DEAR SANTA: Letters from Centerfield Elementary

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Ms. Rowe's first-grade class 
Dear Santa,
I wnat littest pet shop and a neklis and brbes and my famly evin railee want to hav a grat Christmas! Love, Elana A.

Dear Santa,
Bring me a zobe that has a hors that can gloe in the drk and a helcotr. I bevin you.  Love, Ben A.

Dear Santa,
How ar yor elfs? How is rodoof? I luf Santa. Luf, Tyler B.

Dear Santa,
How are you? How is Misis Close? I will get you some cookies and some milk. Can I have a make up kit? Love, Isabella B.

Dear Santa,
How is roodaf’s nos? Make shar you hav sum room for the cookes. Me and my famile are having a grat time. Love, Kyson C.
P.S. Here is wat I wont for Crismus: a plan tiket to see you and the crayola spra markr.

Dear Santa,
How are you doing up north? I’ll leave some coockies. And carrots. And milk. I like whatever you give me. But I really want a American girl bed. And toys donaated to cheraidy. Thank you for reading this note. Love, Eva F.    P.S.  Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,
Have you wacht the moove Elf? My Elf told me to be rely good, at lest I triy. Hear is my Chrismus list. I sould like a computer and a phone. I will leav carits for the rane dear.  Love, Ben G.

Dear Santa,
How is the ellvs feling? I hope you are nece to the ellvs. I love the noys of the jingool bells. What is the culer of the dears antlers? I have been my best to be nice. I am so sorry I can not see you. Happy New Year, Haley G.

Dear Santa,
I have a elfa on my shfe and it told me that I have been a good grla and I have not been fighting with my siste and brotre and I wote a iPad for Crismas and Deze and cloes and some otr prisis.  Love, Andrya H.

Dear Santa,
How is Mis. Clos and Roodof? I hope Roodof likes carits. Are the rander ok?  I wunt a ipad.  Love, Keeleigh H.

Dear Santa,
How are yuo doing? and how is ruhdoff doing? How is Misu. Cusul and how is your elsuv doing?  Love, Carter J.

Dear Santa,
How are you dooing? and how is Mis Clos? I wut a mene motrsikll and a laptop. Love, Carson K.

Dear Santa,
How is Roodoff? Is he sick? Oh how are all the othr ranedear? Oh how is Mis. Clos? I she sick? And I have tried to be good. Oh I forgot Santa, Thank you for my elf on the shelf. May I have an iPod tuch. and a laptop and a make-up kit?  Love, Kasia K.

Dear Santa,
How are you Santa Claus? How are the elfs? Wut did Zacrey tell you las nit? Things I wut for Crismis are esey bac ufin. Bubey har doll. Mosahit doll.  Love, Kaylee N.

Dear Santa,
How are you? How is Rootoff? How is mrsis. clos? Can I have a pink jet plan? Can I have a tee set? Can I have the moovee pows? Can I have a drss up closit? Can I have a eseey bake uvn? Can I have a nook?  Love, Morgan R.

Dear Santa,
How is Mis Clos? How mene cokies do you wut? I will put out 8 carrits. Love, Ila S.

Dear Santa,
How is Mrs. Claus? I want a dirtbike. Love, Nick S.

Dear Santa,
How is Mis. Clos and Roodof dooing? How is Vixin dooing? How is yor elfs dooing? I’ll lev sum cookeys and sum careits for Roodoff. Love, Billy S.

Dear Santa,
I hop you have a grate time at the North Pole. Love, Carter O.

Dear Santa,
How is Mrsis. Clos? Are all the rander rede? Last year I saw Rodf nose. I wudr wat cad of cuckes we will bake for you.  Love, Ashton T.

Dear Santa,
I wot a toy trucsx 7 31 ipas 13 ifos 10 ipod tuchs res satpoz2 new sapoz 1 sata budes 8 sprclle necllisis 2 hlleotr glo in the drk with a seyld. Love, Noah T.
P.S. I will lev you cuke sandwic. I blev in you XOXO

Dear Santa,
How is Ruowdof doing in the North Pole? How is the uthr randear doing in the North Pole? I am going to leev you mor cookies this moth. I love Santa. I bleve in Santa. Love, Sarah T.

