Dear Santa: Letters from Elizabeth Shephard’s class

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Elizabeth Shephard’s second grade class

Locust Grove Elementary

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How are Mrs. Claus and the elves? I hope you are all doing good. I am giving you some cookies and milk and candy. Oh, and how is your favorite elf, Santa? I hope Rudolph is good.

For Christmas, I really want a happy new year with my family. I want to play with my family in a snowball fight. I love my family. They are nice. I want good thoughts for my family and I hope I get a present from Santa, maybe a little more presents. I hope you have a great Christmas.

I want a DSi. I won’t get board. I get Yoshi games.

I am nice because I help my brother and sister do homework. I help my mom start the car up and I put decorations up for Christmas.

Thank you so much,

From Brian Monteleone

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is Rudolph and the elfs and Mrs. Clause? I can’t wait to see what amasing stuff you put under my Christmas tree. For Christmas this year, I want a pet turtle because I don’t have a pet reptile. They do not try to get out of their cage. It does not eat big animals like mice or rats. I also watched videos about how to take care of a pet turtle. You can watch it swim around. By the way the type of turtle is called the red bellied slider. They are cool because their belly is red. I really hope you get me a turtle this year.

The next thing I want for Christmas is a Lego castle troll warship. My brother always destroys my castle and that causes me to lose my Lego pieces. Please, it comes with a dragon that has armor on. It also includes a dwarf that’s trapped. There is also a prison on the ship. It also has a missile launcher on the front of the ship that shoots three missiles. It also contains two little boats with oars on them. It also has a troll with drums.

The final thing I want is an Air vs. Land. I want this because I don’t have any remote controlled helicopters. I also want this because I do not have any that when you shoot, it would fall down. I want this because I don’t have anything that plays against each other.

I’ve been good because I’ve cleaned up almost the whole inside of the house. I’ve been good because I’ve helped my mom pick up my room. I’ve also helped my dad take care of my brother when my dad is sleeping.

Thank you so much Santa,

Aiden Meredith

Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are feeling good. How’s Mrs. Clause? Are your elves ready for Christmas day? Is Rudolph ready too?

For Christmas, I hope you bring a lot of cool things for me and my brother. I would like the new WWE Extreme. I would like it because I think it is so cool! There is a cage at the top of it and you can bust it open. It comes with the world championship belt. I hope I get this toy.

I also would like a 3D DS. I want a 3D DS because I never had a DS and I want one. Also, you do not need 3D glasses. There are a lot of really cool games like this game called Teken 6. I hope you bring a 3D DS for me. I also would like the new zombie lab toy. I want it because the things you can eat, they taste like candy. The candy is cotton candy and blueberry and the other one is watermelon.

I think I am on the nice list because I never hit people. Also, I act good. I am nice to everyone. I help my mom, dad and brother. I have never gotten coal and switches before on Christmas. I hope you put me on the nice list this year.


Keaton Edwards

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How do you deliver all those presents in two nights? How do your reindeer fly? These are just some of my questions. What is your favorite  food? Maybe if it’s easy enough, I could make it.

For this Christmas, I want a scorpion. I think it would be a good pet because I could teach my sister and my little brother about scorpions. Also, it would be cool to show my friends. Also I think it could teach me responsibility. Would you please think about getting me a scorpion.

By the way, I also want a terrarium for the scorpion. I know I need terrarium so the scorpion has a place to live. Also I need a terrarium for the scorpion so I don’t get stung. I hope I get one.

I think I’m on the nice list because I do nice things. On December fifth I found a bell for my mom. I usually do a good deed every day. I hope I am on the nice list.

Thank you so much,

Dexter Vilt

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How do your elves make all those toys? Have you got enough rest this year? I can’t wait to see the presents under the tree.

For Christmas I would like some new books. My mom really wants me to read a lot of chapter books. Plus, I need new books because my books I have right now are starting to get boring. Can you please bring me new chapter books?

Next for Christmas, I would like a nail printer. I want a nail printer because sometimes I have trouble painting my nails. My mom never has enough time to paint my nails. I really would like to get my nails done at a place in La Grange but my mom won’t let me because she is always saying it is so expensive. Can you please bring me a nail printer for Christmas?

Last for Christmas, I would like a few pairs of new shoes, so I can have new shoes to wear at school. The reason why I want new shoes for Christmas is because my mom doesn’t have that much money. I would really like new shoes for Christmas! Can you please give me these things for Christmas?

