Bed bugs found in Oldham school

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By Jacquelyn Stoess Hack

Officials are warning parents of La Grange Elementary students that bed bugs have been located in the school. 

According to a letter sent to parents Feb. 7, officials have found four bed bugs inside La Grange Elementary in recent weeks.

The letter, signed by principal Heather Thomas, asks parents to inspect all belongings that travel back and forth to school.

Thomas said the school district's nurse has isolated the bed bugs' origin to one family's home.

Bed bugs do not live on a person, however, they can hitch hike from one place to another in backpacks, clothing, luggage and books.

School officials found the first bed bug on Friday, Jan. 18, in the school's second- and third-grade hallway.

Parents later received a letter from the district nurse explaining bed bug prevention and risks.