Dear Santa,
Save a cooke for me and Callie and Mommy and Daddy. What’s the wethar? How is Mrs. Clas? Thes is wat I whant a ipad, a box of cookes, a D.S.  Love, Camden W.

Dear Santa,
How is Mis.Klos at the North Pole? I will mack yru los ol my dad’s sof bake. Love, April Y.

Ms.  Brown's fourth-grade class

Dear Santa,

If  you  have been watching me at home and school,  I think  I have been good at both  places.  Do you think I have been good ? I  have been good by helping my Mom do the dishes  while she cleaned her room, I cleaned my room, and helped my oldest sister clean her room too. I need clothes, socks, and shoes for Christmas.  

Thank You,

Charity Oldson

Dear  mr. and mrs Claus

     I have been good  this  year .so has my sister .were good  kids so I have  afuwe gifts in mind like ... A make a monster kit. the reson I  want it is  I  am  creativ and I love monster high. I also want abbey bonabl  because I don’t  have her yet in my clektion  .finley I want a monster dizine lab for Xmas .

                                  Love KEELY

Dear Santa,

     I would like a little big planet for Christmas. Because I played it when I was five years old and its really an awesome game. I loved playing it. :)Thank you for little big planet.I wood like black ops two for Christmas because I really love playing Zombies and i wood like diary of a wimpy kid.thank you for your time Santa

sincerely Ryan oconnor

Dear Santa,
My name is Macy. This year for Christmas I want dream lite animals and cloudy with a chance of meatballs.  I   have been a good    girl this year. I love my mom and dad.   


Dear Santa,

     Have I  been a good boy, if so I have  some suggestion for what I want for Christmas. Keep reading to find out more.
     The first thing I want is an Xbox360. The reason is I want a Xbox360 is I’m SICK of  PS3 because I’m always whining and moaning. A anther reason is                I never played Minecraft on Xbox before but only once.
     The secant thing I want is a new TV. I could use a new TV because the one I have is old. A anther reason is it has a better picture,sound and view.
     The third one is a new bike. I want a new bike because the one I have is old. A anther reason is it is rusty.
     This is what I want for Christmas.


Dear Santa,

    Have you been watching me if you have. Then you must have saw me making that kindagarter laugh on the bus. When I did that I thought he was happy don’t you agree that I been good. If so this what I want for Christmas I want Call Of Duty Black ops two, Sky  Landers Giants , Halo Four I will tell you why you should get me those things.

    First I want Call Of Duty Black Ops two. The first reason is that i’m kinda getting bored in my house. The second reason I want Call Of Duty Black ops two is that my brothers friends  have it and my friends  are maybe getting it. The third reason is that it is really fun and exciting.

The second thing I want is Sky landers giants. The first reason is that i’m tired of the first sky landers. The second reason is I already beat the first sky landers. The third reason is that it’s a lot of fun and you get to collect them.
The third thing I want is Halo Four . The first reason is that i’m sick of the rest of the halos. second reason is that the game looks cool. The third reason I want Halo Four is so I can play with my brother.

I hope I get all Three  gifs. Remember I was good this year!


Dear Santa,

       Do you think I have been good this year? Well I think I have been. What I want for Christmas is a Lego Star Wars Death Star, a punching bag and a PSP.
       For a long time I have been wanting the Lego Star Wars Death Star. I will have fun building this set. It will be challenging for me because it has 3,417 pieces.
       I also think it would be fun to have a PSP. A PSP would be cool to have. When mom is in a meeting I could play it or when I am on a road trip. I know there are fun games to play on a PSP.
        The punching bag will give me exercise and it will help me practice Tae Kwon Do. It will be a better target than Emma.
         Santa, I know these are big things. I have good grades and my behavior has been good in school. Please consider my Christmas  wish list.

Dear  Santa,

    Have  you  seen how  good  I’ve  been  this year ?  If  you  have  been  then  let.  Me tell  you  the   three  things I want  for  Christmas.

