Dear Santa: Letters from Cheri Graf's class

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Buckner Elementary teacher Cheri Graf said her wish for her kindergarten and first-grade students is that they'll all stay healthy!

Graf said her favorite holiday tradition is watching silly Christmas
movies while decorating the Christmas tree with her family. 

She thinks her students are probably included on Santa's nice list this year.

"My students have been extra nice this year!  They are such a compassionate, sweet group of kids," she said.

Dear Santa Claus,
How are your deer doing?  I hope they are not sick because we will not get
prasins and that will be bad.  We wish you a Merry Chrismas and a happy new
year.  You’re the beste prson ever.  I would like a feather for my hear
because it will make my hear colorful.  It is a feather that is a colorful
feather that you put in your hear.  You have to clip it on in to your hear.
Frst you just put it in your hear then clip it.  But one thang I forgot to
put up there is it is real and that I want it to be Chrismas colors.  It is
good to make my hear blond and Chrismasy colors.  I want it because I done my
jobs at home and I done my moms too.  I dusrvue it because I’ve been good.
I dursrvue it because I done the longry too.  I duzrve it because I clend my
room.  I clend my playroom.  I clend my dining room.  I clend the dishis.  I
clend the cloths.  I promis I will catch up with it.  I clend my brothrs
trash can.  I clend my moms trash can.  I did the bathroom trash cans.  I
hope you have a fun trip putting the prasins under the tree.  I love you
Santa Claus.
Alana Potts

Dear Santa Claus,
How ws yur day?  I had a good day.  Is the deer good?  I love you Santa
I love Krismis.  I wod like a orbs jolre makrr (Orbie’s jewelry maker).  It
maks jolre.  My mom an I can mak jolre.  I love jolre.  I love jos (jewels)
so dos my mom.  Jos are so buotfol.  Jolre are so so buotfol.  I love jolrey.
 Jos are so so so grojis (georgous).  Me and my mom like to wer jolre.  You
do not ned to rap it.  Just put a bow on it.  Hape noo yir Santa Claus.  I am
gunna mak los of jorey.  I thek jolre are so prite.  I have bin wrk very hrd.

Dear Santa,
Is it cold up there?  I would think it’s freezing up there.  Do you have
your list going good?  I hope you do.  Are your reindeer getting ready for
the big long slay ride?  If I was you I would be getting them ready and
choosing the teem that you want this year.  Normally it is warm down here and
I was going to ask if you could get me penbo and friends because when it is
time to go to bed I will be able to sleep and cuddle up with it.  When I
cuddle up with it I can open the middle of his belly and there is a chick
inside of it’s belly.  I will be able to cuddle up with it because it is
fuzzy and fluffy.  I want it because my sister has more noisy alive stuffed
animals then me.  I only have about 1 of them and my sister has about 6 of
them.  I also want it because it is a good friend to everybody.  I should get
it because I have been working hard at school and doing my jobs at school.
If you give me penbo and friends I will share it with my sister for a week.
I hope you have a safe slay ride home.  Merry Christmas.

Dear Santa,
I wish I could be in the north pole with you.  How was your thanksgiving
feast?  I had a graet one.  I hope you have a graet Christmise.  I want a dog
for Christmise.  A real dog.  I want it because I want to tran it.  And I
will share it.  Win its trand I will want to play with the dog.  I want it
because it can be my best friend.  I want it to be a boy dog because I’v
allrdy had a girl dog.  You don’t have to rapp it.  A bows just fine.  We
can by a tennis ball and I could play with it.  Next year I’ll be beter
then thes year.
Chase Brednich

Dear Santa,
I wode like to lerne more about the Noth Pole.  I am reley inrstide in it.
I wode asow like to lerne more about you.  How was your thasgiving?  Mine was
grate!  I wode like a Bleserd Maker for Crismis.  My mom and Dad wode like
it.  Me and my bruther wode make the bliserd.  I wode giv my mom and dad
desert.  I wode give you a bleserd with cookies nexst Crismis.  I have bene
good this yere.  I got all EPs on the last report card at school.  If you giv
me this Blezerd  Maker I will be beder nexst yere thin I was this yere.  By
clening out the dish wosher at home.  I deseve it because I have bene good at
school.  I have got lots of marbls at home.  I like school a lot.  My favrit
sugekte is math.  Plese add a Bliserd Maker to Tucker Payne’s list.

