Crestwood Elementary operates on lockdown with extra security after threat

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By Jacquelyn Stoess Hack

Students and teachers at Crestwood Elementary have spent most of Friday in lockdown mode with window shades drawn and a police officer stationed at the entrance.
According to police, a relative of a Crestwood student made a threat in the past 24 hours related to an emergency protection order.
It appears to be a custody issue that prompted additional safety measures.
The lockdown began around 10:30 a.m. Friday, although students and teachers moved freely throughout the school for lunch and other regularly scheduled activities.
All exterior doors were locked and closely monitored by police. Those who needed to enter and exit the building were escorted by a police officer.
Assistant Superintendent Dan Orman said a parent notified school officials about a domestic situation and the district chose to take "a very conservative direction" to ensure safety throughout the day with extra security.
OCPD Officer Matt Cornell, a school resource officer, has been stationed at the school for the duration of the day as a precaution, Orman said.
Cornell frequently patrols Crestwood and other schools and Orman said the officer's presence at Crestwood isn't something that would alarm the students.
Orman said Crestwood Elementary does not have a buzz-in intercom system and a staff member is also stationed at the entrance.
Newer schools have an air-lock at the entrance that directs visitors into the school office.
Orman said the additional safety measures are just a precaution and "totally focused on one family's situation."
Classes have continued throughout the day as normal, he said.
A few parents picked up their children early, and Orman said he completely understands their urge to do so.
Interior doors at Crestwood and other schools in the district are typically locked on any given day, "and that's just a sign of the times," he said.