because I know I can’t!  I bet you
will love my cukees and milk that me my mom and bruther Ethan made.  Marey
Crissmess!  Have a graet trep!
Emma M.

Dear Santa,
I can’t belev Christmas brake is comming.  Gramalls hose smels like holme
on the stov.  The snow is on evey fieng out sid.  It is Christmas tim.  I
have ben good this yer I dersev a toy truk and litell toy cons and litell con
taep that achule goos on the cons. hav I been on the good list or the bad
list Santa I hav been good I deserv presents Iv’e helpt my gamall karey
grosheres Iv’e been nics.
What I want four Chistmas is…I wasn’t liteel blak kuver and liteel roufs
and road closed detour sins and toy poleics sins and a toy poleics belding
stachon and liteel toy poleics cars.
I surer hop you have a good happy Chistmas this yeaur I’ll lev cookes and
millk and verey verey specheall trets four all the reaindear and roudoph I
hope I get prezentses this year but don’t work to to hard marey Christmas
Love your frinde,

Dear Santa,
It’s that time of year agian.  The wether is coluder and people are getting
readey for you.  Yes Santa, I love Crismes time!
Santa, I’m pretty sure you’v put me n the good list.  I’ve done my
beast at school, and I’ve help Mom with the landrey.  Yes Santa I deserve
presents this year.
Speking of Christmas presents do you want to know what I whant for Christmas?
 A brand new gogo dog.  I’ll bet you’r wondering why.  Well, my sister
isent a good play dog and mom wont help me get Maya out of the closet.  A
gogo dog is the perfect gift for me!
Well Santa, I hope you have a safe trip.  I’ll be shure to leave you
cookies by the fire place.  Also, some vegeis for Rudaph and the randear.
And, do you know if u can give my mom and dad presents?  I love you so much!
Marey Chrismes!  Can you leave a gift for Marley and Maya?  I hope so.  Plus
can you look for a litte liyt?  If u find it let me know becusese that is
care the snacks are.

Dear Santa,
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, rock…the Crismis tees are
decuraded and bells are renging.  The fiyr is brning.  The snow is foleing.
I’v been triing to be good.  I am sore because I have been mean to my mm
sometimes.  I am sore.  Am I on the good list or the bad list?  I have been
tring to be good Santa.
Santa I want a rel horse that is black and brown with a white dimind on its
Santa I will have cuces by the tree.  I’ll have cerits for Rudolph.  Have a
safe treip!  You rock!  I would like 20 Dsi gams.  You are the best at making

Dear Santa,
It’s that time of year again.  The snow is falling and it is winter.
Winter is my faverete halladay of the year.
Santa I have trid to be nice to pepoll and I relley wanted to be on the good
list.  But I have made some mastascks and I am relley sorry too.  So I hope
that you frgev me Santa.
So Santa I would love to get a 3DS for Chriesmeis!  And I was thinking that
allso I could get a new skooter for Chriesmeis too!  So Santa I would love to
get those two things and thats all I want for Chriesmeis.  PS Happy
Chriesmeis to you Santa!
If I get thoes things I will just say thack you Santa for my presents.  PS I
will get some karits for Roudof Santa.
Santa I wanted to give you some cookies too.  So, Merrey Chriesmeis to you!
PS I hope that you are safe giving presents to children.  You ar a cool dude
An Epic Fan,

Dear Santa,
Mary Chrismis!  I love the smell of snow in the air, the houses are decratid.
 I hope theres no yellow snow from my 2 dogs.
I’m prity sur I’l be on the good list.  I’ve only been bad a cupl
times, and I thik in wont git col.
Speeking of presents I deserve a cupl scweecees and a yoyo and a cupl books
maby not al Chrismis books!
Is Rodoph gana aide your slay this yeer?  I hope you have a safe trip.
I’ll be sher to leve sumthag for you, and maby sumthag for Rodoph.  I
peenky promas I wont have the fir-plass on.  Did you ever flay into a tree or
git stuck in a tree?  Do you ever give presins to alyans?
Your biggest fan,
Olivia K.

Dear Santa,
Maree Crismis Santa!  Can you omajin a tree with prisints undrneth?  I will
put out coces and milck for you and osow carits for Roodof.
I desarv a prisint becos I have bin nis to Liam…am I on the good list?  I
wold like all the goos boomps moves in the wrld.  If you cant get all the
moves just get 1.
I wish you a Maree Crismis. I wish you a Maree Crismis and a happy noo years.
 Happy hoolidas Santa Clooes.  I wish you a saph trip.

Dear Santa,
Santa on the peano I have done a song about you and I’m doing chrismas oh
and merry chrismas!  Deck the Halls of Bownt of Holly Fa l la la la la la
la….Chrismias is my fraorite time of year and have a grate chrismas year.
I hope I’m on the good list Santa!  I have help Mom put up the Crismas
tree.  I help my broths cleane up there room but they would not help me.  My
mom said I am being cind have you didsid if I’v been good or bad.  I theink
I dizrve presints.
Would you like to know what I would like for Chrismas!  I would like a pink
DS and a game that gose with it and I would like a lipster and game and a
lipster case.  Do you want to know why becuse I use a lot of games and I
would like a vey reader and sme other presints too.  Happy Chrismas Santa
have a grat Chrismas!  And I would like a DSI and DSI XL for Chrismas.
I’ll leave cookies and milk for you if my parints say it’s fine.  In joy
the cookies!  And have a safe trip!  Tell Roodof that I said Hi!
Love your fan,
Olivia O.