Dear Santa Claus,
How was your thanksgiving?  At my thanksgiving I ate a lot of turkey.  I
hope your thanksgiving was realy great.  How was your Christmas?  Last year
my Christmas was awesome.  I want a 3DS because Iv never got to see 3D
before.  It doesn’t cost a lot of money.  I wont bug mom a lot or dad I
promise.  If you get me this 3DS  I will clean my bedroom every Saterday.  I
hope you have a good Christmas.
Aaron Leite

Dear Santa Claus,
How are you in the Nof  Pol?  I am grat down here.  I am have lots of fun
with my friends.  How are your friends?  I bet they are the raders.  For
Casmes I wod like Kit the marokin girl dall.  You probe wor wondereg why I
wot it.  Because my markn girl dalls needs a friend and I need a new friend.
I will shar her with my friends.  I will play with her karfol because she is
a lot of mone.  It woud be bater if you wod brig it to me because it wod be a
lot of mone if my mom and dad bot it.  Odeyos.

Dear Santa Claus,
Did you have a great feest?  I did because my friends comd over, my gyperis
(grandparents) and my cusis comd over.  Last yeyr did you have a gret
Christmas?  I have bin haveg fun.  I all so bin playeg with my bruthr.  We
bin playeg a lot together.  We bin playeg bascitball and paseg together.  I
have bin miseg you.  I mis you a lot like 100 prsit.  Your like my gredpo.
You are rle nis.
I wud like a now wii geme.  A now wii supos (sports).  I wud like it because
it’s cool.  It has baseball and I need to puredis (practice) on baseball
and tinis.  I need to puredis on that too.  I also need a now moreo cort
geme.  Moreo cort is cool to.  Coconut mall is rle cool.  Where do you git
all thos puresis?  And how do you fid are howsis?  I will play with my
buruthr.  The wii geme is my buruthrs.  It wud have now gemes and I like now
gemes.  If we git a now geme it wud make my buruthr hepe.  I dezrv it because
I’m beg good.  I all so bin playeg with my sistr.  I wud like a now DSi
like my buruthers Dsi.  I wut it because it’s cool.  It has a moreo geme
that is cool and it has rle cool thegs in the geme.  You need a lot of cowns
white and yellow cowns
I wud like a now football for Christmas thats all cids of culrs like red
blue gray green orange white brown black and yellow all thows culrs.  If you
gev me that all shair it with my bruthr and all play with it a lot all so.  I
wod have to play with thows not very shine futballs like black and gray
futballs.  I wud allso like a now tinis reckit that is blue and red and green
and brown.  If you give thows thegs all be good for the rest of the muth.  If
I got that I woud love it.  I wud play with it all the time.  I wud also like
a now futball geme.  I play with my futball geme all the time.  I allwes bet
the uthr teme.  Ones I bet thim and the scor was 95 to 33.  I wun by 129 pos
and ones on the wii I play pol vot (pole vault).  I wun frst ples.  If I git
thows stuuf all clen all my bruthrs and sistrs rooms.
Christian Veirs

Dear Santa,
How was your Crismise last yer?  I likte mine.  My Crismis was grat because
I got a lot of prass.  I wate a aigry birds pillow.  It is a fun pillow.  It
is a rilly fun pillow.  I can lay on my aigry birds pillow.  I will swep for
a week.  I hop yar ride is safe.  I will clen my room for a moth.  Good Biy.

Dear Santa,
How ar the redr?   We tuk or pisr wf cape (Captain) las nit and we hav a
cape rdmt (ornament).  I wat a mec r on bac pac (make your own backpack).
Bcs I wl clr (color) it.  And I wl ben it to sol (bring it to school).  My
stf wil go in fastr.  My mom can kirer (carry) it eiser.  Hav a gud now yew.

Dear Santa,
Hao was you Kres?  Mn ws kt.  I wt a moticiko.  I wil rit it at hom. (How
was your Christmas?  Mine was good.  I want a motorcycle.  I will ride it at

Dear Santa Claus,
How was your thanksgiving fest?  I had a good thansgiveing because I ate
trky.  Did you eat trky?  How was your Crismis last yer?  My last yer Crismis
was asome.  I wode like a barbe dole haus pless because I ust to play with
them win I was a littol kid at KK’s hows.  It will make me get dstid
(distracted) from Nates ball gams.  It will not make me git mad at Nate
because I will play with my stuff.  Pleeess.  I mopt the flor.  I clend my
room.  I help my mom put up the Crismas dakrashins pleess.  You can put a bow
on top of the boks.  I hope you have a safe trip on your slay putting the
prasins undr the tree.  I love you Santa Claus.
Maria Noel McClellan

