Crestwood doctor charged with sodomy faces civil suit from alleged victim

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By Laura Hagan

Crestwood doctor is subject of civil suit
Three tracts of land and a visit to Goodwill are points of contention in a lawsuit accusing a Crestwood doctor of sexual assault.
Tammy Simmons, 38, of Bedford, has filed a civil suit alleging she’s a victim of unwanted sexual contact that allegedly took place in Dr. Ashok Alur’s Crestwood office.
According to court records, Simmons claims Alur, 56, of Louisville, inappropriately performed a gynecological exam in March and sexually assaulted her in September.
Alur, a general physician, also faces a criminal charge – first-degree sodomy – related to Simmons’ office visits, and has pleaded not guilty. An Oldham grand jury handed up his indictment in October. Civil suits are private disputes between people or organizations, and resolution often takes the form of punitive or compensatory damages.
Simmons seeks punitive damages, among other requests.
Criminal cases are based on an indictment, and if convicted, are punishable by fines, incarceration or both.
In civil filings since Alur’s arrest, both Simmons and Alur have focused on the other’s actions following her office visit.
Simmons and her husband, Howard, have since added A&A Investments LLC to the suit – a company formed by Alur and his wife, Anuradha, a week before the Simmonses filed suit.
The Alurs list their home address as the company’s headquarters, and they transferred ownership of three tracts of land to their company.
The Simmonses said they believe the Alurs transferred the property in expectation of civil action.
According to court records, the Alurs entered a quitclaim deed Oct. 13 for tracts of land on Central Avenue and Ky. 22 in Crestwood.
In a response to the claims, Alur said he doesn’t intend to transfer assets out of the country, nor will he miss any court proceedings.
He claims Simmons is relying on the indictment to support her civil claims.
Alur states in his response to the complaint that Simmons is “relying upon an inaccurate and untrue characterization of the defendant’s statement to police, claiming incorrectly (he) admitted to criminal sodomy. He did not.”
According to Alur’s arrest report, he told police he’d been “distracted and tempted” and he is sorry for the incident.
Alur’s attorneys call the matter a “he said, she said” situation with the only witnesses being Alur and Simmons.
He claims his sexual encounter with Simmons was consensual and staff members in the building  during the time of the alleged incident never heard “evidence of inappropriate contact or resistance through the paper-thin walls of the exam room.”
Alur claims Simmons didn’t complain to Alur’s office staff and didn’t report the incident immediately.
Court records state that Simmons shopped at a Goodwill store after the incident and witnesses said she didn’t seem distraught.
One witness stated, “Simmons was apparently far more concerned about removing stains from gently used clothing she intended to purchase than reporting the alleged incident to the authorities.”
According to court records, Alur claims his practice has “continued to thrive” in the days following his arrest, “despite media coverage describing only one side of the story.”
His case file includes more than 100 letters of support from patients. Alur said he has welcomed new patients since the alleged incident.
Alur will appear in Oldham Circuit Court for a pre-trial conference on the criminal charge at 9 a.m. Jan. 6.

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