Santa, I’m pretty sure I’m on the nice list. For example, I’m always nice to people most of the time. Whenever I’m at my grandma’s house I help her cook in the kitchen. I work really hard at school and help out the teacher with stuff. Can you be nice and give me this stuff for Christmas?


Mia Rivera

Dear Santa Clause,

How are you? How are the rain deer? How are the elfs? And Mrs. Clause? I have a question. Can you please visit my grandparents and try not to damage their wall. They might be a little upset. Make sure you put a lot of presents under the Christmas tree! I will make sure that you get some good cookies and milk.

For Christmas this year I want a Barbie three-story townhouse because it lights up. I can have a Barbie neighborhood. If I don’t get it I will be unhappy on Christmas day. It has a lightup Jacuzzi. Also I love it.
For Christmas I also want a rainbow projector in my room because I love it. I like rainbows. I know my nephew Connor Talyet would like it too. I would turn it on at night and when I wake up in the morning there would be a rainbow in my room!

So please bring me these presents. I am pretty nice every now and then. I am on the nice list because I water the plants. I unload the dish washer. I feed the cats. I help my mom cook dinner. I sometimes take down the trash with my mom and make breakfast and lunch.

My friends think I am nice too. My family loves me especially my grandparents. They really love me! I work hard at school because I try to stay on track.  I do the best I can. Please get me these things.


Emily Marie Holliday

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is Rudolph? How are the elfs and Mrs. Clause? I want a digital watch because it keeps me on time. I don’t have a fashionably cute clock. I want a vest to keep me warm, made out of good material so it lasts long. I can wear the vest instead of a sweatshirt.

I think I am on the naughty list but I’m being nice by using manors, working hard and helping my mom.


Carter Murray

Dear Santa,

How are you and the elfs doing? My elf is behind the T.V. His name is Dennis. How much snow did you get recently? How long is the slay ride to my house? How do your randeer fly? How can you deliver all the presents in one night?

The first thing I want is a DS. You won’t get bored in the car. You will have a DS2. You can slip it in your pocket instead of carrying it. It isn’t big at all. Also you can take a lot pictures in a lot of fun places. I am also going to hand me down my leapster to my sister. If I had one I would like it a lot.

Dagedars looks like they are really cool looking and they can do lots of cool tricks. First of all, they can fly. They have lots of really cool paint designs on them. You can play with your friends.

I hope I am on the nice list so I won’t be getting on the naughty list. I won’t get coal in my stocking. I think I am a really good kid so bring me these presents because I share with my friends and try to be friends with everyone.


Cam Pittman

Dear Santa,

How are you? Is Rudolph a good boy? Are the elfs making good toys? Is Mrs. Clause being good? Can you wait until your big day?

First I’ll talk about why you should get some new shoes. My old ones got torn up in school. They keep my feet warm when I go to places. Oh and stores do not allow people without shoes. Please get me some new shoes.

Second, I want dude diary 2 so I can write down my thoughts. It is a good place for my thoughts. Girls would not want to look there. Please get me this.

Third, I’m going to talk about why I want a tooth brush. It keeps my teeth clean. It does not damage my teeth. I can brush my teeth in the shower. Please help me keep my teeth clean.

I am a good boy and I am on the nice list. I have done nice things helping my mom by doing the dishes and vacuuming. Next, I help my brother with cleaning our room. I help my dad clean his car sometimes. I hope you appreciate my list.


Jack Harris

Dear Santa,

How are you? How is Rudolph and Mrs. Clause? I hope you are getting some rest before your big day! I cant wait to see what you’ll put under the tree.

For Christmas I would like a American girl doll washer. I can pretend to wash there clothes. Clothes will be pretty. Also it will keep my doll looking new. Also I can play with my friends and my friends will not get bord!! I riley want a american girl washer please think about it.

In addition I would like the game hangman so I can play with my friends and we can have fun. Also it will help me memorize words and that will be helpful. At the same time we will not be bord and have nothing  to do. So please think about getting me hangman.

Also I would like a new pair of bouts they will keep my feet warm in the winter and they will keep them from snow. The next reson why I would like boots they will keep my feet from getting  hurt in conclusion they will keep my feet from getting darty.

