Today's Opinions

  • Three sobering realities

     Sometimes when my ego or the ego of others becomes too prominent I find that I have to remind myself of three sobering realities.  It’s all about humility.  The moment you think you have acquired humility is just the moment you have lost it.

    The first reality is that everything I am, I have received from others.  

  • Historic vote for county

    By Scott Whitehouse

    Oldham County voters have the opportunity on Dec. 29 to cast a historic vote in a special election.  Please vote “yes” to allow the sale of packaged alcoholic beverages in Oldham County.

     On Dec. 5, 1933 Prohibition ended in the United States. Eighty-two years later we have the chance to make the sale of packaged alcoholic beverages available to consumers in Oldham County.

  • A December birthday celebration

    By Ginger Lumpkin

       I’ve got a birthday coming up!  On Dec. 20, I will turn 46 years old. 

    Most people born at this time of year are like, “Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for somebody to remember my December birthday.” 

  • Letters to the Editor - Dec. 17, 2016

     A message of thanks

    As we are well into the celebration of Christ’s birth, it is time for each of us to personally reach out to thank those who have faithfully served us this past year.  

    Each of us must think of ways to thank those who delivered our paper and our mail, those who picked up our refuse and our recyclables and those who performed personal services for us.

  • Who is afraid of the Lord?

     The children were presenting the traditional Christmas pageant.  On the night of the performance the little boy playing the innkeeper was tired of being the bad guy who told Mary and Joseph, “There is no room in the inn.”  

  • Went to the show

     By Tom McShane

    It was only a month ago when I wrote an article encouraging people to get out and go to the public shows. Then, one week later, the world experienced that horrific event in Paris, France, and, most recently, in San Bernardino, Calif. 

    Now, it seems, the whole world is on edge. 

  • Budget deadline looming

     By Thomas Massie

    Will Dec. 11 mark another déjà vu moment for Congress?  This looming deadline is the day by which Congress must once again fund the federal government for the upcoming fiscal year. 

  • My Personality Disorder

    By Ginger Lumpkin

    I recently called someone a narcissist, so they promptly took an online quiz that resulted in “proof” that they are only 23 percent narcissistic.  

    “Well, that can’t be right,” I insisted. “I am going to take the quiz too, but I am going to take it as you.”

    “You are so narcissistic that you think you can be me,” they goaded.