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  • The Sports Primer: 1.3

    In its first three legs, the La Grange Urban Short Track Series provided mountain biking around a lake, squeezing through a narrow, brick alley, traversing through rolling fields, around the La Grange Skate Park and even over the front steps of The Oldham Era's office on South First Street.

    The fourth edition brought a whole new concept. Not only did racers bike through one building, they biked through two.

    In Saturday's races, racers biked through the Goose Creek Cycle shop on East Main Street, as well as the La Grange Welcome Center.

  • Bounceback from injury

  • Grand Stamm—LIVE! 12.30

    Guys and gals, welcome to our fourth Grand Stamm — LIVE! chat.

    Happy New Year! Before we head into 2012, we're closing 2011 with a bang!

    As always, I'm here to answer any questions you have on sports in Oldham County or just sports in general. I'm pretty affluent to what's going on in both spectrums.

  • Grand Stamm: Wrasslin'...

    I’d either walked into an auction or a cock fight.

    My girlfriend Jenny (who I’d talked into coming with me) and I already had struggled to find Louisville’s Davis Arena. What looked like a storage warehouse also houses Ohio Valley Wrestling.

    An unlit parking lot and no clear signs on Old Sheperdsville Road didn’t help.

    We’d come to chat with Kenny Bolin, who grew up in La Grange, but we wound up getting a full taste of professional wrestling — more than I hoped for.

  • The Sports Primer: 12.27

    It's not uncommon to hear about older aged people breaking their backs. Their bones are generally weaker than younger people's and more prone to breaking.

    Just a senior at Kentucky Country Day High School in Louisville, Crestwood resident Nik Gorman has already broken his back. Twice.

  • Grand Stamm—LIVE! 12.23

    Guys and gals, welcome to our third Grand Stamm — LIVE! chat.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I'm sure some of you have already gotten a jump on heading to other places for the holidays, but there's always plenty going on in the world of sports. I hope this will give you some more fodder over eggnog and Christmas presents!

  • An All-American's welcome...

    He’d been in the South Oldham High School gymnasium hundreds of times before.

    But standing five feet from the ticket table at the entrance of the gymnasium with other SOHS alums, Eric Quigley seemed unsure.

    The basketball court isn’t Quigley’s comfort zone. But give him a tennis court, including those at SOHS named for him, and watch Quigley play with ease.

  • Still biking strong

    As bicyclists crossed the finish line Saturday during the La Grange Urban Short Track Series, race organizer Jon Kindig motioned with his right hand and called out the number of each racer as they finished.

    “310!” Kindig yelled as Louisville’s Tom Brockman won the toughest category.

    But as runner-up Nick Barbieri of Louisville approached, he kept his head down, as his earphones blasted music from his Ipod.

    “11!” Kindig yelled when Barbieri crossed.

  • The Sports Primer: 12.20

    I got a real treat Thursday as I shadowed South Oldham High School alum Eric Quigley, now a tennis star at the University of Kentucky.

    Quigley returned to his alma mater for the first time in three years to be honored for his collegiate All-American recognitions at UK the past two years. SOHS raised a banner in his honor.

    I'd heard plenty about Quigley since I arrived at The Oldham Era in August. I realized that he meant a great deal to SOHS and the surrounding community, but I wanted to see how people received him.

  • Fields of soccer dreams

    Driving on Ky. 146 in Buckner on weekday afternoons in 1998, Lauri Rush's oldest children, Ashlee, then 12 and Joey, then 11, got excited each time they passed the soccer fields at the South Complex.

    Ashlee and Joey saw fields of other children playing soccer in the Oldham County Youth Soccer Association and the Thoroughbreds Soccer Club.

    "Every time we passed, the kids said, 'Oh, that looks fun!'" Lauri said. "So we just tried it and they loved it. We'd try other sports, but they always stuck with (the Thoroughbreds)."