Santa I think you should bring me these thangs because I am on the nice list. For example I help my dad feels the birds and  I make him dinner. I help my mom out with watering plants and feeding our dog. Also I help my ant Tract with my little cousin Nolan when she needs help.

Thank you so much,

Carly Weiss

Dear Santa,

How are you and the elfs doing? And mrs. Caluse doing? How are all your rain deer doing? Hows Rudolph doing? Is he feeling good?

I would like the game hangman, can you please give me it? I don’t have it and I really want it. Please give me it. I been really good this year I would like it becase it’s a good game to play with your friends. I would really really like it to play inside please bring me this game for Christmas.

Also I want playdoh for Christmas I would like this because my playdoh is getting old and hard. So I really really want it so I can play with it.

Why I think im nice, I was nice this year I think. I help tak out the dogs. I think I might be naughty list this is why I think I was naughty because I hit my brother I hope Im on the nice list so I can get presents


Audrey Sanzone

Dear Santa,

Are the rain deer doing good? What do you feed them? I hope you  have ben taking a lot of naps for the big day. Have you checked your list twice? DO you think youll need Rudolph this year.

For Christmas this year I would like action replay ds I want it because I will be able to do cheat codes on my ds games so I can have more fun on them. It will help me get farther in plants vs. zombies and I will descover the yeti zombie. It will tell me how to beat ds games and I have some ds games that I haven’t beaten and I want to beat them because there might be some cool levels that ill like. Santa I really, really want you to get me action replay ds so I can do cheat codes.

The second thing I would like is usefull to stay on time in the morning. It is a alarm clock. I want a alarm clock so it will tell me what time it is. If I wanted to so something It would start to ring at the time I set it for. On school days in the morning it will ring for the time I set it for what time I set it. I will be able to do things before I have to get ready for school. My mom wont have to wake me up on school days. She will have more time to get ready for work.  I hope you will get me a alarm clock so I can stay on time.

Also I would a heavy coat. I want a heavy coat because it will keep because it will keep me warm in the snow. I wont get wet in the rain. If I want to go play with my friends in the snow I can were that. I really hope you will get me a heavy coat so I can stay warm in.

I hope I am not on the naughty list because I am nice to my friends. For example I share with them. O have a habbit of chewing with my mouth open. I am working on my manners. In conclusion  I hope I have a great Christmas.


Connor Brinley

Dear Santa,

How are you and mrs.claus? Is Rudolphs nose still shining? I hope Im on the nice list, Im going to put good cookis and milk out on the talble. I hope I get a lot of present. Remebers I will only have Christmas at ohio on the 25th not in Kentucky on the 19th.

I would like a Steelers football set for Christmas. I want it because that is my favorite team. I can make fun  of grandpa. It would be good to play with. For Christmas I want a sled! I want it because I can slide down a hill. It goes really fast. It is really fun. I promise to be safe on it.

For Christmas  I want a basketball. I want it because my brother wont share his! I want it because my other one poped. I need one because my basketball hoop don’t have one.

I think I’m on the nice list because I share a lot. I never say bad words. I listen to my mom and dad. I never hit people. I hope I get those presents.


Colton Wilson

Dear Santa,

Fro Christmas I want a skateboard because my old skateboard brock. My dad tried to fix it but it doesn’t work so that’s why I want a now skateboard. I can go to a places fast anough to get to my friends houses. I want a game that’s called Mario and sonic at the loden 2012 because it is special to me because I went from Walmart but it cost too much money so IM telling santa to bring me the game for Christmas. Dear Santa I was thinking I want a vest so it can keep me from  freezing because if I don’t have one I could be sick and have a could that’s why I need. I would like this vest for Christmas so I don’t have to get sick. I want a blue vest.

I know im on the nice list because some time I help my parents clean the room s in my house. I wash the dishes. I help my parents make the Christmas tree. I even love my family because I do nice things for them. I even like decorate the Christmas tree. My parents even with my granma and granpa. Im in the nice list because sometimes

I help my parents clean the rooms in my houses I wash the dishes. I help my parents make the Christmas tree with my cousin.


Jose Pinto

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Plus how is Rudolph? Is the North Pole cold? If one of your elfs are sick I’m sorry for you. I hope you get good sleep before your big day.

I really want ball python it will keep me safe. Everybody hate rates but snakes like to eat rats my mom hates rats a ball python will eat them all up.

