AAOC: Adding Dimension: With Robbie Mueller

02/03/2013 - 1:00pm

Adding Dimension: With Robbie Mueller: A mixed media workshop). The four day class will be held in consecutive weeks: Sundays, February 3rd & 10th (1pm – 5pm) and Mondays, 4th & 11th (9am – 4pm).The workshop will teach techniques that will enable artists to utilize paper mache’ as a viable medium for adding dimensionality to their 2-D work, as a medium for bas relief sculpture, and as a sculpting medium to be applied over an armature to create 3-D sculptural forms. Participants will assemble paper clay & slurry mixtures, use the paper clay & slurry mixtures to create a wall hanging relief piece, use a variety of found objects to assemble an armature for a 3-D form, and apply paper clay over their form to create a free-standing sculpture. The total cost of the workshop is $215.00 which includes the $190 instructional fee plus a $25 supply fee. Contact the gallery for more information and to Register.

Arts Association of Oldham County

Gallery 104

104 East  Main Street

LaGrange, KY 40031

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