Dear Santa: Letters from Carrie Kapfhammer's class

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Centerfield Elementary teacher Carrie Kapfhammer said her Christmas wish for her second-graders is health and happiness for the boys and girls  and their families.

Kapfhammer said wrapping presents and watching others open their presents are her favorite moments of Christmas.

The majority of her students should be included on Santa's nice list, and have worked hard at school.

Her students have participated in Relay for Life fundraisers, taken part in a canned food drive and donated to a needy local family.

Kapfhammer said her plans for winter break include spending lots of time with her two young daughters and relaxing.


Dear Santa,

       My name is Tezja.  I have been very good this year.  First I have cleaned my

room.  Secon I have wash the dishes.  Third I have been doing my work.  For

Christmas can I have a laptop, puppy, I Phone 4S, bike, books, notebooks,

pencils, markers, pens, crayons, baby alive.

What is it like in the North Pole? Is it always snowing in the North Pole?

How much elf are there?  Is there any girl elf?  Is there a trillion elf?  Is

Rudolph okay with his nose?  How is Ms. Claws is she doing okay? Her cookies

are yum.




Dear Santy,

       My name is Julia. I want a pink laptop, a I pad, a tangold dress, a gassmin

outfit, a tv in my room, a amaricin girl with strat brown hare, a pink tree

that has light.

       I have been reely, reely good.  First I help my mom clen the dishis I clen

my room I give my mom sholder rubs.




Dear Santa,

       My name is Keaton I want a playstaion 3 for Christmas.  And I have been

realy good first I give my mom a mososhe all the time.  Second I untangled

the PS2 for me and my dad to play,  Third I help my sister Katie help clean

the room.  I have some more thangs to tell you.

       I want some more thangs for Christmas a bebe gun, big Indyana Jones set, and

the biggest pachage of crayons and remember I have been good to my sister.

Remember the three thangs I did keep that in your mind.  And don’t give any

presents to my sister she has been ndiye.





Dear Santa,

       My name is Bailey Wilson.  I have bean very good this year.  I helped Mrs. K

put up the class tree and play hide and go seek with her daughter so as you

can see I have been a very good girl this year.

       What I want for Christmas is a visla puppy, anook coler, a new baby doll

that looks real and not a baby alive.

p.s. can you find a visla at a breeder?




Dear Santa,

       This year for Christmas I would like these things.  First, I would like Lego

Harry Potter year’s 5-7.  Also, I would like Lego Star Wars 3.  Finily, I

would like a BB gun.

p.s. Bring BB gun bulits




Dear Santa,

       I have been a good girl this year let me tell you what I did that is good.

I clean the dihes and I cleand my room when my mom ask me to.  And put my

claen clothes away when my mom asks me to.  Let me tell you what I whant for

Christmas.  I whant a billion dollars, Barbie doll house, a hamster.

P.S. Say hi to the deer.




Dear Santa,

       I want a rip stick for Christmas even thow my Christmas list dose not say it

because I do not have anungh space.  Merry Christmas!

                                                                       Love ,


P.S. Can I have google money?


Dear Santa,

       My name is Murad and I was so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so, so good this

year and I would like to tell you the ways I was being good so far.  I have

been wakeing up on time so far, I have been sleeping on time, I have been not

fighting with my brother, I have been cleaning my room more often like my mom

tells me to do, and last but not least, I am going to tell you what I want

for Christmas.

       I want a laptop, ipod, ipad 4, Nintendo 3 ds, xbox 360 Kinect games, 3 DS

games, and $200,000,000,000.




Dear Santa,

       I have been a really good girl this year because I cleaned my room, helped

outside by planting, and I did good in school this year.  I would really like

an I pod touch, DS Games, wii games, and xbox games.



Dear Santa Clos,

       I have been a really nice boy this year.  Because I have not hert my sister

yet.   Sacint because I have set up the table a lot this year.  Last because

I have let sister boroe stuff.  Now you know how I was good.  I would really

like Star Wars legos to bulde.


                                                                       Ethan H.


Dear Santa,

       I think I have been good girl this year.  I did not have to do bad stuff to

my sister.  I did not wine for two days,  I did not wine or cry when my dad

yelled at me.

       I would like it if you will get this stuff for me.  I would like a bogo I

would like a I pod touch I would like a I phone I would like a pink bike, I

would like a pillow pet and a peace pillow pet.




Dear Santa,

       I have bin a good girl all year because I have not fitd with my brother all

year.  I would really like cookie my playful pup, spy glass, and a new bike

that is raine bow.




Dear Santa,

       I’ve been trying really hard to be a good person.  I’ve been trying

really hard because I don’t want cole for Chrismas.  I want to get

present’s so bad I would jump off a brige.  These are 3 of the most

presents I want a drum set, I pod touch, and football cards.  I’m trying

harder and harder every Chrismas.



Dear Santa,

       Have a great time around the world.  I have been a good boy this year like I

took out the trash.  I wood like a x-box360 with a kenect with these two

games kenect sports sezens 2 and 1.

P.S. my cat’s are crazy, woch out!




Dear Santa,

       I have ben a good boy this year.  Hope you can come.  I would like a DSi, I

woud also like a PS3, I woud like a xbox 360 and a dvd player and a bike.