    First  what I want  for  Christmas  I  want  an ipod  touch .  The  reasons.    Why  I  want  an iPod  touch   .   So   I  could  listen to music and take picture’s also to play on different app’s .

    Second  I would like the new Rihanna CD called Diamond so I can learn the new lyrics and sing on the way to school and to listen to in the car on long road trips.

Third I would like some Monster High Dolls, as they are now my new favorite to play with.

Last I would like to wish all good things for my friends and family for 2013.



Dear Santa,

     Have you seen me lately?  If you have, I bet you know that I have been a very good girl.  Have you notice that I listen and get good grades in school? I hope you agree so you will get me what I want which is is an I pad, anything cheer, and U of K clothes.
     Next, I want to inform you of my I pad that I want. I want an I pad because I want a bigger screen. I am tired of my small screen  on my I pod. I want you to know that I love technology and that’s my next reason and I love to do stuff with technology.  My last reason is my I pod will not let me get apps so I  hope you will think about this I pad.
     Now lets talk about my cheer stuff. I want some cheer clothes, and other things. Here is my first reason. I love to cheer and I have been cheering for 4 years now. I want new cheer stuff for cheer. Here is my next reason I need new cheer practice clothes because I don’t fit in my old cheer clothes.
     Ok here is my last but not least item is U of K clothes.  My first reason is I need more cute U of K clothes because I’m a U of K freak. I love U of K. They are awesome!
      Now you know all of the things I want so I hope you think about getting me all or maybe just one but please think for a little bit. Thank you for what ever you get me.

P.S. You are amazing!

Dear Santa,
    How are things at the North pole? Have you been watching me this year? I’ve been good this year. I haven’t been the best but overall I have been pretty good. So  please get me what I want for Christmas
    First, I want a Boston terrier. You know how I love dogs. If you do get me one I’ll be very responsible. So I hope I get this for christmas.
    Next, I want a dirt bike. Why? Because I like to do tricks. Also because my four wheeler doesn’t work that good. Most of all I like dirt bikes better than four wheelers.
    Third, I want a Psvita with black ops 2 & mw3. The reason I want a Psvita is because I can’t get black ops 2 & mw3 on my iPod.  Also I think they are better than iPods.
    So Santa, please get me these three things for Christmas. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!
p.s. I’ll leave Rudolph extra carrots and you extra cookies!

Dear Santa,                                                                December 3, 2012
I’m Nathan henley and I’m nine years old.  I’m 4 foot 2 and have black hair with brown eyes.  This is what my pets look like.  My Sam is a Labrador retriever and has black fur with brown eyes.  My chickens are Skittles, Angel, Mayble, Judy, Zaxby, and Big Momma.  Santa some of my favorite sports are football, baseball, and soccer. The four reasons I like those sports are because I like to throw, run, kick, and catch.  Another thing I like to do is catch big Bass and to hunt with my dad in the deer stand.  


Dear Santa,

     Do you think I’ve been good this year Santa? I hope you say yes because, I think so.Here are my things I want Santa, legos, a kindle fire and a Mario wii disc. Here are my reasons why.

     First lego sets last a long time. I can use them over again, or rebuild. I love to build and play with legos.

     Next is a kindle fire. My Dad has one so I know how to use it. I can share with my brother ( Malachi ). I don’t have any little devices like the kindle fire.

     Last is a Mario wii disc. I want other Mario games, for the wii. I love Mario games. I think it looks and looks fun.

     There are my reasons why. Please give me one of these things, or made something I did not say.


Dear Mr. Claus,

I think deserve the things I wrote on my wish list. because I have tried my very hardest to be good the whole year. I think I deserve what I want and need but if I don’t get what I want I’m fine with that because I won’t act up from now on.
I would like a Ipad and all the ninjaco sets but what I really need is 1 more pillow.


