Dear Santa: Letters from Amanda Howard's class

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Harmony Elementary teacher Amanda Howard said her wish for her first-graders is that "each child and their family is filled with peace and joy this season."

Howard said her favorite tradition is decorating the Christmas tree and reminiscing on the memories of each ornament while listening to music.

She said her students have worked hard this year and are sure to be on Santa's nice list.

Their strategy is simple. 

"We are continuing to think of ways we can build the people around us up," she said.


Dear Santa,

My name is Elaina.  I am 6 years old.  It,s giting cold.  When you wolc

awtsid you can see yor breth cuming froow the ir.  Soown it,s gowing to be

Crismis win snow cums down and snow flacs com down and frins cum to play

awtsid to frow snow bols and macing snow man and gowing slating and grance

hot choclit.  What I whont for Chrismis is a cat.

Santa I reley need a cat.  I downt even have iney frins at home.  But umagin

me chraneyn it and I would be rusponsubol for tacing cer uv it.  It would be

the best thang avr.

Santa I”v been doing my homework. I”v help my dad fix stuf.  I”v help

clen the classroom.  I”v been olwes god at school.  That’s why I deserv a


Santa I am gowing to lev coce and milk for you and I hop you have a god time

and I hop you git to have hot choklit.  I cant wat for you to cume on


A Huge Fan,



Dear Santa,

My name is Meghan.  I am 6 years old.  It is the time of yir that I can go

sleding with my frend Sarah on a big hill.  I rile wot a Amerucin Girl Doll.

I have bin doing my chos.  And being nies to my fres and being plit to my

perits and bin lisunin to the techr.  Becaus I have bin uspeshule nies to my

perits this yir I thek I dzrv a Amerucin Girl Doll.

I wot oun because sha will be my best friend but my mom wot biy me oun.  I

rilly wot Knoney becaus she is rilly pritte.

I promis I wil lev you cookes and your randir dir fode and I hop tht you and

Lvis are having fun and I thek Rodof is jupeing and playing with his frends





Dear Santa,

My name is Sanya.  I am 6 years old.  It is winter!  I am exited to make

choklet chip gingerbread mans and gingerbread houses.  I will ask my mom if

we can make choklet chip cookies for you this year.  For Chismis I want

CooCoo Puppys.

I want CooCoo Puppys becass in winter I will play wit it.

I dizerv this becaus I help my mom wash the dishis and I do my hoamwork when

my mom tells me to do spelling sity.  I bet I am on the good list.

I hoap Misses Cloz and you are hiving fun with Roodof.  I hoap you come to my


A Huge Fan,



Dear Santa,

HI my name is Daniel.  I’m 6 in a half years old.  I can’t wait to dace

with my wi but I thuly believe I deserve an i-pod.

I promise to listen to the right music.  I will practis my ballroom dancing

and the i-pod will make me happy.

Santa, I’ve been good all year long.  I washed the dishs, I cleaned the

floor, I’ve been nice to my cat.  Now do you think I can get an i-pod?

So, Santa I hope you come down the chinmy sayfly.  Now do you think I get the


Yes  ____  No  _____



P.S.  Send back the letter and check which box.


Dear Santa,

My name is Maria.  I am 6.  It is that time of year you can here the pepile

lafing on there sleds.  The arhe can tayk your breth away.  I want a cooke

pres this year for Christmas.

Santa, amagine me whit the cooke pres.  When I am hogre I can bake me a

copcake.  And I can shar it whit my firend’s.  That is why I whnt a cooke


Why do I deserve this you ask.  I bine nice to my mom.  When she asky me for

the frst time, I do it.  And when my borthr’s say you did not eat 5 tocos.

I now they are tricking me.  And I enore them.  Am I on the good list Santa?

So Santa, it will be the best Chismas if I wakt in my living room an I fownd

a cookie pres.  I hope you are doing well.  I will leve carits for the rander

and cookie for you.  I hope you have a pretty Chismas.

A Huge Fan,



Dear Santa,

Hi my nim is Charlie.  I am six yirs old.  I am atsidede to jump on my

chrampling when its snoinge.  I have been good to my sistr, Santa I dzrv a

Ageree Bird.  I rillee unt the black one.

I dxrv it becus I will have fun whith it.  Shareing?  Yes in ded.  Santa, I

am facking I am on the good list becus I have ben good to my mom.  I help my

mom wosh the dishes.  It’s going to be a good presit.

I hope you r have fun with Missis Clos. I hope you go down the chimnees safe.




Dear Santa,

My name is Kylie.  I am 6 yeaps old.  It that tim of yer again.  I will be

decorating my tree.  I will hape my fimule dekrwate the chre.  We yoos yello

lis.  This yir I wut a pupe undr the chre.

