DEAR SANTA: Letters from Crestwood Elementary

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Ms. Stoess' second-grade class

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa.  How are things up at the North Pole? How is Mrs. Claus?  How are the elves.
I have been a very good girl this year.  I’d like books about ocean life, the Lego friend house and camper, the national geographic alimak, a nook, dry erase board and dry erase markers.  Thank you for all my gifts last year.
Happy holidays!
Alexa Cunningham
Dear Santa                     
 I want a train twister,3DS games ,X box 360 Games, Hot wheels, Legos,
A Bike, Books, Flat screen TV , and Monster trucks.
I hope you bring my brother something too
Happy Christmas!

Dear Santa,
Hi how are you doing? may I have a puppy, a drum set, a kitty, my two front teeth, a guitar, a furby, a Merida Barbie doll, a pony, a new Dsixl, an x box 360, a toy unicorn, a big stuffed horse, a new sled, a 3ds, and a microphone for Christmas?
I have been a very good girl. I hope you have a nice Christmas.
xoxoxoxo  Allie

Dear Santa,
Hello! We really like the new bikes we got last year from you.
How is Mrs. Claus?  Has the workshop gotten overheated yet?
How is Rudolph and the other reindeer? Rudolph is my favorite.
I would like a new bike for Christmas this year, a new toy jeep , a 3dxl
and a new ds xl.

Thank you
         Aidan McDonnell

Dear Santa Claus,
I never knew what you looked like but I know you are a good guy.  I have been a good girl this year.  Santa these are the things that I want for Christmas: I want a furby, a wiiu, dsi xl, American girl doll, Obes ladybug, xbox360, books and a hex bug.

Ho, Ho, ho merry Christmas
 Autumn smith teart

Dear Santa,
I hope you have a merry Christmas.  I have been very good this year.
I would really like a house for Christmas for me, my brother and my two sisters.  I want an elf on the shelf too like Sugar Cookie in my classroom.   I hope I get a dog for Christmas. I hope you get to come see me on Christmas. I would like a rattle for my brother and dolls for my sisters. I would also like books for me, my brother and my sisters.  I am going to leave you some cookies and milk.

Merry Christmas,
Brent Moore
2nd grade Crestwood School

Dear Santa,
 Happy Holiday’s !!
 Please bring me 8 present please.  4 to my mom’s and 4 to my dad’s house. I would like lots of science stuff.I will send you the wish list. Have fun on your trip around the world. HAPPY  HOLIDAY’S!

Love Carrie Olds
How is Rudolp doing? Can you bring me monster high dolls, and a guitar princess and the pop star and bratzila?
Ho, Ho, Ho
Merry Christmas!
                                                      LOVE ,

Dear Santa,
 Hello my name is Zac.  This is my list for Christmas.
 3D DS
A Phone
I want to see Santa.
A bb gun
A bow
A target
A remote control helicopter

Merry Christmas

Zac Byers
Dear Santa
I am glad you are coming to give everybody toys.
I want a d.s.i., an  American girl Doll, and an xbox360 for Christmas, and a Hex bug.

I want everything for Christmas.
 Tahnia Lane
 Ho, ho merry Christmas

Dear Santa Claus,
Dear Santa I have been a good boy this year. I want
A Legos set.
 A Ballade
magic tree house books
ballade spinners.
Love Saul

Dear Santa,
I hope you have the best Christmas. You are awesome. I hope you have fun.  What I want for Christmas is a dog black lab, a ps4, a hex bug, a black ops 2 and Michigan case.
Merry Christmas!
Ryan Sandifer

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs Claus?
One thing that I want for Christmas is a puppy! I really like getting presents from you.  I know that every Christmas morning before you open any presents somebody prays.
Sometimes I am nice because when someone’s crying I help them.
Have a very good Christmas.
Love Maya.

Dear Santa,
I would like a baby horse that moves by itself.  I would like a guitar and roller-skates. Can I have the best Christmas ever and a unicorn to and the giant ski landers. I have been a good girl every day at school even at home. Merry Christmas Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year. I hope you have fun on Christmas Eve handing out gifts. I hope you and Mrs. Claus and the elves are doing good! On Christmas Eve my list will be on the couch at either my dads house or my moms house. whichever house I will be at. Be ready because I have a lot of toys on my list. I hope you arrive  at my house!

