'Collar bomb' suspect waives extradition

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Peters awaits arrival of Australian officials

By Tracy Harris

Paul Douglas Peters, the alleged "collar bomb" fugitive arrested in Oldham County, appeared before magistrate judge Dave Whalin Wednesday to waive his right to extradition.

The extradition hearing during which Peters could challenge the extradition request was originally scheduled for Oct. 14. Peters request to waive his right moved the date to Sept. 14.

Wearing his black-and-white jumpsuit and shackled, Peters signed a waiver acknowledging he agreed to be transported in custody as soon as possible to Australia. He will remain in custody of the U.S. Marshals until officials arrive.

Peters was arrested Aug. 15 in La Grange, hiding at the home he formerly shared with his ex-wife. 

Peters is charged with breaking into a Sydney suburb home and attacking an 18-year-old girl, Madeleine Pulver. Peters attached a device around Pulver's neck that appeared to be a bomb, and left a note for demands before fleeing. 

Pulver spent 10 hours with the bomb fastened around her neck before authorities determined it was a hoax. 

Peters is charged in Australia with kidnapping, aggravated breaking and entering with intent to commit a serious indictable offense and demanding property with the intent to steal.

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