DEAR SANTA: Letters from Camden Station

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Other submissions

I have been good this year. So has Ben.  But sometimes he is kinda mean.  For Christmas  may I please have monster high dolls and a liv hair salon?  I hope you have a good Christmas.  Thank you for all you do.
Kaela Pierce
3rd Grade

Dear Santa,

I would like to ask for the American girl doll, McKenna. I have tried not to fight with my brother,even though he can be a real pest and I will leave your favorite chocolate chip cookies and milk in the usual spot on the fireplace. Reindeer feed will be on the grass. Thank you Santa, 
3rd Grade

Dear Santa , 

 for christmas i want a suprise:) I will leave you cookies a milk and some carrots for your reindeer!!!!
Heather Baxter
5th Grade