• By Thomas Massie

    Of all the harmful things our government in Washington, D.C. does, micromanaging education is perhaps the worst.

  • Nine-year-old Hudson Charles totally rocked his first piano recital. In January, he downloaded an app on his phone and began teaching himself to play classics such as “Fur Elise” and “The Imperial March,” so I decided it was high time to put him in lessons. 

  • By Ernie Harris

     A flurry of activity stemming from committee meetings and the passage of bills marked a short but intense week six of the Kentucky General Assembly. Although the Senate was only in session from Monday to Wednesday of this week, committee meetings still met during the later part of the week to give final hearings to a few select bills.

  • I have always liked the term, true grit, which I first discovered from the title of an old John Wayne movie. It’s apparent that true grit is a quality that people from all walks of life possess. It takes as much true grit to rise from homelessness to job stability and home ownership as it does to be a concert level pianist. 

  • By Ginger Lumpkin

    I will soon be traveling to Chattanooga, Tenn. for surgery. People often ask why I am willing to drive seven hours for something that could presumably be handled by a local doctor. Truth is, it was a local doctor that caused my issues in the first place.  

  • These last two weeks I have written about living in the precious present. To do this we must find healing and freedom from the chains of the past. 

  •  An old story tells of two men who were walking along the streets of London when the music of some grand chimes in a nearby cathedral floated through the air.

    One of them remarked to the other, “Isn’t that wonderful music?” 

  • By Ginger Lumpkin 

  • By Thomas Massie

  •  Do you have any shattered dreams?  

  •  Do you have any shattered dreams?  

  • We have all been injured emotionally at one time or another, in one way of another – hurt by family, friends, business colleagues, news media, politicians or whatever – and the bitter urge to strike back becomes our first reaction.

  • By Zack Van Zant

    After a child is born, he or she progresses through an infinite number of “firsts.” First breath. First cry. First laugh. First tooth. First steps. What about first investment?

  •  Why don’t I feel good?  

    When will I get where I want to be?  

    Did I do the right thing?  

    Why am I not understood, and why can’t I be more understanding?  

    How do I make the right decision?  

    How do I overcome my fear?  

    What if I don’t fit in?  

    Am I good enough?  

    What if I end up all alone?