Dear Santa,

     Iv’e been a good girl this year by saying please and thank you.  I wanted to ask you for some things for christmas. I wold like a kindle fire because I  can do math  games and  reading games. I  would also like to have gloves, scarf and a uk hat.  i wold also like some books the name of the books aer the best Chritmas  pageant ever. oun moer thang  school supplies so i can practice math and play school .
 i hope i get some of this stuf?
 my list is books,kindle fire,gloves,scarf,uk hat

Dear Santa,
     Have you been watching me? You know I have been a good boy because I have help my mom do stuff around the house for the past days she needs help. For Christmas is a video game for my ps3 so I can play online with my friends and play multiplayer and I would like a new game for my ps3, Legos because I like to play with legos, The last thing is a spiderman toy because i’m a big fan of spiderman. That is what I would like for Christmas this year.
                                                                                 Thank you
                                                                                  Preston Smith

Ms.  Rowland's fourth-grade class

Dear Santa,

I hope you will give me the whole Shark Wars book series because I like to read about sharks and I like to read chapter books.

I hope you give me a new bike because my seventh gear doesn’t work.  When I go down my hill the sixth gear isn’t hard enough for me to peddle all the way down the hill.

I hope you give me an Ipod Touch because there are a lot of songs that I want to listen to that won’t fit on the smaller Ipod I already have.

I hope you give me a pair of Solo Beats by Dr. Dre because I had a pair of  headphones but they broke and I don’t have another pair.

I hope you give me a box of Tech Decks because I got really good at doing tricks and when I am at places like my brother’s football meetings I play with it so I’m not bored and just sitting there twiddling my thumbs.

Dear Santa
How is the weather at the North Pole?  Is it cold there?  I wish I could see you in person.  Christmas is my favorite Holiday.  This is what I want for Christmas this year,  a Kevin Durant OKC jersey number 35.  He is one of my favorite players.  I would also like an IPAD because it will help me with my home work .  I would like Call of Duty Black Ops 11 game because it’s the game of the year.  Santa even if you don’t bring me these things for Christmas it will still be my favorite Holiday.  Christmas is about Jesus and giving, also gathering with family and friends and drinking Hot Chocolate.   I want my family to be proud of me.  That’s what Christmas means to me.
Sam Simmons

Dear Santa,

I know my brother texted you, but that stuff is not true.   I got a kindness award.  I am nice to my friends, because I talk to them nice and play with them nice.  Santa, even though my mom hates it when I’m too loud, well, I only yell when I’m angry or my older brother beats me up.  I’m also good because I help my friends and try to do my best not to get in trouble. I would like these presents because I was nice to my siblings on Thanksgiving, and I understand the real meaning of Christmas is to give and celebrate Jesus’ birth with your family.

I would like some more Poke’mon cards because I have been getting my school work done.   I have been forgetting to turn in my homework, but I’ll try harder not to.  Santa, I will also try not to talk when we’re working.  I will only talk if I’m helping someone.

Santa, I would like a laptop, because I’m getting old enough to have one.  I should get it because I finish my work in school.  I forget to make my lunch choice a lot, so now if I do it five days in a row, I get to play on an iPad.  I did it the first day!

If I may ask for two more things, they would be a Nitron Nerf gun and a Poke’mon Black 2 3DS game.



Elijah G.

December 5, 2012

Dear Santa,
    Merry almost Christmas!  Do you live in Canada?  Is that where the North Pole is?  How are you today? I have missed you.  How is the weather in the north pole?  In Kentucky we have warm and cold weather.  How do you spell your last name?  I want to ask how are your elfs doing?  How are your rain deer?  How do your rain deer get their magic?
    For Christmas I would like a iPod touch.  I would like it because it is fun to play on.  I will not have to play on my mom’s iPhone.  I know that she does not like that.  I would be responsible I will not take it out of the case.  I will not take it outside.  I will leave it in its case so it does not get broken.  I would share it with my sisters when they want to play on it.  I will not put a passcode on so they can’t get on it.  I have been kind to others and at school I have been paying attention.  I follow the rules and I hope you see why I should get a iPod touch.
    I know the true meaning of Christmas.  It is about Jesus being born and we get presents because the wise men brought presents to Jesus.  That will always stay in my heart.  I love spending time with my family.  Christmas is the best time of the year.  The big dinner and thinking about Jesus and God.  I love Christmas.  I wish Christmas was every day so we can think about the great day that Jesus was born.
    I would like you to give shelter to people that have witnessed natural disasters.  Give them a house and a big dinner so they can have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.  I hope that they can have a wonderful life and know that they are safe.  I also wish that the people that do not have a home get one.  That they will get a house that they can afford and not have any debt.  I wish that we could help people recycle because it is cutting down trees and trees give us oxygen and without trees we have a hard time breathing.  I would like for people who are serving our country to get cards so they can know that we care about them and really have a wonderful Christmas.  I will ask people in my school to write letters to the people serving for our country.  I wish that people have a wonderful Christmas.  I will help by being extra kind and special and let them know I care about them.  I wish that everyone gets a big meal.  That is what I really want.
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and eat a lot of cookies and tell your rain deer and elfs merry Christmas and a happy new year.  Tell Mrs. Claus Merry Christmas.  I have to say bye.