Dear Santa,
Merry Cristmas Santa.  I sure love Cristmas.  I hope Roodaughf is doing good.
 I just loe snow and haveing show call fight’s it’s so fun.  I really
like Roodaughf’s Cristmas songs.
I sure hope I’m on the good list.  I love helping my mom put the
ordumidn’s n the Cristmas tree.  I alsow like putting the rainbow fish on
the Cristmas tree it’s my favorit one.  Cristmas is my favorit season I
just love Cristmas.
Santa I’d really want a dsi for Cristmas iv wantd it for a long time and I
really want a password journal cause I really like lisening to Taylor Swift I
just can’t wait to see all the presents under the Cristmas tree.  I love
your show Santa Claw’s two its so funny I bet the elv’s are working hard
on all those gift’s! its so fun on Cristmas.
I hope you get my letter I’ll be sure to leave cookies and milk for you and
your raindeer’s.  Merry Cristmas!

Dear Santa,
Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell ROCK…I sure love listening to
Christmas songs.  This is my super favorite time of the whole year.
Santa I am srue that I am on the good list.  I think!  I am so sry that I
lidd to mom about the hair speray on the meary I am so sry.  I hope you
don’t cont that but I got it under cincheroll.  Now please fergif me pretty
please Santa.
Speaking of hair speray, would you like to know that I want for Christmas?
I’d love to get a blue Dsixl for Chrsitmas!  And al bet you are wondering
why.  Imijin me playing on my new dsil on the bus Santa.  Can you also put a
charger with it and a game case too.  Can you please put it in a box for me
Santa.  It would be a perfect gift for me!
Well Santa, how are you and Mrs. Closs doing?  I hope you and Mrs. Closs have
a very merry Christmas Santa.  Don’t work to hard on my presents.  I will
lave you mms and milk also I will lave you sum cookies too.  I will try one
cookie before we put one on the plant.  So you will like them a lot.  And eat
all of them and injow them so much that you will want more.  I will leve you
ten cookies.  And I will lave you 60 mms.  I will also lave 2 cariits for
each raindeer.  Also how old are you Santa?  How many housesis are you going
to Santa? And how many gifts are you passing out to little kids Santa?  What
does your and Mrs. Closs look like Santa?  Have a safe trip.
Miss you and a huge fan,

Dear Santa,
I just love Christmas time.  The deckerasons are up and the wreats are up.  I
think it’s a Christmas wonder land out side.  Its cold out side too.
Christmas is so much fun!
Have you decided if I was on the good list or the bad list ive ben helping my
Mom with grosres ive ben buging my sister when shes sad.  And ive ben helping
my mom cook dinner.  Ive ben helping with a lot of stuff.  Am I on the good
list I hope I am.
Have I ben good if I have I would really like a new star wars video game!
Because I am a big star wars fan.  I think it would be the perfect gift for
me I love Christmas time.
I hope Im on the good list this year.  I cant wait ontil you come and give me
presents I like you Santa.  And I like Christmas too I hope you have a safe

Dear Santa,
Marey Cirsmis!  I shr like helping my Mom haing the odumins and seting up the
Cirsmis tree.  I cant wate for Cirsmis!  I will leav some hot coocoo and I
will leav cooces at the fire plase.  I hope you liket the hot coocoo and
I am so, so sorey abowt that time wen I hit my kssin Mathyou.  I hop you can
fregive me.  Did you desid.  I hope you putted me bake on the god list.  I do
not like it wen I am on the bad list.
I reley want tow firyr flays.  I will tell you wiyu I wnt that well we want
it.  it is varey COOL and asome to!!  I allso wont a viilin and a, a, a Go!
Go! Firend.  Oh yes! Yes! Yes!  I have allwase ben wanting one!  And a ban
new bik!
Well Santa have you dusidid if I am bake on the god list.  I hope you said
yes.  I hope your saf well you are giveing presents to evrey god kid.  Well I
hope you have fun giveing out presents!

Dear Santa,
I love cismis.  My favrit song is jingle bells, jingle bells.
I hup my mommy put the dishis on the tabl.  I hop I am on the god list santa.
 I wish for a woking pupe santa.  Mare cismis santa.
I hop you like my cukes santa.  I have a vare nis tret for the randr.  I will
put the cukes on the tabl.
I love you Santa.

Dear Santa,
It’s the tiem of yer when the snuo falls mary chrismas and the houses are
fild with decurayshns ples leve presits unr the Christmas tree.
Santa Iv ben so good im working hrd at scool i am wrking hard clning my room
i’m halp my Mom cre thegesres and I am leting my Dad play video games i
hope thet im on the good list and my botr and sistr are bing good to so are
my mom and Dad I like you Santa remer thet.
Santa will you get me a cin culheluun and Legos and a chintl cap and maybe a
nutr yoyo like thet one thet you gave me last uer and a sey set i love you
Santa and will you ples get my brutr and sistr sumthing to that wunt hrt me
ples tac you Santa can you supis me wut I get next yere ples like sum duts
pes you are asum Santa and cool.  Taks for wut you got me last yere. And will
you ples get my mom and dad two presns.  Big presns please I wnt elf blling
yessrday and my ers was you and it is fun maybe I will do that next yere but
I didt get to fihr I love you Santa
Santa I will leve cokes for you and milke for you at the fire plas and how
meney Elfs do you have.  I hope all the boys and grls are bing god your Elfs
are cute I hope all of the kids leve you cokes and milke I will give you
difrnt cokes then I did last yere.  You rock.  I los two tethe I will leve a
speshl tret for the reindeer can you give me sume presns ples.

Dear Santa,
I am vry iksitid about Chsmis.  It is my favorite time uf the yer.  I am
iksitid about the snoe.
I hav bin trieing to be nise to my sister.  Can you forgiv me for poting my
hand in m sitrs stuf?
I wunt a DSI santa.
I hope you have a good trip.  I hop you wrk hrd but not too too hrd.  I wish
you a mry Chsmis.  I hop I her you in the sly.  We wil tak a peek to see you.