Dear Santa: Letters from Debbie Sullivan's class

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Buckner Elementary
Debbie Sullivan's kindergarten and first-grade class

Buckner Elementary teacher Debbie Sullivan said she hopes her students continue to be as compassionate and caring in the new year as they re now.
Sullivan said she's sure her students are part of Santa's nice list.
"My students have been nice...they work hard doing their personal best and use great listening ears," she said.
Sullivan plans to relax and read during her winter break.

Dear Santa,
       How r you?  I think your rander is cool.  May I have a Kirby sqek squd  for
DS.  I like to beat lelvls.  My frend Tyler has it and I will have fun with
it.  I will try to beat it.  Ill help mama so I am working hard to get a
golden bead in school  I hope you see snow flakes soon.
John Carter

Dear Santa
I love you so much.  I wil live you some cooces.  Can you bring me a bingbag
so I cood sngll with it?  Theyr is room for it in my bedroom.  I cood fall a
slep on it.
If you bring it to me it wood make me happy and Ill fall asleep and snorr
I help my grandpa tak out the chrash.  I hop you bring a lot of presis for
me.    Merry Christmas.
Aubrey Evans

Dear Santa,
You are the best.  Can you ples gat me a go go puppy?  I love playing with
puppys.  I like walking puppys.  I have bin nabey I have bin goob and I say
ples and thak you.  Merry Christmas.
Tayler Crabtree

Dear Santa
I wish you a Merry Christmas.  I want a kitty vet set because I love kittys.
 It has a stuffed animal with it  Im going to play doctr with it.  I houp you
can bring it to  me because I help around the house.
Sommer Rose

Dear Santa
I like your toy making.  Can you make a yodu lago set for me?  Lagos are
fun.  I have 1 starewars and 1 alen so I need more to go with it.  I clend
and dusted the house.  I hope it snos.
Jackson Turner

Dear Santa,
I lik your red suit.  I love your hat.  Ples bring me a pink I pod.  Mi
kusn has one.  I kan woch videos on it.  Pink is mi favorit kolor.  I hav bn
halping do londre and I halpd mak coookes.  I wil giv you some feft over
Lexi Wise

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas.  Can I have a flying shark?  It is kod and fun.  I can skar
my mom wn I am hiding and my  remote controll is with me and my mom can not
see it.   I hlpt my mom klen my badrom  I also say plese and thank you.
McKenna Rhode

Dear  Santa,
I wish you a merry Christmas.  Can I hav a red motrsicl.  My papol has one.
I can put legos on my motorsicl.  Red is my favrit col-or.  I havnot been
cring when Mom sars no.  I lik you Santa.
Carmen Jones

Dear Santa
 Is it snoeing?  I hope so.  I hope you can get me a yellow moyrsicl.  I can
rib et to school.  I can rib it hom.
I got smiles.  I will not brak et.
Ian Whitely

Dear Santa,
Thank  you for bing us towes.  I no it costs a lot uv mune.
Will u bring me a lit sprite will you?  I can play wif en mi rom.  It will b
fun.  It just rit sis for me.  I have ben nis to Tim and Grant.  When I am
dun wef it I will put it bac.  I hop u can cum.
Isabel Potter

Dear Santa,
I hope the elf’s are getting the presents ready for Christmas for good
boy’s and girls.  May I please have a Kro-o lego set of Cybatron, Octmas
Prime, Medatron, the Fallen too.  There cook, Lego’s are my favorite
bilding things.  I like transformers.
Daniel Ely
Dear Santa,
My fammly is going to make crismis tree shapd cookys for you and milk.  Can
I ples have a doll becus it is prite becus I like that doll becus it sets up.
 I want that doll becus it moovs.
I lisin to the techr.  I dot fit and have bin good.
Madison Rison

Dear Santa,
I hope you’r year is going well.  I want a cake pop resepy (recipe).  I
want it because I can make yummy cake pops for my family.  I also do my home
work everyday.  I will put it back to.  I say please and thank you nigt and
day.  I have cleaned my room.  I will follow the  resepy and make a cake
pops.  I will share the resepy with Sarah.
As always,
Sammy Freeland

Dear Santa,
Santa, Christmas is my favrit halluday.  I want a art esoll (easel).  I m a
good girl.  I am sining up for art class it will be fun.  I can practis art
day a ftr day.  I love art.  I’m a good artist.  I will pant you a pickchr
I erned (earned) a gold beed on my day back to sclood.  I love you Santa.
Olivia Head

Dear Santa,
I like you so much I’m going to give you lots of koocies.  I hope that you
get me that winde up spider thing for me and I wish you a mary crismus.
I want it bekus I like winde up stuff bekus thay don’t yuse batrese and I
have got good reports all month in skool and I got a gold bead by behaving in
Your friend,
Peyton Stariha
Dear Santa,
I hope you have a good crismas.  I wus wundering if for crismas I can have a
kitty vet set.  It wud be fun.  I cud play dokter with it.  I wud take good
care of it like I wont throe it on the floor and step on it.  I will be nice
to it and people.  I have been trieing to stop suking my thum.  Seesins
My dad told me you yous to live in England.  Thar were por kids you past out
presents to thim.  Mabey you passed out elfs on the shelfs.  I hope your work
shop is in Controll.  Tell mises clos and the elfs I said hi.  The don’t
worry Im not a crazy gal.
Mallory Starke

Dear Santa,
       I hope this Chistmas there is a lot of snow so you can come over and have
cokies.  This year Can I plise have a white hard lego halo set?  Here some
reasons.  I will be rasbonsable (responsible) for it.
Phillip Scully

Dear Santa,
       Crismis is my faret holday.  This year pelpule are putting lots of crismis
dekerathens (decorations)  up this year.  Ive ben wanting a yellow Ipood
tuch.  Win my mom is not looking I can y-fly with frinds.  Pelpel shod me how
to play so I know how to do it.  I am good at angry birds.  This year Ive
bend clening the basement I will sher it to.  Pelple think ive ben good so I
think I will get a lot of pezints this year.
Tyler Klein

Dear Santa,
       I hope you are having a good Christmas.  I was wandering if you cood get me
a brown fuzzy dog from Build a Bear Workshop.  I will give you cookies and
milk.  Iv ben a good boy and iv helpt my Nana and palpol with emery.  And Ive
hellpt my mom go shoping at Kroger and Iv helpt my Dad go hunting.
       Tell Roodof I said hi and Mrsis clos too.  Have a happy Cristmas.
Adam Lynch