I bin on the gud list.  I dusrv a noo pupe becus I clen my room.  It will be

gud for me.

I halp you have a gud Christmas.  I hope you are doing gud and yor elves.  I

will leave you cookies.  You are the good is man.




Dear Santa,

My name is Paige.  It is chille outsid.  It will sno soun.  I love sno bkus I

like to mak sno angls!  I wat a Chiowu pupe dog.

I wnt a Chiowu bkus it is kut and I like it mecus it has big es.  And it has

prit bote.

I dsrv it bkus I am on the guod list.  Santu, I lik you.  I will giv you kuke

and mlk.




Dear Santa,

My name is Liam . I am 6 year’s old and I think I dosrv a new ipod.  Amagin

me lisning to music without bothring mom and also apropeit music and I will

play apropeit game’s.  Yes Santa, this is the prfict gift for me!

Wy do you think I dosrv this new ipod?  Well I been nice to my brothr for 30

day’s and for mayking him lafe.  All these good deds shold dosorv a new


Yes Santa, so as you check the list check me with a brand new ipod.  I hope

Rodof’s firend’s be nice to him because Rodof is my fafrit.  You are the

best in the whole whid would!

A Huge Fan,



Dear Santa,

My name is Will.  I am 6 years old.  I can’t wat to opn prastits.  This

year I wut a tran.

I wut that tran because I dot’t has thangs to play with.  “This is a good

toy for me because I don’t has ine transu.  I cant wat to bild tran trax.

Wy do I dusrv a new tran?  Becusa I help my dad mow the grass and I help my

mom do the dishis.  I know that I am on the good list!

I hup uer wintr is osum!  I hup you git to ingoy Crismis.

A Huge Fan,



Dear Santa,

My name is Annabelle.  I am 6 in a haf yirs old.  I love to make sno min and

sno ejols.  Its so kold.  I haf to wer to jakets and gluves.  I wut a klay

jolry makr to kep me in sid win its kold.

I help my daddy wok the dog. I clend the haws and I do my job.  I found my

sistrs lost gluv that she was wored ubawt.  I thek I desrv all thes gooddes.

I promis I will llev chris for your radeer and lots of chocklit chip cokes

for you.  You are supr nis.




Dear Santa,

Hi!  I am Kaitlyn.  It is get cod out sid so I am beinen to drak hot choklt!

I wunt a weii.  It is the prrfit gift for me!  I will play it evey day.

The rezen I dasrv this weii is becas I clen my bedroom befor my mom tells me

to.  So I dasrv my weii.

Now Santa, I prmis my Crismis Tree will be extru prid and I will lev coks and

karis.  And it would be a drem kam trow to have a weii.  You are the best

prsn evr.  So farwell and god biu.




Dear Santa,

My name is Chloe.  I am 6 years old.  I cnt wet to mec a jinjr bred hs this

Crisms.  I will make cookies for you this yir.  I wot Americn Grl Dol for


I wot a doll becus I like to jress them in specl clus and I ple hs wit my


I hope you are having a good Chrisms with Mrs. Claus.  I hope Rudoff haz fun.

I will elave you cookes.  You ar the prfict man.




Dear Santa,

My name is Jacob.  I am seven years old.  It’s the time of year that you

come to peepolls hawses and it is strting to git rely cood.  This year I wat

a blak toking angree brd.

I want a blak toking angry brd so I can heer a funny sawgns.  And so I can

tok to sumeboty.

Why do I dsrv this blak toking angry brd you ask? Wel I help my parins not

feel alone.  I wunt it so I can akt like it is reel.  So I coud laf as hord

as I wunt.

I hope Rowdoff is having a rely good time and you!  And I will oso give you

kocees and the radr caris.  I can not wate till you come!




Dear Santa,

My nam is Andrew.  I am 6 yers ooldd.  I am igsitid to go to grapos hous.

And I kant wat to opin presis.  And I wunt a Ultmit Lit Saber!

Imashin me swinging my bran nu Ultmit Lit Saver.  If you giv me one it wut be

the prfit toy for me!

Why do I dsrv this?  I hav got a star and I did what my mom ses.  And I do my

homwrek wen my mom tel me to.  Dant you theek im on the gd list?

So Santu, pleas inklod mi name wit the Ultmit Lit Sabr.  It wud be a drem cum





Dear Santa,

My name is Emily.  I am six years old.  I cant wate to make Christmas cookies

for you.  I would like to see a picture of Rudoff.  I would like a new set of

paintes for Chrismas from you.

I thinkg I doesrv thes wundrful present because I have ben nice to my mom by

lisuning the frist time and I have ben nice to my dad by giting off of the

cenpuooter when I am askt.