Dear Santa Claus,
Hi! How are you?  How is Mrs. Claus? How are the elves?  How is Rudolph?  I have been mostly good this year.
For Christmas I want and a bey blade , a scooter, a Remote control car, a 3DS game,A soccer ball, a Basketball, a Football, new Clothes, Lots of money, A dog and 2 new shoes.  
 Merry Christmas,

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa!  How are the elves doing?  How is Rudolph? How is Mrs. Claus?  Is Mrs. Claus making cookies?
I have been very good this year.  For Christmas I would like
 a remote control car, a x box, a puppy, a electric guitar, a phone, spark scooter and a gun that makes smoke, and a molt control helicopter. That’s what I would like for Christmas………….
Love Keenan Echsner

Dear Santa,  
How are you and Mrs. Claus? Thank you for the toys at Christmas. I want a heart guitar. All kids LOVE Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! They are happy with you. I love American girl dolls. I only like 3 monster high dolls. I want to have the princess and the pop star dolls. I think toys are fun!!!!!!!!!!!! I love princess`s and pop stars. Christmas is awesome.  

                Happy Holidays,
                            Grace Reilly

Dear Santa,
I hope you have fun on Christmas Santa giving out presents.
Santa you are the best Santa Claus ever! For Christmas I want a pet rabbit! And also for Christmas I want an American girl doll that looks like me! I have been very good this year Santa! You no I think you are so good because you give out presents to little girls and boys for Christmas! I like you very much Santa Claus! I hope I get to come see you and tell you what I want for Christmas! I came in saw u you last year and told you what I wanted for Christmas! I hope you get to come see me at my house on Christmas and give me presents! On Christmas I will be at my mom’s house! My Christmas list has a bunch of stuff on it! I am going to leave you some cookies and milk I bet they will be very yummy I like cookies and milk!
Merry Christmas,

Dear Santa,
I am good and I like your presents. I want to have a good time with you. My family too and I wish this day happiness every day and eat candy.
And Ice cream every day and hot chocolae. I would like a Barbie and a Dog, a bare, a Doll and a Monster High Barbie and a guitar. I would also like an I pad, a nook, a Ds game and a club penguin.
thank you Santa
Love Erika

Dear Santa,
I hope you bring me.
A bablade.
Lego set.
Dsi game.
Car set.
I will leave you cookies yum,
Have a good Christmas eve
Love Denali,
Have fun,
Your awesome
Thank you,

Dear Santa
I want a I fon5 and a case for it, a remote control car - a fast woon thet can goes in mud, a lacross gol, an xbox 360 and sum game with it, two cinchrolrs with it and a rap cd.
I love you Santa
Love, Dylan Gallagher

Ms. Stuppy's first-grade class

    RYAN M.

Dear Santa,
    I love you. How did you get to a lot of places on one nite?
    I would love a horse and a Furby.
    You are the best.
    Libby C.

Dear Santa,
    Is Rudolph real?
I would like:
Stompeez, a leap pad, a big Barbie house,
Just dance3 and just dance4.
I have left you some milk and cookies. I hope you like them.
    Emarie P.

Dear Santa
I LOVE YOU. I want an:
kitty stuff animal
Hello kitty microphone
Hello kitty bike
A big bag of hello kitty stuff
Hello kitty airplane
I will put milk and cookies out for you.
Katelyn G.

Dear santa,
    I been good all week. I hope you get me a big Barbie house with Stompeez.
    I left you some milk and cookies. I hope you like them.
    Emily S.

Dear Santa,
    I want the movie john carter.
Can you bring me Chinese checkers?
I want a bb gun, call do d black ops 2.
I want the video game trick.
I love you.
    Benjamin M.

Dear Santa
    I wish and I want lego and an avengers and a dog and a cat and a turtle and electric car and a live pony and a hamster and a rill wife and a surprise gift.
    Corren W.

Dear Santa,
    Is Rudolph real? I love you.  I want a eze bake oven. I want a brats doll. I want a forchin cookie making masheen. I want a cake pop. I want new dolls. I promise to be good.
    Penny G.

Dear Santa,
    I love you. You are nice. You are good. You are the best.
I want a drtbike.
I want a grappling.
And I want a bagos.
I want the bat man game.
And I want the bat man
Logs game.
And a gun.
I promise to be good.
Merry Christmas
    Ronin B.

Dear Santa,
    I love you santa. Thank you for my presents.
    I want the avengers an makeup
And a I pad phone and a grocery cart.
    I have left you some milk and cookies. I hope you like them.
    Samantha B.

Dear santa,
    How do you get to all those houses in one night?
    I want a gun that shoots yellow stuff. I want a electric scooter.
I promise to be good.
    Merry Christmas
    Trenton D.

Dear Santa,
    How are you? How are the reindeer?
I want an I pad.
I want a moxegirl
I want stompeez
I want a brats bootek doll
I want a bike
I want a microphone
I want an gutar.
I’m going to put out milk and cookies.
    Peyton L.

Dear Santa,
    I hope you have a grate Christmas. I
Want an elf on the shelf and an I pad and some stompeez and a leap pad 1 and an art set. I promise to be good. Merry Christmas.
    Madison C

Dear Santa,
How do you get all the presents to all the houses in one nuite? Thank you for the presents from last year.
I was a 3DS and a makeup set and a pereuve bose and a new fon and a baby. I have left you some milk and cookies. I hope you like them.
Kylie H.

