• Centerfield Elementary teacher Carrie Kapfhammer said her Christmas wish for her second-graders is health and happiness for the boys and girls  and their families.

    Kapfhammer said wrapping presents and watching others open their presents are her favorite moments of Christmas.

    The majority of her students should be included on Santa's nice list, and have worked hard at school.

  • Locust Grove Elementary teacher Cheri Withrow said she hopes her kindergartners will find joy in giving to those in need and helping others.

    Her favorite holiday tradition is spending time with family and friends.

    She's positive her students will be included in Santa's nice list this year.

    "My students have been very nice this year," she said. "They are kind to one another, share and help those in need."

  • Buckner Elementary teacher Mary Ann Kent said her Christmas wish for her kindergarten and first-graders is for the students to love learning throughout their lifetimes.

    She's pretty sure all of her students are listed on Santa's nice list.

    "My students are very cooperative and considerate," she said.


    Dear Santa,

    I bin good.  I did fed the dogs and mad the bed.  I unlodid the dishwater

  • Centerfield Elementary teacher Lisa Rigdon said she hopes her second-graders have wonderful family time during the holidays and good health in 2012.

    She is headed to Georgia for the holidays to celebrate with family and friends.

    Rigdon said she hopes Santa includes her students on his nice list.

  • Goshen Elementary

    Sharon Pittenger's kindergarten


    Dear Santa,

    I wud like a wii. Plez bring me a game.

    Love, Trevor W.


    Dear Santa,

    Are you cuning to my house? I want a TV

    Love, Anna Marie R.


    Dear Sana,

    I wish I can have a Sole Surfr Movie pleas eat my cookies. have a good trip.


    Sarah Kate H.


  • Locust Grove Elementary teacher Nicole Hurtekant said her wish for her second-graders in 2012 is for her students is to continue working hard even when they feel like giving up.

  • Harmony Elementary teacher Amanda Howard said her wish for her first-graders is that "each child and their family is filled with peace and joy this season."

    Howard said her favorite tradition is decorating the Christmas tree and reminiscing on the memories of each ornament while listening to music.

    She said her students have worked hard this year and are sure to be on Santa's nice list.

    Their strategy is simple. 

  • Locust Grove Elementary

    Kim Withrow's kindergarten class

  • Locust Grove Elementary

    Trisha Stragand's kindergarten class

  • Centerfield Elementary 

    Cammie Krieger's first-grade class


    Centerfield Elementary teacher Cammie Krieger said she loves to bake and decorate cookies with her three daughters, and hopes her students will create their own wonderful Christmas memories with their families and friends this year.


  • Locust Grove Elementary

    Kristen Young's first-grade class


    Locust Grove Elementary teacher Kristen Young said her wish for her students is for them to know that they are "so loved" by her. Her students provided gifts for an "angel" and collected canned goods for a food drive.

  • The Oldham County Republican Woman’s Club’s annual Christmas potluck luncheon took place at the home of Mary Broecker.
    Club officers from left, Jimmie Spratlin, Theresa Falke, Debby Pate, Audrey Rasmusson, Shari Broecker. President Mary Broecker is in the center.

  • Centerfield Elementary
    Clarissa Phillips' first-grade class

    Centerfield Elementary teacher Clarissa Phillips said she hopes her students continue to share the gift of generosity and care for others in 2012.
    This year, her students learned the meaning of generousity by giving clothes and toys to two Angel Tree children this year.
    Phillips said her favorite holiday tradition is baking dozens of Christmas cookies to share with my family and friends.

    Dear Santa,
    Santa you are fun.

  • Buckner Elementary
    Debbie Sullivan's kindergarten and first-grade class

    Buckner Elementary teacher Debbie Sullivan said she hopes her students continue to be as compassionate and caring in the new year as they re now.
    Sullivan said she's sure her students are part of Santa's nice list.
    "My students have been nice...they work hard doing their personal best and use great listening ears," she said.
    Sullivan plans to relax and read during her winter break.

    Dear Santa,

  • Centerfield Elementary
    Jenna Brown's fourth-grade class

  • Oldham County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Christopher C. Fitzner has received the Kentucky Governor’s Award for Impaired Driving Enforcement.

    The governor’s award is presented annually to law enforcement from across the state of Kentucky who excel in detection and enforcement of impaired drivers.

    Fitzner is pictured with Oldham County Sheriff Steve Sparrow.

    In 2011, Fitzner made more than 50 DUI arrests.

  • This week, Sandy Edwards shares a poem she included with her family's Christmas card.

    Her poem serves as the story behind her family's holiday portrait – namely, the hats worn by two of her four children. 

    "The story behind the Edwards Family Photo

    'Twas one day in October, all was quiet...no sound.

    Not a child was stirring, none could be found.

    When from the garage, there arose such a clatter,

    Then, "Hide this from Mommy!" –  Oh! I knew better!

  • Harmony Elementary
    Jessica Poteet's kindergarten class

    Poteet said her wish for her students in 2012 is to have the courage to ask questions and discover answers.  

    "I hope they grow to fill the world with hope and kindness," she said.

  • Harmony Elementary
    Sheri Tabor's kindergarten class

    Ms. Tabor says her students should be on Santa's nice list.

    "Every day, they try so hard to be good learners and friends to their classmates," she said.

    This season, through the Harmony Helping House, they have shown how important it is to give to others to give them a happy holiday.