‘Bachelorette’ star publishes zombie self-defense book

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By Jacquelyn Stoess Hack

Crestwood business owner and former contestant on “The Bachelorette” Sean Ramey has announced the publication of his newest book, “Defend Yourself (In A Zombie Apocalypse).”


Ramey, a USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, owns Kentucky Tae Kwon Do and Fitness Academy in Crestwood.

The new title is Ramey’s second literary effort in the past three months, coming on the heels of “Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary).”

Following on the heels of such entertainment as “The Walking Dead,” “Zombieland” and “Dawn of the Dead,” Ramey’s book, “Defend Yourself (In A Zombie Apocalypse)” looks at essential self-defense tips through the prism of the zombie phenomenon that has consumed pop culture.

“Like many people, I’m a huge zombie enthusiast,” Ramey said. “This latest book merges two of my passions: zombies and self-defense.

“Unfortunately, too many people don’t consider arming themselves with self-defense tips until it is too late.

“By adding the zombie aspect, my hope is that readers will be entertained while they learn, and gain invaluable information in the process.”

In “Defend Yourself (In A Zombie Apocalypse),” Ramey writes, “The purpose of this book is to equip the living with the unarmed combat skills to fight the dead.

“It is my goal to arm individuals with the necessary skills to survive if faced with a life-threatening situation against the living or the dead, using only hand-to-hand combat.”

Ramey said the goal of his “Defend Yourself” series is to reach beyond the boundaries of his immediate community to empower readers with the skills he teaches every day.

“I want to reach out to every citizen, regardless of their age, gender or athletic ability,” Ramey said. “All of us should be able to walk confidently in the world knowing we’re armed with fundamental survival skills.”

Ramey, who began studying tae kwon do at age 9, has won more collegiate, state, national and international martial arts titles than anyone in Kentucky history. However, he is perhaps best known to the public as a contestant on season 4 of “The Bachelorette.”

“Defend Yourself (In A Zombie Apocalypse)” is available in print ($9.99) and digital ($4.99) formats at www.defendsystem.com and other online retailers.