Hope F.

Dear Santa,                                             December 5, 2012

   For Christmas I hope that any kid that doesn’t have any parents that some one will foster them, or that they will be in a shelter.

I hope that if there is anybody that doesn’t have a home or an apartment that someone will share the Christmas spirit and let them move in for a while. Also they might give them some money for clothes or a house to rent. Just think about if they shared the Christmas spirit with someone else! Then we would have ourselves a chain.

                                              Your Fan,
                                                     Cam Weaver

Dear Santa Claus,
I hope you are having a good time at the North Pole. Is it cold at the North Pole? Here in Kentucky it is sunny but it is cold. How are your elves doing? How are your reindeer doing? How is Mrs. Claus doing?
I was wounding if you could bring or send someone some electronics like an IPOD touch, an IPAD, an IPOD, a 3DS, a DS, a DSI, a camera, and a lap top. Maybe you could give these things to someone that doesn’t have that much stuff like an orphanage or someone that is homeless. I would appreciate it if you could do that for me. THANKS!!!!!
I would like an American girl doll for Christmas because I have been waiting for an American girl doll for years now. I was really hoping that you could bring me that to make my Christmas day! If you do bring me an American girl doll I will take real good care of it. I might share my American  girl doll because  it is new. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU COULD BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like a guitar for Christmas because I have been waiting for a guitar for a long time now. So I was wondering if you could maybe bring me a guitar for Christmas! It would really make my Christmas day! If you do bring me a guitar I will maybe share my guitar because it would be new. Once I have learned how to play my guitar I will teach other kids or my family!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like some slippers for Christmas because I have been waiting for some slippers for a long time now. I was really hoping that you could bring me that to make my Christmas day! If you could bring me some slippers I will take really good care of it. I will maybe share my sleepers because they are new to me!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD BRING ME THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hannah W.

Dear Santa,
                It is very sunny outside, but it is very very cold.  How is it at the North Pole?  I bet it is very very verrrry cold! I would like to tell you about some things that I’d like to get for Christmas.  So let’s start off with Just Dance 3 and Just Dance 4, for the Wii.  They have all of my favorite songs and I will play them all of the time.  I think these games are really fun.  If my sister wants to play them, I will let her, even though we only have one remote.  Maybe I’ll get another remote for Christmas too.  
                Another thing that I would like to get for Christmas is WWE 13 for the Wii.  I love wrestling!  I hope that my parents get me a Rey Mystereo mask.  If they do, I will play the game while I wear the mask.  These are the things I’m hoping to get for Christmas.  I can’t wait for you to come!
                                                                            Gabriel Brown

Dear Santa,                                                                December 3, 2012

I am nine years old and have blue eyes, brown hair, and I am in the fourth grade.  I like to play with my two dogs, Bella and Saddie.  Bella is small, tan, and has short fur. Saddie is black, white, and her fur is short also.  My two sisters are Brooke and Carley.  Brooke is six years old.  She has blue eyes and brown hair.  She is in the first grade.  Carley is three years old, has blue eyes, brown hair and she is not in school yet.  

Zachary Eckhert

PS. What I would like for Christmas is a Sonic Transforms for the X-Box 360, a stuffed Bowzer and Bowzer Jr., and a yellow Yoshi.