Dear Santa,
I hope you have a safe trip. I want a watch. I hope to see you next year.
Jacob A.

Dear Santa,
Thank you for letting my mom adopt  Jack. I love you and Jack so much. He is so funny! I promise to be good. Marry Christmas. Can I have a big bag of Hello Kitty stuff, I pad, Hello Kitty bike, Kitty stuff and Barbie photo fonshin?
Jillian C.

Dear Santa,
    Thank you for my dirt bike.
I want a bebe gun and a shote gun and a gun and a gun and a gun and a gun and a gun.
    Clayton W.

Dear Santa,
    I love you santa.
I want a electric skooter and a cat
And a dog and a rat and a buny
And a camra. I want a sleeping bag, ipad,
a babydoll set, a cart, a flor, a blue
I will leave you some milk and cookies.
    Hallie G.

Dear Santa,
    Is your best Reindeer Rudolph real?
I wish for a Lego Avengers set.
I wish I could have the Angry birds starwars. Can I also have the Destroy the Death star set?
    Grant W.

Dear Santa,
Ihaf been good. Can I have a furby, a pony, a toy moncy, a fone, and a cumpuodr/
Love Taylor H.

Dear Santa,
    I love you.
I want a leap pad.
I want Barbie Photo fashin
I want a walking puppy
I want a Barbie new’s set
I want a Justin Beibber micrfon
I promise to be good.
    Love Caroline N.

Dear Santa,
    How do you get threw all those houses in one night? You are nice. Thank you for the presents last year. I loved them.
    Hope you have a safe trip.
    Brycen M.

Dear Santa,
    Thank you for the present last year. I  Love You.
    I want a Esey bake oven, make up, milke shake maker, forchin cookie maker, Barbie airplane, princess casul, and a cotin candee maker.
    You are the Best. I hope you have a safe trip and I hope you like my cookies.
    Love Azitta A.

Other classes/community submissions

Dear Santa Claus,

Can you award my dad because I was hoping he would pass his exam, but he didn’t pass, so can you pretty, pretty, pretty please give him an extra present.  He needs a good Christmas break.  Well, I actually would like to get him the present.

I haven’t fought with my brothers in two days so I think I have been pretty good this year.  I would like an American Girl doll and a Webkinz and a Zhu Zhu pet.  I would also like to get Chocolate Chip’s bed set that is from American Girl.  I would love a plastic candy cane filled with M&Ms.  


Emma D.

2nd Grade


Dear Santa Claus,

          I hope Mrs. Claus is baking lots and lots of cookies for the elves to work on getting all the toys twenty four seven I want a white apple I pad two and a Monster High doll. Anything dark purple, anything lime green, anything teal, and a hair changing Barbie doll. 


Morgan Flood

2nd Grade


Dear Santa Clause, 

    Only a little bit longer until Christmas. Are you excited? I bet you’re excited because of the milk and cookies. I like milk and cookies especially with the cookies dipped into the milk. I would like to be an elf because I like you. Merry Christmas, 

Emma reader

2nd Grade


Dear Santa,

I would like the book called Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians, a sea animal dictionary and a Monster High DS game.  Merry Christmas!



1st Grade


dear Santa,I have some questions.what is your favorite color,what is your favorite type of cookie,and what do you like to do when you are not busy?Here are a couple things I would like to have. thanks so much!

1.a 3-ring binder 3.poke’mon trading cards  Love, 

2.Lego city policestation


3rd Grade


dear/santa  i want  a  dsi   and  a   monster high  doll  and  new shoes  and  a  hampster.  hope you and ms claus doing.  

love claire

2nd Grade


Dear Santa,

Hello, my name is Manabu. My hobby is to do karate and I’m a purple belt in karate. I think I was a good boy this year because I have helped more by doing chores for my mom. Also I have won a medal in the school art show.

I want a Pokémon card pack. If you cannot give me that, can you get me a bayblade? So this is what I want for Christmas.

Thank you,


4th Grade

Dear Santa, 

My name is Kenta.  I am a good boy because I help my brother a little bit and I do what my Mom says.  I help her do dishes and the things she has to do in the house.  I am a Boy Scout and I help our Country to stay good.  I volunteer to collect toys for tots. 

I want a big set of Pokémon cards for Christmas.  I want to get stronger Pokémon cards like level EX and other strong Pokémon.  I also want, maybe, a LEGO set.  And I want a bayblade that is strong.  And I want a video game of Sonic the Hedgehog “The Black Knight” version.  I want at least $2 dollars.  And I want a Chaos Emerald from Sonic.  I want a gift card from Target so I can buy something that I like.  I want a chapter book from Magic Tree House.  And I want a Sonic Comic book.

Thank you for bringing all of these things. 

From: Kenta Sparks!

1st Grade