Dear Santa: Letters from Annette Minor's class

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La Grange Elementary teacher Annette Minor said her wish for her first-graders is for them to learn as much as possible, and also learn how they can contribute to others in need.

Her favorite holiday tradition is baking with her three daughters.

She's sure that her students are included on Santa's nice list.

"They always try to have an attitude of being helpful with each other," she said. "They have a strong sense of community."

This year, her students have learned to help others by creating cards to send to nursing homes and U.S. soldiers stationed overseas. The students love sending words of encouragement to others, she said.

Minor's plans for winter break are to spend as much time with family as possible!

Dear Santa
How is Rudolf doing?  I hope you have a good Christmas.  Our cookies are very
good and homemade.  I would appreciate if you would get me an Orbie Massage
for Christmas.

Dear Santa:
We know you work hard.  We hope you have a good trip to everyones house.  How
is your reindeer?  I hope your friend Rudolph is not cold at the North Pole.
 You do not have to get me anything because you are busy.  I don’t care if
I get anything.
Love, Jenna

Dear Santa:
I made you some cookies and milk.   You are a good man.  I wonder how you
survive the cold weather of the North Pole? How are your elves doing and how
are your reindeer doing?  Can I please have an American girl doll with an ice
skate dress and safari sundress with pink glasses and pajamas with flowers on
them and can I have a brown husky?  Can the doll have light skin with
freckles and dark brown hair and blue eyes?
Love Caroline

Dear Santa:
How is Rudolph and his friends?  How are you and Mrs. Clause doing?  You are
good to us.  I love you and Mrs. Clause.  We work hard for you and Mrs.
Clause.  I don’t really care about the toys, I just want to spend time with
my family.

Dear Santa:
I hope you have a good time on your sleigh. I made you some good cookies and
milk.  It would be very nice if you and your elves would make me a Barbie
Prince and a Barbie Princess. Thank you,
Love, Emma

Dear Santa
How is Mrs. Clause?   How are her cookies?  I bet her cookies are good.
Happy Christmas. Please, may I have a dress up chest?

Dear Santa
I hope that you have a good Christmas. If you have time I would like a
Barbie. I would be happy if you would give presents to my family.


Dear Santa:
Stay warm in the cold winter.  How is Rudolph doing?  How is Dixon doing and
Prancer?  I love you.
I hope you have enough cookies because I have some waiting for you. Dear
Santa, how are you doing?  I want to see you.  You are nice.  Me and my
brother will be looking for you.  I hope you can be quick because my brother
wakes up early.  You work hard for me Santa, so maybe you should take a
little nap because it is hard.  I love you Santa.
Love, Sam

Dear Santa;
You work so hard.  I like you because you work the whole year without being
paid.  You are a good man Santa.  Get some toys for the poor.  I think you
are a good man.  Get some toys for me Santa, please.
I love you Santa,
Love, Cole.

Dear Santa;
I want you to put presents under my Christmas tree and in my stocking.

Dear Santa:
I hope that you have a good time making toys for the kids.  Thank you for
putting presents under the tree.

Dear Santa:
I like your reindeer Rudolph and I also like you Santa and I like your elves.
 Can you please get me Halo Guys with a Lego Ship and a Lego Airplane.
The  End,

Dear Santa:
We know you worked hard on the toys. I love you Santa and Santa is cool. You
are nice to us Santa. I like your elves.

Dear Santa:
I try my best on the cookies.  I know you will like them. I love you.  How do
you get around to every house?  How do you survive in the North Pole?  You
are a good man.  I love you.  I hope your reindeer Rudolph is doing good.
How do you get around the world?

Dear Santa:
I hope you had fun making toys with your elves.  I want a DS please and my
own TV and games.  I love you Santa,
Dear Santa;
I know you are working hard and if you have time, I would like a race car and
a jar of stars.

Dear Santa:
I know you are busy, but can you give me a paintball gun?

Dear Santa;
We know you work a long, long, long time on the toys.  Can you put presents
under my tree?

Dear Santa:
I know you worked hard on the presents.  Do you ever take breaks at all?  I
don’t know if you do take breaks or not.  I want a bubble gum machine that
works automatically and a Baby Alive.  How are the elves doing?

Dear Santa;
I hope you stay warm. I think you should take a nap. I hope Rudolph is doing

Dear Santa:
Thank you for all the love you give my family.  All I want is