Dear Santa and Elves,
    Are you having a good time at the North Pole?  Are you excited to fly around the world before 2012 ends?  How many cookies do you eat a year?  Does it ever get warm at the North Pole?  How many presents do you deliver each year?  Does the weather change?  Where do you get your name Santa Claus?  How many elves are there and how tall are they?  Here in Kentucky the weather changes to from cold to warm.  Does it do that at the North Pole?  This year I am going to leave the elf a Kleenex with crackers so he can eat.  When were you born?  This year I will cook you more cookies then I did last year! I can’t wait!! 
    For Christmas I would like an IPod 5, blue or pink, you can pick.  I would like an IPod 5 so I have more storage.   I also want one because my IPod 4 is really slow and my home button is broke.  I would give my brother my old one.  We could share it if he needs it for something, but he will still have my IPod 4.  If you decide to bring me one will you please bring me a mirror screen protector but not a case.  I want the mirror screen protector because I don’t want my IPod screen to break.
    I would also like a pair of black old navy long boots.  Instead of giving me black and the light brown will you just give me the black and please give the brown pair to someone in the world who needs them.  The reason I would like some black old navy boots is because my other one are too little and too short.  I want a pair that are long and fit good.  I would really like it if you would give the long warm boots to the people who absolutely need them and don’t have any boots.
    For Christmas I would love it if you would give kids who need stuff some things, it would make my Christmas day.  Like kids who are poor you could give them clothes and shoes.  You also could give them an IPod.  And some school stuff if needed. 
    Thank you! Thank you!
    Josie 


Dear Santa,
    I was wondering how you are doing.  I am doing fine.

My mom says I have been really good this year.  I was wondering if you could bring me these 3 presents that I really want.  PLEASE.

1. Legos
      2. Barbie boy clothes
    3. Fashion stuff

    That is all I really want this year.  Thank you.
                                    Lily Hoilman

Dear Santa,
Hi.  Have I been good?  I think I have.  I have been nicer to my brother by trying to not annoy him.
Now I will tell you one thing I want.  Football gloves.  I like playing football but it is easier with football glove. I would share with my brother.
Also, I want basketball shoes.  Mainly Rajon Rondo shoes.  The main reason I want basketball shoes is so I can have one pair of school shoes and one I can play basketball with.
I want a jersey.  I follow a lot of sports and I like jerseys even though I only have one.  My favorite player is Rajon Rondo.  Then John Wall. But in the NFL is Randall Cobb.  In the MLB is Todd Frasier.
I would want sports cards. I collect them and trade them. I have a lot of them.  They help me learn about sports.
I want a flat bill hat.  If I could have one I would either have a Celtics or UK.  But I would want a Hornets or Packers.
My last thing I want is NBA 2K 13. Last Easter I got NBA 2K 12 but NBA 2K 13 is better.  Plus NBA 2K 12 was from the Easter Bunny.  Try to beat him.
You should give some presents to people instead of me. They deserve it as much.                                                                                          Sincerely ,Clay  Carter

Dear Santa ,       Hi this is Hallee  Breslin.   I would like to tell you about me and ask you some questions, lets get started.  
      My name is Hallee  Breslin.  I am 10 .  My birthday is Jan 10 2003. I  LOVE crafts.  I love to play with my hair.   I love clothes.
       I love shopping for shoes just like my cousin Lila.   I love to bake.  I love to design things.  

       Now let me ask you some questions.  Why do you wear  red?  Who named you?  Why did you name the reindeer the way you did?  Why          do you have such good gifts?  

Now let me tell you what I want for Christmas and why.  I would like crafts like duct tape, paper, markers, and color pencils. I would like these things because I love doing crafts and my sister watches TV and she doesn’t do anything with me. I can do crafts by myself. I would also like hair accessories like pony tails, brushes, and styling tools. I like to fix my hair so these things will help me fix my hair.


Hallee B

Micca Gordon's first grade class
Dear Santa,
My name is Bryanna and I am 6 years old. Thank you for the gifts you gave me least year. I want you to take presents to people that don’t have some, but I want presents for me too. I want a flexible microphone and a baker-its an over that bakes little cakes. I am good sometimes. I will leave you some milk. Love, Bryanna B.