I wont new panits because I love paniting.  Why do I like paniting?  Because

I like the colers.  The pink make me thinkgk of the sunset.  I cant wat to

see the colers!

Santa, I hope that Rudoff has a good time and you to!  You are the perfect





Dear Santa,

My name is Bella.  I am 6 years old.  It is the tim that I woc to my tree and

get presis from you.  And I thic I am to happy bcus my gramu and grapu is

cumg to my haws and I grem to haf… sqinkes!

I rily want this towy because my fred Caley has it and she ahs cyut anumls

and my fafrit is her owl and her duc.  Yes Santa, this is a god gift for me!

Why do I disrf this?  Well I omos efry day I wosh the dishis.  Oso my dad an

sumtims my mom tel me to get my dog sum fud and I let my bruthr do it with

me.  Thats wiy.  and my bruthr saw ses cyut.  That’s wiy.

Now Santa, I hop no budy is on the nod list.  I wut to no wut is Roduf duing.

 I thync Roduf is jupeimg wihth his fres and he mus be rily happy.  I hop you

are wrcking wel!




Dear Santa,

My name is Ava.  I am 7 years old.  It is omost the time that I will slide

down the snowy hills and get presins from you.  I thack I dosorve some new


I relly want to make jullry because its fun and I have never made it.  And

that’s a good present for me.

Why do I dosorvf this?  Well I owase help my mom with my sister and I help my

dad feed the dogs. And my sister wine she is sad, I make her happy.  Now do

you think I doserv some julry?

I  hope you are having a good good good winter.  I am giving you cookey for

Christmas.  Now do you thingk I dosorve julry?

A Huge Fan,



Dear Santa,

My name is Caden. I am 7 years old and I can not wahte to go grab my sled and

zoom down the hill like chrabis pushiron-o with my dad. And I have been very

good, I truyly deserve the bayblayd brn fire blaz.

Imagine me riping that cord and it zooming in the batll stadyom and the

tinging sound of metll.  I feel fantastic seeing it zoom!  It would be a

grate prezint for me.

Why do I deserve this fantastic gift?  Santa, I have been doing chors like

being nice and feeding and water my dog Mageie.  And lisining and I think the

baybllayd brn fire blaz would be a graet prezint for me.

I promis promis I will lieve your rindeer cairits and you cookies.  I hope

you and Mrs. Clause aer having fun and you aer the prfiked man!




Dear Santa,

My name is Mason.  I am six years old.  It is the time of the year I get to

make cookes for you.  I thank I dsrve a ornge Angry Brde.

Imajine running up to my room and getting out my Angry Brdes out and have the

most fun ove my life!  And it is the prfict gift for me…a ornge Angry Brde.

Way do I dsrve it you aske?  Because I hlpe my mom do the dishis and help my

dad moe the lon.  And do every than the frst time.  I be nise to my sistr.  I

tanke tate I dsrve a orng Angry Bird for Christams.

So Sata, pleas put my name with the orng angry brde.  I clde have a drem cume

true to have a orng angry brde.




Dear Santa,

My name is Nathan.  I am 6 yese old.  Its that time of yere ware the snow

falls on yore tung and peple are sliding on sleds and you kliming down my

chimnee.  I have been diing for a white angry birde stuf anmol.  Well you

give me wun?

I wunt wun bekus it’s a nitemer kacher for me.  Wy do I duzerve this whit

angry brde you ask?  Well I have been very nice to my cusin Jack.  I have

been saing “I love you Mom” and saing “Ples” and “Thack u” to

mom.  And Ive been hugging my mom.  I thigk I’m on the good list.

I hope Rodof is having fun with utir randers.  So when you do the list inklud





Dear Santa,

My name is Saylor.  I am 7 yers old.  My fafrit port ubeat wintr is when you

give us prasis.  I wut a puppy for Chrsmis.  I wunt wun uvr sains I was a

baby so wud you git me wun plese?

I dzrv a puppy becus I been nies to my mommy ystrday.  I oley have 3

friend’s and my dog will be my baist friend.  I wut adog becus I wunt to

chret it lik a baby.  I will be reysposubl and win I get said it will make my

fel happy.

Santa, when I sit dawn I chry to do my bast in scooll.  I am nice to my tethr

and my mommy.  I make my mommy happy becus I put away stuf in my room war

it’s spost to be.  That’s wiy I dzrv it!!!!!

Santa, I hoop you have a grat Crismis!  I love you Santa!  I hoop Miss

Clo’s is dowing well and Rudof to.  I am gunu make you broney with sprekl

on top and simin and wip crem in the broney.  I am gunu give Rudof carit’s.

 I hop you rit a naowt cus I am giving you a naowt.  I hop you rit back.

A Huge Fan,