Can you also bring me a honey badger there are some good reason why you should bring me a badger it can find us honey. Scare away the bees and we can have honey and the badger can to. Since my mom hates spiders a honey badger can eat them all up. Badgers eat meat to. The honey Badger will go in to the woods kill a deer and bring it back so we can have deer for dinner.

Can you bring me a hermit crab? They don’t inject poison. It doesn’t inject poison. It will make a good pet because it doesn’t inject poison. It will survive for a very very very very long time.

I am on the nice list because I don’t hit, kick, punch or bite. For example I go in the basement when my sister needs something down there. I help my mom clean. Another example I help my sister finish her home work.


Adrian Volpe


Dear Santa,
How are you? How are the elfs and Mrs. Clause? I hope you are getting some rest before your big day. I am still in Kentucky.
For Christmas I would like a new pair of boots because my old boots are muddy and very dirty. My mom and dad tried to get the mud but it did not come off. My old boots let the rain in and my socks get very wet. Please send me pink boots so my feet will not get wet on raining days.
Also I would like an American Girl doll washer so there clothes will not be dirty. I can play it again and again with my friends and have fun. I can pretend that I am washing their clothes, because when I smell their clothes. Because when I smell their clothes it does not smell good. I have been very good and nice. So please give me my gifts.
Also I would like a new pink scarf for Christmas. My old scarf is dirty and not good. My old scarf made my neck cold and not warm. My old scarf id muddy and the mud cannot come off.
I have been very good and nice to my family all year. I did the dishes. Then I wash my dad’s and mom’s car. Next after that step I helped out my mom and dad when she was not feeling good. I have been nice at school. Please send me these gifts.
Thanks so much
Madeline Siefert

Dear Santa,
How are you doing? Are you good? Are you ready for Christmas? I hope you are!
For Christmas this year I would like a digital watch.  My old watch is stuck on military time and military time is hard to read.  If I get a new watch it would be easy to read. It will keep me on time. I would know what time it is every hour. I really need a new digital watch.
Can you are bring a heavy coat.  I lost my old coat. My new coat will keep me warm. I won’t be cold and I won’t get wet. I would wear the coat every winter.
Can you also being me 3-D Ds. My old one is broken. It will be good to play when I’m bored. Its 3-D and you don’t need glasses. I really need these things. I hope I’m on the nice list because I never hit people and I help do chores around the house. For examples I feed my cats and dog. I do the dished and I clean my room

Nick Willey
P.S. I Love Christmas.

Dear Santa,
How is Rudolph? How are you? How are the elfs? How is Mrs. Clause? I hope you have been getting some rest. Also I love it when the elfs start hiding and we get to find them. Also you get to eat candy for the countdown days in until Christmas.
For Christmas this year, I would like a DSi because it’s entertaining to play with. Also because my family is always busy they’re busy now setting up the Christmas tree. When I get home they will be busy putting orantiments on the tree. Then they well be doing something else which is carrying boxes into my room.
Also I would like a ipod for Christmas thes year because I can listen to music and also download games and take pictures on it. I think I should have a ipod because I think I’m on the nice list.
Dear Santa,
I would like a Monster High DS game for Christmas because I never he time to play with my family. Have a good game on your DS. Finally because so you have entertainment wall, you wait for something so we won’t be bored and bother are parents while they are talking to a adult. We will be entertained with are DS, DSI or DSiXL.
Why I think I’m on the nice list
I  think I’m on the nice list because I help put oramiments on the tree. Sometimes I say please and thank you. If I have a friend over I let them pick what we do first. Whatever they ask me to do I do, i help shop for things, and I help my mom cook.
Love Kaitlyn Brown

Dear Santa,
How are you? How are your elfs doing with you? How were the cookies we made for you last year?  I will make some cookies that are delicious this year. I can’t wait to see what is in those boxes. I love Christmas because of you and Jasis. I hope you have a good holiday this year.
For Christmas I would like a sled. A sled for Christmas is good so you don’t have to sled on your stomach in the snow. My old sled broke because it rammed in to a tree a lot of times. I push my brother off of the sled most of the time so I could save it.
I think I am naughty and nice because Santa said I am. One nice thing is I help people do their work like Colton. One naughty thing is sometimes I mess with my brother. A nice thing is I will never disturb someone. I hope I am nice. The naughty or nice but I said I was naughty and nice but it is a toy.
 Davis Hummer