Dear Santa,
How do you get to the North Pole?  Do you just folo the north star?  Im sher
youll come to my hows ferst because I’ll buy you 100 coocees for Chrismis.
I want a 3DS because it has super Mario 3D land and you poot hed fons in it.
It makes stuff in 3D.  I lost my charger for my DS.  I wont it because I lost
my DSi yesterday and I cant sleep without its soft myoosic.  If you bring it
I will cleen my sisters room and mine.  I hope you injoy my cookys.
Aaron H

Dear Santa Claus,
How was your thacing? (Thanksgiving)  My thacsing was asom.  Or do you have
one?  I did.  Last yeer my Crisms was grat.  I hope it is this yeer.  I have
my Crims tree up arte.  Do you have a Crisms tree?  For Crisms will you git
me a playmobell mancin?  It will mac me not bord.  It will not destrb my mom.
 I aswo love dolls.  My mom can play with me to.  Last yeer my prcits war
grat.  I love Crisms.  Do you?  I have ben wocing very hard at scool and
balle.  I hope you have a safe reyd.  If you give me the playmobell manchn I
will clen my room two tims.  I will help my mom do chors to.  I wndr win it
will snow.  Do you?

Dear Santa,
My Chrismiss was grat last year.  How was yoers?  I want a password jornol.
Why because nobody can get in it.  I can right in it.  I can use it all the
time.  All be so good all help my mom all year and my dad too.  Santa can you
find the perazint for you?
Good bye Santa Claus

Dear Santa,
I oredy have presents under my tree!  I like school very much.  I like
December because it snows!!!  Your cool Santa because you hand out presins.
I was thiking about a pet bird.  You can pick the bird!
I want a bird because me and mom will not be sick.  I’m not elergik to
birds.  There not so messy as a dog.  Santa you wont need to rap it.  Just
put a bow on and put it in the sled then go.  I deserve it because I go to
school wen I don’t want to go.
Flese Noveedo

Dear Santa,
I had a good Cismis lat yar.  Did you have wun to?  I wut to opin my as
(aunt’s) pas.  I wot some litl pet shop.  I hop I git som because my friend
has sum.  And thr sprle (sparkly).  It can go in sand because it do not have
magits (magnets).  I wud be happy if you got me pasis.  I hop you have a good
day.  I will be a good grl.

Dear Santa,
Haw wos yr Crismis?  My Crismis wos grat becos I got prasis.  Last yers
prasis wr grat.  The prasis that I got wr osom.  If you breg me a fak
cinpyodr (fake computer) I will clen my room.  I will be nis and drol nis

Dear Santa Claus,
How was your tasgnfen?  Do you have tasgnfen?  Min wos grat.  I am wrge very
hart at scol.  Tac you for ol of my towes las yeyr.  Me and Emma love all of
are towes las yeyr.  Im sow (sure) we will love all of are towes this yeyr.
If you gif me the traplen (trampoline) I will mac you a Chrismis prast for

Dear Santa,
How was your taksgive?  Why do you have to war that sote (suit) all the
time?  How do your ranedeer fly in the air?  How do you delevre all those
pszst in one nite?  The pszsts from last yer was very grat!  Taks for the
I wate Sonke genershens.  You get chast by a truk.  Sonke runs very fast and
thares two Sonkes.  I want it because I do’t have a lot of Wii games.  I
do’t have it.  It’s coole to.  If you give me the game I will be good.
Christian D.

Dear Santa,
Do you have Thaxgiven?  I had a wundrfll Thaxgiven because we got to go to
the form and my ayts (aunt’s) haos.  Do you know why I had to go to my ayts
haos frst?  Because that’s how we sellbrat Thaxgiven.  I wat a Ituch.  If
you giv me a Ituch I will sher my Ituch with my sistr.  It wot bother my mom
and I will sher it with my friend.  I love cleeneen my room.  You dot hav to
rap it.  A bo wud be jest fine.  Oso rapen papr wud be fine but a bo wud be
finner.  If you giv it to me that wud be wudrfll.  It wud be fun.  I will
sher it with my sistr.  It wood be grat.  I love myoosik.  I do a lot of jobs
and I do my jobs and I wrc rillee hard at school.