Dear Santa,
My name is Ruby and I am 6 years old. Thank you for the gifts you gave me last year. I want for Christmas is an iPod and some Barbies. I have been good. Thank you for reading my letter. I will leave you cookies and milk.
Love, Ruby P.

Dear Santa,
I have been nice ALL of my life. Thank you for the gifts from last year. What I want for Christmas this year is: a spy watch, spy sunglasses, lego house, iPod touch. Christmas is my favorite holiday. You really are nice, so I will leave you cookies and I will leave carrot for your reindeer. You will see the gingerbread house we made too. I like you very much, you are awesome. Have a Happy Holiday and keep being Happy.
Love, John Robert

Dear Santa, My name is Katie I am 7. Thank you for the gifts you gave me last year. I want an iPod and some boots. Please take clothes and shoes to people who don’t have them. Have a good Christmas, Thanks for the presents.
Love, Katie

Dear Santa,
My name is Brooke E. I am 6 years old. I want a barbie house and a puppy and a build-a-bear. Thank you for the gifts. I will leave you milk and cookies. I have been good.
Love, Brooke E.

Dear Santa,
My name is Samer and I am 7 years old. Thank you for the gifts when you gave me presents. Yhis year I want some more presents. Thank you for reading my letter. I will leave you cookies and mild. Happy New Year. Good Job Santa. Love, Samer

Dear Santa,
My name is Finn and I am 7. This year for Christmas I want an iPod and I want lots of Louisville stuff and I want lots of Ohio stuff. Love, Finn

Dear Santa,
My name is Connor. I am 7 years old. Thank you for the gifts last year. I want 4 things this year. Will you get me all 4? Please? I want an iPod, a fire suit, a flash-light and a Chopper Plane. I have been good, well, that I know of. I will give you cookies, if you give me those 4 things. Love, Connor

Dear Santa,
I’ve been kinda good this year. My name is Ava and I am 6 years old. I would want a BIG bear, and a puppet-not a fake one-a realy one. I hope you don’t get so hungry this year-but I will leave you cookies under my tree. I put them out there myself. Love, Ava B.

Dear Santa,
My name is Booke. I am 6. Thank God for the gifts that you got me last year. For Christmas this year I want some electronics. I will leave you some hot cocoa just for you and some carrots for your reindeer. Love, Brooke D

Dear Santa,
I want a super Mario Wii, and I want some fish that are alive. I want an angry birds game. That’s all. Thanks, Jack

Dear Santa,
Do you know what I want for Christmas? I am 7 years old. I want a dinosaur for Christmas. I want an elf on the shelf too. One that doesn’t look creepy and that is a girl. I will give you cookies and milk.
Love, Nora

Dear Santa,
I am Wesley. I want a power ranger, a lego school, and a teenage mutan ninja turtle action figure. And I want 1 million dollara and 2 million dollars so I can be rich. I love you. Love, Wesley

Dear Santa,
My name is Michael and I am 6 years old. I want an x-box for christmas. I have been good this year. I help do the laundry. I will leave you cookies. My sister Caroline wants a puppy. Love, Michael

Dear Santa,
My name is Ava P. I am 7. For Christmas I want an iPod and a 3DS. I want Just Dance 4 and a scooter. I will leave cookies for you. I have been GREAT. I have been doing my homework. I love you. Love, Ava P.

Dear Santa,
I am 6 years old and my namee is Ryan. Thank you for the gifts you gave me last year. This year I want a DS and Angry Birds. I will leave you milk and cookies. I have been good. I like your smile. I like the elf on a shelf. Love, Ryan

Dear Santa,
I want an elf on a shelf and a watch and a castle. I want my baby brother to have a ship-but not a real one. Oh, and I want legos, and $100. Love, Ben B.      

Other classes/community submissions

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl all year. I have helped my mommy and been very respectful. I would like to ask for doll clothes, play makeup, or breeze foot spa and monster high dolls. And movie. I also would like a pink furby!,,,
Katie Bardolf
1st Grade