2-1/2 Pinocchio’s

 I recently posted a blog concerning local government, tax incentives, and the impact on taxpayers.

The gist of the blog was that tax incentives provided to corporations cost tax payers money., and that the companies that get the tax incentive become government subsidized corporations. I still believe they do, and we can all disagree as to how much they impact current taxpayers.

As a result of this blog, I learned a couple of things: 

·       First, someone actually read the blog, and based on feedback, maybe several people did so.  (actually I assume one person found the blog and passed it around to some of their fellow politicians)

·       Second, I appear to be meeting one of my goals in writing – that of making people uncomfortable.

However, based on the feedback and some fact checking, it is obvious that on a couple of points, I was wrong

The point I absolutely got wrong:

I stated that Oldham County was going to establish another magistrate district.  I made this statement based on a discussion I had with several people who I thought knew something about county government. I should have known better.

The fact is, Kentucky law prescribes that there shall be no fewer than 3 and no more than 8 magistrates. 

This does however reinforce one other point I made in my original blog – we ought to reduce the number of magistrates in Oldham County from 8 to 4.  This is wholly within the law, and would reduce costs.

Another point concerning magistrates some took issue with was my statement that magistrates are competing for funds.  Someone interpreted this to mean I thought magistrates were receiving funds to spend at their own discretion.  I know this is not the case, however my point stands.  Magistrates are, or at lease ought to be, competing for funds.  If my magistrate isn’t trying to get improvements in my district, he is not doing his job.  (by the way, I think my magistrate does a pretty good job of this)

The other point I got wrong was that county government would offer tax incentives to companies to move into the Oldham Reserve.

I should have said that county government could offer tax incentives.

The comments I got indicated that Oldham County government does not offer such incentives. I don’t know if the comments came from some county official, however, I will assume they did and I will take county government at their word.  I will also assume that this means that they will not offer such incentives in the future.

Based on what I know now about these issues, I will grade myself for my previous blog.

·       That tax incentives cost taxpayers money and create government subsidized corporations -- B+

·       That Oldham County grants such incentives -- F  Plus 2 ½ Pinocchio’s

·       That we have too many magistrates – Just my opinion